artichokes & bacon

I always keep a jar of those jarred, marinated artichokes in the house for just a night like this — I wanted a boldly-flavored dinner in a hurry. I cooked up some chopped bacon, poured off most of the grease, added a little olive oil, and sauteed a diced onion and chopped clove of garlic. Then I added a can of crushed tomatoes and cooked that down for a while. Finally, I chopped up a small jar of those amazing artichokes and added them to the sauce. Toss all that with some cooked pasta, add a little salt, and it’s just about perfect… so easy and so good.

46 thoughts on “artichokes & bacon

  1. Simple and easy. Love bacon, love pasta. I’ve just started liking artichokes. Pasta is always great for last minute meal ideas.

  2. Well that’s a coincidence. We did our grocery shopping yesterday and jarred marinated artichokes were on sale — so we grabbed 3 jars. Your recipe sounds like a great way to put some of those artichokes to good use!

  3. I love artichokes, bacon and pasta.This looks wonderful. I really enjoy this site.Hope you can stop by. I have a lot of artichoke recipes….I LOVE THEM.

  4. Looks good. I never ate jarred artichokes. The only artichokes I eat are the ones my Nonna stuffs after she makes one of us drive her on a mission all throughout the neighborhood trying to find the least expensive artichokes. I need to experiment more with artichokes…seems like a nice tasty quick meal…

  5. Mmm… I usually do something similar for a weeknight meal… using sausage in place of the bacon. But I’ve never thought to add artichokes — sounds delicious!

  6. bunny: thankssarahahaha: that sundried tomatoes-cream cheese combo sounds good. I might try that out.jenn: just started liking artichokes? well, better late than never…donna: thanks for visitingric: yeah, I always stock up when they’re on sale tookrystal: we think alike when it comes to stocking upcindy: oh man, i totally should have added crushed red pepper toomiranda: i’ll have to check your blog because I need some new artichoke recipesmorta di fame: stuffed artichokes, yum!katherine: thanks for visitingmegan: sausage would definitely have worked in this recipe

  7. Justin – you had me at artichokes & bacon! love it. Weekday meals like this are SO important. I also love that type of pasta. Crushed red pepper would have been a definitive nice touch =)

  8. doggybloggy: thanks, that’s actually pretty funny.anita: thanksgirlichef: yeah, I too love artichokes in pretty much any formrose: right, weekday cooking is real life cooking

  9. wait! there is a cookbook for marshmallow fluff out there and it has your name behind it? Ohhh K I am so loving that one.I have a couple jars of artichoke hearts in the back shelf, like you, for dishes that are pasta based.Love this!

  10. karen: thanks for visitingdawn: yeah, well, it was a fun project I did a few years ago. the recipes are from the Fluff archives and from some cool chefs and writers I know. it’s a cute book, but more for the retro appeal.

  11. There arent a lot of ppl I know who like artichokes & I find that very odd… LOL!!! I also love nibbling on fresh ones boiled and then patiently scrape out the fuzz in the middle, my friends don't understand!! Lol!!!

  12. chinese kite: thanks for visitingtangled noodle: that’s really nice. thank you.tramie: hmm, really? most people I know love them… in all forms. i love fresh ones boiled and/or steamed too, with butter and lemon for dipping!michelle: ha, that’s some applewood smoked bacon, but not some high-end brand. of course we’re spoiled in the NYC area — there are a ton of places include great farmer’s markets where I can get outrageously good bacon. for me, it’s more about what you DO with the bacon than how much you spend. on the other hand, oscar meyer isn’t likely to make an appearance in my kitchen.marta: hi… thanks for visiting

  13. What a perfect meal! I love those jarred artichokes and – yum! bacon – though I usually make stuff like this with lamb. But sounds and looks fabulous!

  14. sharon: I wouldn’t say often, but I try to keep the canned and jarred (marinated) ones on hand all the time, just in case. They’re both great in pizza and pasta, among other things. I make fresh ones a couple of times per year, depending on how often they go on sale, because they can be expensive.

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