the mystery meat is tuna

If I was reading my blog today, I’d look at that photo and think, “What the heck is that meat,” so I thought I’d better clarify it in the headline. I don’t know about you, but my local supermarket sells tuna steaks for about $20/pound most days. But if I ask the guy nicely, he goes into the back and gets me some of the frozen steaks which cost about $6/pound. In this economy, I’ll go with the frozen stuff, thanks. The way you use the tuna in this recipe, the quality doesn’t matter as much — I’m not making sushi. Spicy Tuna with Couscous and Carrots is another recipe from Rocco Dispirito, this time Rocco Gets Real. Yes, I’m a total fan. He seems to really understand how people cook. If you can thaw out the tuna, this is a dish you can get on the table in no more than 30 minutes total.

Rocco uses a lot of convenience ingredients like mixed Mediterranean olives, store-bought tomato sauce, and canned carrots. I suppose if I had more time, I’d improvise a bit and make a lighter sauce from canned tomatoes and maybe par-boil some carrots and use those instead. In fact, I’d never used canned carrots in my life before making this recipe, but they definitely worked here. I guess I’d say this recipe is a tomato, olive, carrot, and tuna stew that you serve over couscous. And it tastes great. Add to that, I’d say it’s a pretty healthy dish.

22 thoughts on “the mystery meat is tuna

  1. Really…you’re a fan? Never woulda guessed it 😉 This looks mighty tasty. I cannot find good fresh tuna around here, so I never make tuna dishes (unless I’m at work).

  2. michelle: i know re: the carrots, I didn't believe it until I found them that day. I'm thinking "no" re: whole foods.girlichef: ha… and I'd be willing to bet you can find the frozen stuff around. i get it at my local A&P. I even saw it once at Target, but that was a while ago.jenn: hi… thanks for commenting, as always.

  3. hi, Ninette… ha, no, Rocco wasn't on top chef. Just google him and you'll get the whole story, and it's a long one. These days he has a show on A&E and appears on Biggest Loser regularly.

  4. wow! i had no clue that was tuna; i thought it was beef! rocco was a guest judge on top chef though, wasn’t he? and lots of chefs were mad at him cause he was pretty critical.

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m really enjoying it!We usually buy all our fish frozen too, unless it’s a special occasion. Looks like a really flavorful and healthy dish!

  6. Hi Justin,Thanks very much for stopping by and helping me to discover your blog. I’m looking forward to exploring it.I like your pics too 🙂

  7. yeah I need to have one of those relationships with my local fishmongers. The one I do know is about 40 minutes away, not fun. And I live on cape cod, so you know..But this does actually sound good because tuna is a natural sponges for soaking up the great flavors you’ve put in here.

  8. These days there are regulations about freezing fish for Sushi anyway so frozen fish is really no big deal. In fact, if you’re not buying them straight off some fishing boats at the seashore, there are studies showing that the fish stay fresher longer if they’re frozen immediately.I bought some frozen salmon recently because the unfrozen ones here never look….fresh.

  9. I love recipes like this – saucy and perfect for ladling over couscous (or rice). Most of the fish I buy is either frozen or previously frozen so very rarely do I make something like seared tuna steaks. But I’m happy enough with what I do find.

  10. tangled noodle: hi, thanks for visiting. i agree — for most purposes, the frozen stuff works out just fine, and I can keep it on hand in the freezer too (and save a few bucks).

  11. Haha… I appreciate the revelation in the title, but I still struggled. I’m not sure how that happened, but I read the title and then looked at the pic and thought, “What are those blocky things?” Oops.

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