martha’s giant cookies

Dear Martha, I know everybody has gone absolutely bonkers for your new cupcake book. People love cupcakes… I get it. I enjoy a good cupcake too, but I’m really more of a cookie guy. I prefer dense, crispy, chewy cookies over the texture of cake any time. Case in point — your amazing Giant Chocolate Sugar Cookies in Martha Stewart’s Cookies. Does it get any better than these? I don’t think so. The recipe has just 1/2 cup of cocoa, but it seems like so much more because these cookies are splendidly rich.

Okay, okay, I did improvise a little. I tossed in some of those yummy butterscotch chips even though you say the cookies “don’t need any mix-ins.” And I made them a little bit smaller than you suggested (and doubled the recipe) with great success. My cookies were still huge, but maybe not gigantic. And they were perfect. So enough with the cupcake obsession. I vote for cookies. Yours truly, justcooknyc

69 thoughts on “martha’s giant cookies

  1. I am more of a cupcake person myself but these look delicious! I don't care what Martha says, most things are better with mix-ins. Especially the butterscotch chip kind.

  2. I haven't tried Martha's recipe yet (even though I have her cookie book), but these remind me of Dorie Greenspan's Chocolate Chunkers, which are very good too!

  3. So with you. I love a cupcake every now and then, but all the hype they've been getting the last couple years have made them a bit overplayed. I'm looking at these cookies, and hearing my ice cream maker buzz away making PB ice cream — I'm seeing the ultimate ice cream sandwich in my future!

  4. I don't know, I'm torn. But gosh, a perfect cupcake is impossible to pass up. Good cookies are a dime a dozen, but a fabulous cupcake is a rarity.

  5. Pass me some milk please!!!! I love it you can add whatever mix-in you want to cookies. It doesn't always have to go by the book. =)

  6. pigpigscorner: yeah, milk sounds about right…krista: yay, cookies!sasha: i agreebarbara: if you've got it, then definitely try this recipeunconfidentialcook: thanks for visitingpandalicious: ha… thanks for stopping by

  7. great idea adding in the butterscoth chips :)i don't generally like chocolate based cookies but i really love Dorie's world peace cookies and her malted whopper cookies

  8. Niiice! Unlike yourself I am more about the cupcake then cookie. Don't get me wrong I like cookies but can't seem to bring myself to make them. I also think the frosting, icing, and glaze found on the cupcakes may have something to do with it!~ingrid

  9. zoe: no, you DEFINITELY don't have to choose!mommy's kitchen: yeah, i'm all about mix-ins toojaime: i'll have to find that malted whopper recipe. sounds awesome.pearl: i'm sure the cupcake book is awesome, but the cookie one is tough to beat5 star: thanksungourmet: great minds… thanks for visitingdajana: yay. thanks for stopping by.murasaki: dense, crispy, chewy… perfectpeachkins: well, these cookies are REALLY big…sophie: definitelyamanda: omg, I know… now I gotta hit the gym again just thinking about them.ingrid: yeah, frosting is awesome, but I think I just want to lick the frosting off most cupcakes and skip the actual cake part. or you can just make a sandwich out of two cookies with frosting in the middle and have the best of all worlds

  10. oh lovely!! I'm a HUGE cookie fan.I feel the need to locate that recipe soon!Justin, I have also answered your mung bean question in my blog but here it goes: You are right! Mung beans are actually green beans. Mung Beans starch is extracted by mung beans to make the noodles ..they turned translucent when cooked. It's also a type of cellophane noodles. Other names include glass noodles or bean thread noodles.hope this helps =)

  11. I don't think it gets better than these cookies either! I'm with you on the cookie-over-cupcake choice!These are particularly good, I think I've tried them before, so dense and chocolatey… Martha's got it going on!

  12. daphne: thanks for visiting and all the feedback. now i just have to find mung bean sprouts, maybe in the chinatown marketsmikky: then thanks for stopping bymarta: yay, cookies

  13. Hi – I'm popping over from Krystal's blog Recipes of a Cheapskate where I saw you comment.Me, hey cookies, cupcakes, I like 'em both. I didn't buy the cookie or the cupcake cookbook yet because I had just bought her Cooking School and, well that wasn't cheap, plus I'd just bought a few other southern cookbooks so I have to rein myself in for a bit.Those look amazing! Thanks for sharing them. Love the addition of the butterscotch chips too. Yum!

  14. jamie: thanks so muchmaya: that sounds about rightflourchild: oh believe me, I add in nuts all the time to my cookiesmary: I don't have the cooking school book, but I bet it's gooddhanggit: thanks for visiting

  15. Cupcakes are okay every once in a while, but I'll take a cookie ANY DAY! And I agree that every thing is a little better with some extra mixed in! These look terrific.

  16. Love cookies. You are so right about eating something chewier, denser, something you can get your teeth into. I also think cookies are better with "mix-ins". The trouble with cookies is knowing how to stop eating them. Yours, for example, I wouldn't be able to.

  17. mmm, ive heard so many mixed reviews about martha's recipe's so i didnt exactly follow it perfectly. after seeing yours i think i will next time, thanks!

  18. oh and i completely agree, Dorie Greenspan's recipes are awesome. she hasn't failed me yet, try her perfect party cake and use whatever flavor you want. my next posting uses her recipe!

  19. I wholeheartedly agree: Cookies rule over cupcakes pretty much most of the time. And I've been drooling over martha stewart's cookie book for the longest time. I think it's time for me to just stop being cheap and give into temptation…

  20. fattyreader: i don't think you'll regret buying this book for a secondsimplepleasures: i'm sure the cupcake book is cool, but yeah, that cookie book is going to win every time

  21. I have been wanting to try these cookies, but I have this incessant need to "mix-in"! Generally the first time I try a new cookie I like to make it according to the directions, but I am not sure I could hold back on this one ~ It's really a problem!! Thanks for the inspiration in restraint (even tho you caved too) =)

  22. OMG got to try these, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the blueberry lemon bundt, you should grab up some of those berries and try it.I wish I would have had fresh 😀 great blog ,Im still looking around Carm

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