not my cookies

I can’t take credit for baking these snicker doodles. My daughter baked them. I inherited my love for baking from my mom, and I guess my daughter got it from me. Snicker doodles have been her specialty for a while now. The weird thing about snicker doodles for me personally is that I never even heard of them until I was an adult, but now they’re a favorite. The recipe comes from Alice Medrich (of course), and in case you’ve never tried them before, they’re a simple cookie which you roll in cinnamon and sugar before baking to get that signature color. I’ve seen a lot of snicker doodles bake up flat, but these were just about perfect. A combination of factors must influence the shape, such as the quality of your levener, the warmth of the dough, preheating the oven, etc., but I swear it’s almost random sometimes. In any case, I guess I love snicker doodles because they’re so darned simple. No ganache, chips, nuts, icing, etc. Just a great cookie.

31 thoughts on “not my cookies

  1. ginger: thanksc&c: thanks. she's usually standing nearby when I take photos of food, but i'm not sure she knew I took photos of these. it will be a surprise.

  2. I bake so many recipes from her books, I have all 4 of her cookbooks, that is how much I like her. Sadly, never tried this cookies though. I think I will, soon.

  3. angie: ha, yeahungourmet: thanksrisa: thanks to you toodimah: thankspearl: “justin’s girl”… that’s kind of funny. thanks.elra: oh really? yeah, it’s a good one.jenn: thanks. yeah, you’re probably right

  4. awww, that’s cute. and hey, she did an awesome job! a baker in the making indeed.I would love to, someday, make a snickerdoodle crust for a pie.

  5. these look amazing! tell your daughter great job, and good job to you for the pictures! they look like the perfect snickerdoodles.-Whitney

  6. I do like the way the look thicker than most Snickerdoodles. I was never a fan of these until this year, actually. I'm glad I finally decided to be open about them! They look great!

  7. pamela: thanks. yeah, i’ve seen a lot of flat ones, but i like these bettermichelle: right, I agreehelene: you won’t regret it, if you can find the recipe (the book is currently out of print!)girlichef: thanks…

  8. I like simple things like snickerdoodles, your daughter did a great job. Mine is always around when I bake, begging to help (she's only 5) because "she's a mom, as well"thanks for following my blog

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