more pizza

For those of you who had a day off work today, I hope you’re enjoying yourself. I guess you could call this a catch-up post. When I posted about “much pizza,” that was only part of the story. I made a huge batch of dough, enough for 4 pizzas in all. This was the second one. It’s pretty much just a mushroom pizza, except that I first sauteed the sliced criminis with some fresh tomatoes and olive oil, and then I added some chopped olives and a little balsamic vinegar. I used some more of that fresh mozzarella to assemble the pizza. It turned out so rich (and delicious), you’d swear there was something meaty in it, but it was strictly veggie.

I added a little basil from my pot out on the roof deck. I miss having a real garden, but I should be able to grow these basil plants pretty large over the summer. Yes, that’s some rosemary too in the background.

I forgot to mention that around the time I did the cookbook giveaway, I won a giveaway too. The prize was this adorable ice cream cone plushy. OMG cute! Check out more of their adorable stuff at Life Is Yummy.

And there was such a nice response to the blender drink photoshoot post, I thought I’d tell you more about the photo at the top. The recipe is from Kim Haasarud’s next book, 101 Blender Drinks, due out in 2010. If you want to make that drink yourself, you’ll first need to find X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. (I think it’s pretty new.) And you’ll need an Italian bitters called Aperol — I had to go to four liquor shops to find that one. To make the drink, it’s about half an ounce of Aperol, 1.5 ounces of X-Rated, and 4 ounces of ruby red grapefruit juice. You’ll also need an ounce of simple syrup, or you can just add some regular sugar. Blend it up with about 6 ice cubes (it depends on the size of your cubes), and garnish it with a grapefruit wedge if you’d like. The drink is fruity, refreshing and quite addictive. And the pink color is irresistible.

40 thoughts on “more pizza

  1. Justin, I love that a fellow who rubs elbows with prominent foodies has a blog just for fun. The pizza looks grand, but I smiled when I saw your basil plants. I’m a cook who needs fresh basil only in small quantities. I grow my own because I have to throw away the bunches from the grocers because they go bad before I can get to them. Home grown solves that problem. Have you tried rosemary? Anxiously awaiting your last two pizzas.

  2. That pizza look really good. Mushrooms, yum!! I would to have my own garden. I’m hoping to start a little herb box on my patio that way I can get some fresh herbs for the fall.

  3. That pizza looks fantastic. I remember when I was about 12 years old I was eating some mushrooms and told my dad that I thought mushrooms would replace meat in the future. I no longer think that, but this pizza is a good representation.

  4. pooja: thanksmary: thanks for visiting. yeah, those six tiny basil plants probably costed me about $5 and I’ll be able to pinch off leaves here and there all summer. I’m giving the rosemary a little more time before I start using it in my cooking.jenn: it doesn’t take much room to get an herb container garden going. definitely worth the effort.girlichef: ha, thanksrisa: that’s funny. with pizza like this, I could skip the meat pretty much all the timeburpandslurp: thanks for visiting and glad you like the plushychow and chatter: thanks for visiting

  5. Hi Justin! Thanks for visiting my blog and for following along. Glad to have you onboard.I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog and am looking forward to reading older posts. Tasty food, cocktails and great photography: what’s not to like?

  6. carole: thanks so much for the kind wordskatherine: yeah, the fresh herbs at my supermarket don’t always look so great, and I don’t have access to a farmer’s market everyday, so homegrown makes sense

  7. what a wonderful looking pizza (and i don’t even like mushrooms:)thanks for sharing the drink recipe–i have bottle of x-rated in my fridge and am always looking for new ways to enjoy it.

  8. That pizza looks awesome! I love your little basil and rosemary plants! I just started my own garden, and I love it! There is nothing better than fresh herbs.That drink sounds delish!!!! And that little ice cream cone is absolutely ADORABLE!

  9. koko: thanks. I’m surprised so few people (except you) commented on the cute plushie. P.S. that web site is doing another give-away drawing right now.

  10. Aww I’m growing basil like you Justin, we both have pot garden 🙂 Though I wonder if my basil plant is a different kind or it is the climate that makes it grow differently here I am not sure, but my basil plants’ leaves are smaller!

  11. ozge: that’s a different variety of basil, that’s all. I know the one you mean. there are at least a few. the one I’m growing is probably a bit more common. thanks for visiting.

  12. I love all pizza posts! Your potted basil look great – I grow mine in a little herb garden out front but when the MN winters hit, I bring them in. Unfortunately, I have never successfully managed to keep them alive and have to start all over again each spring. [Sigh].Thanks for the preview on the blender drinks! The Aperol is new and I’ll keep an eye out for it. Can it be used in place of Angostura or is it quite different?

  13. tangled noodle: i start over with my basil every spring too. i can’t keep the plants alive indoors — not enough sun. the aperol can be a little hard to find. I had to go to four liquor stores in my area to find it. it’s more similar to campari than anything else, but not as strong. but if you only had campari for these drink, it would still be tasty. I wish it came in smaller bottles though. you use so little aperol in this drink, that huge bottle will last me years. or I could just make this drink more often — yeah, that’s a good idea.

  14. holly: yeah, i really love to make extra dough… pizza for days or dough in the freezer. It makes the effort a little more worthwhile.

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