blender drinks — behind the scenes

I mentioned Kim Haasarud recently. I’ve been on a shoot this week for Kim’s next book, 101 Blender Drinks. Alexandra Grablewski is the photographer, Brian Preston-Campbell is doing the food styling, and the shoot is going really well. These are my own snapshots. You’ll have to wait for the book to be published next year to see Alexandra’s beautiful work.

Leslie Siegel got a lot of great props — more glasses than you can imagine.

And there are plenty of surface fabrics, linens, napkins, etc. This is going to be a very colorful book.

The tough thing about being on a cocktail shoot of course is that the drinks don’t just look good, they taste good. But if we taste test them all, we might be rolling around on the floor by the end of the day. Still, a little sipping is okay, right?

There are Brian and Alexandra at work. Brian is now officially the master of pouring icy drinks and garnishing them.

One last thing. People who read my blog often will think this is funny. I had to run out to a lunch date at nearby Frankies 17 the other day with, drumroll please… Rocco DiSpirito. It was great finally meeting Rocco in person. Besides talking about book projects and publicity, he said he’s in training for his 13th triathlon. Holy cow, that’s hardcore. Oh yeah, Frankies 17 is great, by the way. Definitely order the ravioli for lunch.

49 thoughts on “blender drinks — behind the scenes

  1. indy grrrl: thanks for commentingjenn: thanks. it was definitely cool.murasaki: yeah, he’s in incredibly good shapezoe: hey, you never know. it’s a fun career.confession nook: the book won’t be out for about a year, but it will be a good one. check kim haasarud’s web site or amazon for her other very cool cocktail books.pear: i DID tell him about my blog and sent him links to the posts about his recipes

  2. I loved looking at these pics. The “behind the scenes” stuff is pretty interesting. I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find about you!

  3. The shoot sounds like fun! Must be challenging though to get the drink at just the right moment before it melts or the glass sweats or whatever. Sounds like it will be a great looking book. Interesting that Rocco does triathlons. Didn’t know that!

  4. Hahaha I have no fine motor skills, so food styling, slush-arranging and ice-pouring would not come easy to me! I’m glad you met Rocco. you are exposed to such cool things! It just feels like a galaxy away from me!

  5. Ahh my days as an art director going on photo shoots are over…sometimes they are so fun and sometimes so boring 🙂 I’m much happier in my new career.Meeting Rocco sounds fun! What a guy. You have a pretty great job, yes?BTW, I made my first Helen Chen stirfry from my new book! Thanks again.

  6. tramie: yeah, photoshoots are definitely interesting and fun.lori: thanks!lisa: with frozen drinks, you definitely have to most fast… it takes a very talented food stylist like Brian Preston-Campbell to pull it off.marta: hi, and thanks for visitingdragon: when they made the one with chocolate-mint chip ice cream, I couldn’t resist trying it!

  7. This reminds me of the hotel kitchen artists…..who are busy with F&B monthly promotions….Are these smoothies or sorbets? Love the first one…..Justin, you have asked about the equivalent of a German #405 flour, I would say AP flour, but I have learned that the American AP flour has a higher gluten content and protein, so in this case, pastry flour (9-11% protein) would be rather ideal for the Kirsch-Blechkuchen.

  8. angie: thanks so much for visiting, but I have to say I have almost no idea what you're talking about. what are "F&B monthly promotions" and what is "AP flour"? The photos are all cocktails, so I guess "smoothies" is the closest answer, although these are a bit icier than a smoothie.caked crusader: thanks!emily: thanks for visiting and commentingerica: you're welcome, and thanks to you too

  9. wait, what did rocco eat? is he eating healthy for his upcoming run? I wish I had all that fun colors, textures, linens, and such for my photo shoots; those colors just pop!

  10. Wow! I can imagine how colorful the book will be. Thanks for your pics – it’s nice to get this insider’s view and honestly, I’m going to study the photo of Brian setting up a shoot. I have a very amateur set-up: a lightbox made from a cardboard box and covered with tissue paper, and my 7-year old Canon point’n’shoot. It works for me but I’m intrigued by the use of different color backgrounds (I’m stuck on white).And I am envious of your meeting with Rocco . . .

  11. tangled noodle: thanks for your comment, but honestly, that’s a real team effort. Leslie Siegel got all of the amazing props. Brian did the food prep. Alexandra mostly chose all of the actual glasses and fabrics, backgrounds, etc., for each individual shot, and of course we all consult with each other. It’s all done with natural light. Alexandra has professional equipment — very cool stuff. And Brian is a great food stylist.

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