slippery shrimp

If I’ve ever commented on one of your blogs before, you’ve probably heard me say I’m a chocolate lover, or a peanut butter lover, or an asparagus lover, or a butterscotch lover, or a brownie lover, or even a Brussels sprouts lover. That’s all true, but here’s one more. I’m a shrimp lover. Ever since I was a little kid, shrimp was a favorite. My mom only made shrimp on special nights, usually shrimp scampi. (Yum!) I never got over my love for shrimp, and now I keep a couple bags of it in the freezer all the time. It’s easy to defrost under warm running water and even easier to cook, so I can enjoy shrimp any night of the week, even after a long day at work. Today was one of those days. I finally remembered to bring home a copy of Helen’s Asian Kitchen: Easy Chinese Stir-Fries. The Yangzhou Slippery Shrimp recipe caught my eye. My photo above isn’t nearly as pretty as the one in the book by Jason Wyche, but you’ll have to check out the book yourself to see what I mean.

The recipe is so good, it’s almost addicting. The sauce is made from ginger, garlic, ketchup (yes, ketchup), cider vinegar, rice wine, and a bit of sugar, so it turns out a little sweet and sour, but not like that nasty stuff you get at most Chinese take-out spots. Helen Chen knows Chinese cooking. These recipes may look easy, but the flavors are sophisticated. If you’re still reading, I’m going to try something different. I’ll give away a copy of this book to one random person. All I ask is that you post a comment saying something about actually wanting a copy of the book. (I say that, just in case you want to write a comment but don’t want a free book.) So write something like, “hey, Justin, I want the book,” and you’ll have a chance to win a copy. I’ll randomly choose a winner in a week. If you don’t have an email address at your blog or user account, include that in your comment so I can reach you. Good luck.

57 thoughts on “slippery shrimp

  1. Hi Justine! (many thanks for visiting my blog)!The title alone peaks volumes = ) I added you to my epicurean blog roll, I think you have some fab recipes and I am off the read the rest of your blog.xoxoxoxoGirl Japan

  2. Hey Justin – I’ll pass on the book because I’m Chinese and I pretty much have a living, animated chinese cookbook in my family (my mother).but why is it called slippery shrimp?

  3. I’m a shrimp lover, too. The sweet and sour concoction is a little similar to what I used to make my sweet and sour dishes. Looks good!p.s. – I’m in for that book =)

  4. I am truly a shrimp lover and always have been! We only got to eat shrimp when dad took us out to one of the local seafood restaurants. Shrimp scampi or shrimp newburg. Wow!This dish looks so delicious! I have to go find some frozen shrimp (believe it or not, fresh, raw shrimp is not available where I live anywhere!). Lovely, lovely dish!

  5. thanks everybody… by my count, only three people have actually said they want the book so far.girl japan: thanks. you have a great blog, so it means a lot for me to be added to your blog roll.pearl: ha, thanks. I think it’s the texture of the dish. you coat the shrimp in cornstarch and salt first, and then fry it before you cook the sauce and add the shrimp to that.jenn: okay, you’re inana powell: thanks for visitingadrienne: oh yeah? that’s cool. you’re in.ninette: yes, very good. thanks, and you’re in.jamie: it’s not that weird. a lot of people think they’re getting fresh shrimp at the market but they’re not unless it says “fresh, unfrozen”. They usually just thaw it out in the back so it seems fresh. So that’s why I just buy the frozen stuff and keep it in my freezer. The fresh stuff is pricey.

  6. Hey Justin, I want the book! Actually, I really want it… I don’t cook much Asian food, and it’s something I’d like to cook more of. This book could just get me heading in the right direction.

  7. I’m a sucker for any recipe with shrimp. One of my favorites is grilled shrimp marinated in a lime and jalapeno sauce. The recipe’s on my blog if you’re interested. And yes, I’d love a copy of the book!

  8. weee…count me in…i love latest blog proved that.. blogging about shrimp’s brother, hot king prawn in oyster sauce” PS..I WANT THAT BOOK! teheee =)

  9. Hi Justin,Thanks for always dropping a comment at my blog :)You are a good cook urself and I am going read thru all your posts..might steal one or two of your recipes..can?Cheers,Elin

  10. ninette: no, I don’t think that counts for an extra entry, but I appreciate the extra visit to my blog!elin: thanks for visiting. I don’t post real recipes very often, mostly ideas about things I’ve tried from various books — you’re welcome to borrow my ideas any time.

  11. Dropping by to leave a comment but I’ll pass on the book too because I have enough basic sources for Chinese cooking already. :)Chinese cooking when done properly is an absolute gastronomic delight, but quite complex and I’m only familiarizing myself with some of their gazillion techniques these days. My Swedish partner loves sea food more than me and he loves Chinese flavors so much I’m convinced he must have been Chinese in some past life. πŸ˜‰

  12. tangled noodle: okay, you’re inmurasaki: okay, you’re not in, but thanks for visiting!I can’t figure out if the people who have commented but not said they want the book really don’t want it, or they just didn’t read the post. anyway, it’s nice to be hearing from so many people.

  13. So I’m looking at your shrimp and thinking that my measly dinner of scrambled eggs just isn’t going to cut it. I’m totally in for the book! πŸ™‚ And my husband will eat anything that has ketchup in it, so this is a winner in our house.

  14. Such a generous man you are, Justin. Not only do you put up amazing pictures of amazing recipes but you also give away treats! I bow to thee!This recipe was my inspiration for lunch today; and if you think your picture isn’t good, you may not want to look at mine! :p

  15. I love shrimp too. Isnt funny how you write comments on peoples blogs and say oh I love chocolate, love sprouts, love lemon… You think, hey, I pretty much love everything. Its the foodie thing I guess. This recipe does look amazing.

  16. Lori, you’re totally right. That’s what I was thinking… what don’t I like? And then I remembered that I don’t like string beans… I saw a blogger posting about them recently and all I could think was “blech.”

  17. Hey Justin,I want a copy of the book. Just kidding! I know I'm about a month too late LOL!!!One of my very first cookbooks was "Helen Chen's Chinese Home Cooking" (is it bad that I'm Chinese and I need a cookbook to teach me how to make Chinese food?!) I think the slippery shrimp may be the same as her Shrimp in Tomato Sauce recipe – same ingredients. Have you seen my post on spot prawns yet, once you've tried them you'll never go back to farmed tiger prawns!Cheers,Phyllis

  18. phyllis: hey, thanks for visiting. it's been a while, right? sorry you missed the give-away. and that old book by helen is great. in fact, the stir-fries book has recipes from that old one — the difference is the new book has gorgeous photos throughout

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