treats truck, crumpet the dog, b-burg bahn mi, and more

I had a lot of plans for the weekend, and then they all seemed to go wrong. I’m not complaining — things turned out pretty darned well in fact. Jen and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg. If you’re from here, SF, Chicago, or L.A., you probably know all about it. I picked up some really cool prints that I can’t wait to frame and put up on my wall. The fair was massive, so about halfway through it was time for a snack. The Treats Truck had a stand there — my first time trying their goods. I definitely approve.

All of their treats (pictured, plus a pecan bar I didn’t get a photo of because I ate it too fast) have a slightly under-baked texture to them. Trust me, that’s not a complaint. They’re ridiculously soft and rich. Now I just have to figure out where Treats Truck is parked most days of the week.

My friend Gypsy met us at the fair with her adorable dog Crumpet, who seemed to think the treats were all for her. I can’t believe she finally stood still long enough for me to snap a couple of photos.

It took us hours to get through the fair, so we had to skip a food festival that was being held at Bklyn Yard and improvise for dinner. Jen and I stopped by the very new Bahn Mi 172 on Bedford Street on the way home. I’m going to give it a big thumbs-up. All of their sandwiches are a dirt cheap at $5 a piece. I opted for the barbecued pork bahn mi, and while it’s probably anything but traditional, it’s tough to beat for quick, cheap eats with a lot of flavor. If I ask really nicely, maybe they’ll open a location in my neighborhood too?

Sunday got really confusing. When I heard that advance tickets for the Brooklyn Beer Experiment were already sold out, we decided to head over to the Paella Parade at South Street Seaport. Well, that was sold out too! We ended up going for dim sum at Delight 28 Restaurant on Pell Street — a long-time favorite of mine. It was a steamy 84 degrees in NYC, so we were craving some frozen yogurt to cool things down. Yogurtland came to the rescue. I’m partial to yogurt shops like these where you can serve yourself and pay by weight, and they have a nice range of flavors. A cup of the tangy lychee and creamy taro, with coconut, nuts, and graham cracker crumbs on top, was a delight.

Next we headed over to the IFC for a movie and spotted Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords standing outside with his little baby and presumably his wife. I’m a big fan, so that was exciting. I had high hopes for the movie we saw, but I sincerely can’t recommend to anyone unless you’re hopped up on a gallon of coffee. Ramen Setagaya came to the rescue for dinner to make me feel better. That’s the “separation” ramen above, great in summer. The noodles are served separately and you dip and slurp your way to happiness.

Somewhere along the way, I spotted one of these posters for Top Chef Masters. Don’t forget to watch the premiere on Wednesday, and I’m not just saying that because I’m working with one of the contestants, award-winning chef Mark Peel from Campanile, on a book. Well, yes I am. GO MARK!

56 thoughts on “treats truck, crumpet the dog, b-burg bahn mi, and more

  1. dawn: ha, yeah, crumpet is adorablerachel: thanks to you too for visiting my blogpearl: yeah, he's a nice guy too. the book is going to be awesome. It's already getting great pre-press reviews.

  2. I've always wanted a dog like crumpet. One day, I will. Looks like you had some great food over the weekend. So awesome you saw Femaine from FOTC. I love so guys so much. Been a fan of theirs for years!

  3. risa: I just readn an article about how the food truck trend is popular all over the country, so I guess you never know.jenn: this actually isn't the first time I've seen Jemain around NYC. I wrote about seeing him once last summer too. he just hangs out like it's no big deal.kerstin: now I wish I have tivo

  4. First of all, that dog is so freakin' cute! Secondly, 'Crumpet' has got to be the cutest dog name (aside from my own dog named Chubby).Thirdly, that's so cool that you saw Jemaine. Ray and I saw them in concert in April. Hilarious.Fourthly, have you been to Sugar Sweet Sunshine? I had some of their cupcakes over the weekend. But their banana pudding is to die for!

  5. That first chocolaty treat looks delicious and so does that sandwich, nice and rustic. I'm bummed I've never heard of this craft fair and that I missed it, especially since I live 30 minutes away! But I'm glad you enjoyed it = )

  6. sounds like a pretty tasty weekend and crumpet could not be any cuter! also, jealous that you saw jemaine, now i have 'business time' stuck in my head…

  7. Okay, I know I have alot of favorite foods but everything you ate really are some of my top favorites! Cookies, Bahn Mi (I like mine with lots of pickled veg and cilantro) ramen noodles (never seen the separation ramen here) and frozen yogurt…sounds like a great weekend!

  8. suzanne: yeah, i've been to sugar sweet sunshine. it's pretty good. i'll tell Gypsy what you said about her dog…sasha: they have the craft fair every year around this time, and I think they've been having it for at least 7 or 8 years. keep an eye out for the next one — it's pretty great.cindy: yeah, i kept talking like him all day long after thatlaura: setagaya is a chain in Japan, and the separation is something they're known for. we have a zillion noodle joints in nyc, and I don't think anyone else does it that way.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have never been to Yogurtland but I imagine it would be right up my alley. I will have to stop by now that I'm back in NY. Plus I'm excited about Top Chef Masters. And I'm not even working with any of them.

  10. My weekend plans changed last minute too – so glad I didn't try to go to the sold out paella parade on Sunday! And you're making me hungry with that photo of banh mi! Haven't tried the treats truck yet, how does it rate against the dessert truck?

  11. joanne: nyc has plenty of yogurt places, but i'm partial to yogurtland and 16 handles (in the east village) because they're both self-serve. don't get me wrong, i like red mango, but it's pricey and the flavors are limited.phyllis: ha, my weekend plans changed 10 times. people who went to the paella thing said it was kind of a disaster. that's a shame, esp. for $25. dessert truck is REALLY different than treats truck. I love dessert truck, but their treats are sort of like the type of things you might get in a nice restaurant, but portable. they're more sophisticated, with creamy, delicate textures. treats truck is hand-held food, bars, cookies, etc. so in a way, they're like opposites.

  12. Love that name Crumpet. Original.I love Banh mi. I just recently had my first one. Original? probably not. Tastey, yes. Vietnamese food is really getting big, isnt it?

  13. YAY for an exciting weekend full of foods and friends!Also great for you to be working with one of the top chef contestants! I hope they bring that show to Canada quickly, there's usually a couple month's delay 😦

  14. lori: your first bahn mi… that's exciting. vietnamese has been popular for a while around here, but those bahn mi in particular are suddenly all the rage.marta: oh really? I'm surprised they don't run at the same time there.sara: yes, definitely, on both counts

  15. Oooh everywhere you go looks so interesting and DELECTABLE! Especially the froyo…..oh, how I must get over my addiction!! Cute dog, too!P.S. Say bye-bye to the rhubarb fear- that dessert is soo worth making =)

  16. That was your weekend?! I need to borrow your life, if only for a Saturday and/or Sunday! First of all, I have heard of the Renegade Craft Fair and always wished I would be in one of the cities at the right time. Luckily, the Twin Cities has its own 'No-Coast Craft-o-Rama' so I won't whine too much. Crumpet is beyond adorable (we considered a Frenchie after our English bulldog passed away but ended up with a goofy Boxer – but again, no whining here!) As for all the food – wonderful, delicious, drool-inducing food – well, I'll just whine a bit . . .

  17. Can't WAIT for TC Masters! Love the concept and I'll even cheer for Mark, if you like. Can you tell me what the 'treat' is in the second photo, please? Looks like peanut butter cookie sandwich or something.

  18. Damn…I'm jealous you have Ramen shops in your area. I would have to make my own from scratch here and I don't have the mental fortitude to do that…just yet. Making Gyoza from scratch is one thing but Ramen is another… 😦

  19. barbara bakes: i know, slightly underbaked = very goodmandee: thanks to you too, for visiting my blogtangled noodle: that's actually the abbreviated version of my weekend… but yeah, it was a good one. when the weather is nice, all I want to do is run around nyc and explore. i consider myself to be very fortunate to live in this area.aimee: yes, please cheer for mark. the second treat was definitely a peanut butter cookie (very soft) sandwich, and they had a choice of peanut butter creme filling, or chocolate ganache filling. I went with chocolate. VERY good.teresa: thanks so muchlorraine: I totally agreeunconfidentialcook: thanksjamie: yeah, crumpet needs a fan club now. i should have posted all of the crumpet photos.murasaki: NYC's east village has turned into something of a Little Tokyo. I literally couldn't count how many ramen shops we have now. very lucky. in fact, the place I was at the other day, Ramen Setagaya, has two locations within about a 5-minute walk of each other… emily: thanks for visiting… and GO MARK!

  20. I love that dogs name Crumpet!!I have two dogs names if I ever get a dog. The first one: WaffleThe second one: Milkshake!I love cookies that are just underbaked like that. The second one looked like nutella in between??Love the pics!

  21. I'm going to watch Top Chef Masters tonight. I hope it's good, because I'm addicted to Top Chef, hehe! Anywho, if you get a chance you should really try soondae, it's amazing. Just pretend that you don't know what's really in it, and you'll be fine =P

  22. jenn: those are great names. crumpet's owner told me she was thinking about pickle too. nutella would have been great on that cookie sandwich.katherine: thanks for visitingjujubeans: thanks for stopping by my blog. top chef tonite should be cool.ana: thanks to you too

  23. not sure if they just spell it wrong for kicks or what but it should be spelled banh mi, not bahn mi! 🙂 at least if it is vietnamese…

  24. jaime: the funny thing is that I've seen people get totally fanatic over banh mi being an improper spelling, posting tirades on sites like twitter about it (ho-hum…). i've seen it spelled both ways, but i'm not really sure myself. maybe I should take your word for it…

  25. That top picture looks just like the homemade oreo cookies that Westville restaurant makes. Have you tried them?p.s.This is my first time checking out your blog and I think it's great!

  26. oof, can I just say how jealous I am about the ramen? How is it that japanese ramen chains are making their way to the furthest coast and not here where I live! I lived for a year in Setagaya-ku near Tokyo and how I miss good ramen…

  27. foodhoe: yeah, i guess it's strange except that the japanese population in NYC is exploding right now. i didn't know there was a place called setagaya, although I did know it was a chain in japan.

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