bill’s pasta

I’ve mentioned I can live on pasta, right? No, this recipe doesn’t come from Rocco DiSpirito. In fact, it doesn’t even come from the United States. I got my hands on a copy of Bill Granger’s new cookbook, Feed Me Now, but as far as I can tell, it’s only for sale in the U.K., probably Australia, and maybe Europe so far. I don’t think an American publisher has picked up the rights yet, and that’s a shame — it’s a stunning book. But it’s not all about looks. I used his recipe for Bucatini with Peas, Pancetta, and Ricotta to come up with this dish. Okay, I really reworked it, but that’s just because I only had bacon and rigatoni, and couldn’t find ricotta at my local deli. What’s up with that? Ricotta isn’t exactly some esoteric thing. So I did some improvising, and here is the result, pretty much a fancied-up carbonara, and uber-tasty too. One important note — it’s not very good when reheated, so serve this right away. If you’ve got a store like Kitchen Arts & Letters nearby where you live, you might want to ask if they’ll be importing this cookbook.

40 thoughts on “bill’s pasta

  1. This looks incredible. You really can’t go wrong with pasta, peas, and bacon, but really what store does not carry ricotta these days?

  2. risa: i know, i know, but this was just my crappy deli on the way home from the train stop. they actually carry a lot of good stuff, so it was kind of bizarre.

  3. mmmm looks delicious! I’ve been reading Gourmet Traveller ‘Best of Italy’ mag today and you are not helping with the 22 different pasta cravings I now have!!

  4. Justin,I could live on pasta also! Your pasta dish looks delectable, colorful and fresh. I am not worried about the leftovers because there will be none! Have a great day.

  5. tramie: i think you’ve got me figured outpearl: thanks for visiting. if you can find the book, i think you’ll love it. really nice photos.zoe: i need to check out that best of italy issue!girlichef: hi, thanks for commentingginger: ha, that’s funny about the leftovers

  6. stephcows: great minds think alikechristie: I wonder if you can get it in canada. All I know is amazon in the u.s. doesn’t have itfabjena: thanks for visitingsophie: a fellow granger fan… thanks for visiting againflourchild: thanks for commentingozge: okay, so it’s not just me… pasta lovers unitelisaiscooking: hi, thanks for visiting and commenting

  7. I wish I had a store like Kitchen Arts & Letters nearby. I dream of going there one of these days! And I love your fancied-up version of pasta carbonara… it's one of my favorite quick weeknight meals!

  8. I can’t get ricotta here either. I guess the Spanish don’t really like ricotta cheese much. They have a huge variety of Manchego cheese and Jamon though! :)I love pasta too and I’ve been through periods where I ate it at least every other day if not every day.

  9. murasaki: actually we can get ricotta just about anywhere in the U.S., but it’s just that my local deli wasn’t carrying it, even though they carry all kinds of gourmet cheeses, fancy greek yogurt, and plenty of other dairy-related products. it makes no sense. thanks for visiting, as always.daziano: you’re right, of course… but I hate to waste leftovers!aruna: thanks!

  10. I was lovin’ this dish already but ‘carbonara’ sealed the deal! When we visited the Philippines this past December, I stocked up on Filipino cookbooks that are not available here; I plan to ask my mother to get bring me more instead of the usual food gifts!

  11. tangled noodle: buying cookbooks from other countries is always fun… except the baking books are risky because the recipes don’t always work right.

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