banana bread pt. 2

Sorry, but I had to delete that cool video from the Food Network’s new web channel Food2 featuring Spike Mendelsohn because every time I looked at my blog, it started playing automatically, and it was driving me a little crazy. But you can check out that episode of Kelsey and Spike and more here. On to more important topics now, like banana bread. I tried making this recipe from Sally Sampson’s The Bake Sale Cookbook before, but I goofed on the ingredients. I told Sally about the error, and she insisted I try making it again. The recipe title is Paige’s Astounding Banana Bread? Does it live up to that description?

I have to say yes. I’m known for skipping the nuts and adding chocolate chips to my banana bread to get the right sweetness and texture, but this recipe truly doesn’t need anything extra. It’s perfect the way it’s written. Just look at the texture! About Sally, she just wrote a book you might not expect from her called 100-Calorie Snack Cookbook. It’s a smart alternative to those over-priced, salty, and over-processed 100-calorie snack packs you see for sale everywhere in the supermarket these days. If you’re serious about eating right, those packs are not the answer, but Sally’s new book is really interesting. She’s got sweet and salty stuff, so don’t think it’s all veggies (she’s got those too). It’s really about portion control and making your own food. Just about anything you make yourself is going to be better for you than the junk from the supermarket. The book is just hitting bookstore shelves now. My tough question for Sally is, how much of this banana bread can I eat for 100 calories? Maybe I don’t want to know the answer?

51 thoughts on “banana bread pt. 2

  1. I’d buy the book for this recipe alone, it looks fantastic! I’ve never seen a banana bread that look this rich before, usually they look pale, not this one!!

  2. Sara: thanks for visiting. Yeah, I suppose banana bread is a little healthy, at least compared to a flourless chocolate cake.Reeni: thanks!Saee: thanks… I think you’re right.Dana: thanks for visiting and commenting.Pearl: yeah, I agree with you…Jenn: thanks for visiting and commenting. it’s a cool book, worth checking out in the store.

  3. This looks great. I just found your blog and now have a list of cookbooks I need to check out. I am just going to have to add this to the list.

  4. OH Justin! That banana bread looks delicious. I agree with Tessa, there would be no 100-calorie limit for me =) Great photo btw – it makes me want to eat my screen! (don’t worry, I held back) 😉

  5. I have a recipe for banana bread with reeses peanut butter cups in it. I know it’s more then 100 calories a bite!Your bread looks wonderful. There is nothing better then a hunk of warm bb with butter on top..oh ya don’t forget to have coffee with it!

  6. I always add chocolate chips to my banana bread too! I screw up my quantities when baking all the time – I am so not into measuring. Glad it worked out so nicely the second time around!

  7. Justin, Thanks for all the nice comments. I couldn’t help myself and did a nutritional analysis on the banana bread. Although the recipe calls for 1 1/4 cups sugar I use 1 cup. soooooo, a 100 calorie piece is 1/32 of the whole.

  8. Sally, thanks for commenting. So there you have it… 1/32 of the loaf. I figure a more realistic portion would be 300 to 400 calories then. Yikes. I think it’s worth it though.

  9. Ana: thank you!Ulla: thanks to you too!How To Eat a Cupcake: Yeah, banana bread is one of those things I’m either making all the time, or I forget about it for years. This recipe will make you an addict.5-Star Foodie: I know, I know…

  10. Banana bread is what got me started baking! I strayed from the recipe I have a couple of times and always regret it though. Thanks for visiting my blog btw =)

  11. hi justin! thanks for stopping by my blog! this banana bread looks fabulous…i don’t have one recipe i’m married to, so i’ll have to add this to my rotation. thanks for sharing the info about sally’s cookbook–a great concept.

  12. Wow, that looks amazing!I typically swap out the nuts for chocolate chips in banana bread too. But boy does that look fantastic just the way it is. I think I’d make one loaf as is for my husband and myself and one with chocolate chips for my kiddos, then we’d all be happy. And even better, my husband and I would get a whole loaf of banana bread to ourselves.

  13. Saira: hi, thanks for visiting my blog tooLeslie: ha, thanks… i like that rumorChristina: hmm, maybe my pan is a little high. You can see the bread didn’t rise much over the normal edge, but frankly, I couldn’t have made this bread in a smaller pan than that. I think it’s 9 x 4 x 5. Maybe there are shorter pans out there.Dharmagirl: hi, thanks for visiting and commenting. yes, this recipe is a good one.Doggybloggy: thanks!Kate: hi, and yes, two banana breads are better than one. good thinking.

  14. Portion control? What’s that? I also add a handful of chocolate chips to my banana bread, which I love, but this cake looks so fabulous as is! It really looks so moist and decadent!

  15. The colour of that banana bread is amazing! My friend is obsessed wtih those 100 calorie packs and I totally agree, htey are not worth it. I would rather eat a real cookie than a fake one or a miniature one. I don’t think it take much eat 100 calories worth of banana bread, but it’s so delicious, it’s ok!

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