toffee time

I bought a new camera recently and wanted to test it out with something fun. I’ve mentioned Sally Sampson’s new book, 100-Calorie Snack Cookbook, here before, and even though this recipe is one of Sally’s, it definitely doesn’t come from that book. I got the recipe from the equally fabulous The Bake Sale Cookbook, one of my go-to sources for impulse treats. I’m thrilled with the photos (and the new camera), and the recipe turned out fabulously. Here’s a little recap.

Making the candy is easy — butter, sugar, and water — the trick is to stir, a lot. Towards the end the mixture gets dark pretty quickly, so pay close attention until the color looks just right and you won’t need to bother with a candy thermometer.

You pour the candy into a baking pan, and it cools pretty fast, so be sure to put the chocolate chips on top while it’s still warm.

And then spread the chocolate once it starts to melt. YUM!

Then put some toasted, chopped nuts on top and let everything harden. Anybody can do this, as long as you have a little patience. Then again, chocolate and patience do not always go hand-in-hand. Trust me though, it’s worth the wait.

59 thoughts on “toffee time

  1. For real, there is nothing better than homemade toffee. I make it periodically and people go absolutely nuts for it. Yours looks terrific!

  2. Ooooh, my sweet tooth is nagging at me. It wants this sooo badly. My waistline disagrees, but who listens to that body part, anyway?What type of camera did you get? I’m looking to upgrade myself.

  3. I never knew toffee was that easy to make. I guess I won’t be buying the prepackaged kind anymore. Thanks. Nice job on the photos!

  4. christie: ha, thanks. I bought a Sigma DP2. It just came out about 2 weeks ago… a little trouble at first, but it’s looking good now.koko: hi, thanks to you toopandalicious: thanks!jenn: yeah, you always do such simple stuff on your blog, i figured you’d be into this onegirlichef: thanks, as alwayskatherine: ha, thanks, i’ll save you some

  5. Your photos are amazing. Can you send me a piece of toffee please? (KIDDING!!) The toffee looks YUMMY. You don’t use a candy thermostat?

  6. ginger: thanks. and no, I can’t stand thermometers for making candy, deep-frying, etc. they’re no fun.5 star foodie: thanksdimah: thanks to you toolisa: yeah, this recipe called for walnuts or pecans, and I had some pecans in the freezer… yum!rose: thanks so muchpear: thanks, as alwaysteanna: yes, surprisingly easy. thanks for visiting

  7. Patience — what’s that? I need this *now*. I’m usually too lazy to make something that has multiple layers, but this looks easy enough.

  8. bunny: hi, and thanksleela: yeah, i’m not the most patient person either, but these are worth itGG Merkel: It’s a Sigma DP2 — just came out a week or two ago. thanks for visiting.christina: oh, you know about it? it’s super new, but of course it’s similar to the dp1, but it seems like they tweaked some of the things that were wrong with it when they made the new model. it’s an interesting camera, probably not for everyone though… with a fixed lens.

  9. Ah! I ordered a new camera too! But I have to wait a whole freegin’ month for it to ship to me. Apparently the lense I ordered from Canon is out of stock. I’m dying from the anticipation you know! There’s like a grand waiting to be auto debited from my account and I’m tempted to use the money to buy shoes. Anyhow, my question for you is, how do you remove the toffee from the pan? Did you line the pan with parchment? Or does it just fall out once tipped over? thanks!heather

  10. heather: actually I had to wait close to 2 months from when I first heard about this camera until it hit stores. on chat boards there were people who had been anticipating the release for longer than that, so I was almost lucky. and it seems like a lot of good stuff goes out of stock once it releases — i know we’re in a recession, but it hardly seems like it sometimes.

  11. heather: I forgot to say that it actually just fell right out of the pan, but I did grease it with butter before I poured in the candy layer.

  12. I don’t know which I’m coveting more: the toffee or the camera. Both! I’ve made homemade caramel before so I definitely have the patience to make this, especially if it turns out as delicious-looking as this.

  13. tangled noodle: right, this must be similar to making caramel, except of course that the caramel stays soft and this gets very hard. thanks for commenting so much today.

  14. Trying out a new camera, what a great excuse to make a decadent treat! Maybe I should buy a new camera too … This looks delicious and cavity-worthy!

  15. Maybe I'm PMSy or maybe I'm mentally unstable, but that toffee picture gets me emotional.Either way, people know to give me chocolate and back away slowly. Hee…

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