omg, creme brulee doughnuts

I’m not going to bore anybody with another weekend recap, although I did have an interesting few days, including a trip out to the original Nathan’s in Coney Island, Indian “sliders”, and seeing the amazing Asobi Seksu live at Music Hall of Williamsburg. My weekend recap is just this… why didn’t anyone tell me about the creme brulee doughnuts at Doughnut Plant sooner?!?! Okay, so I guess they’re shaped more like doughnut holes, but that term doesn’t do them justice. They’re coated in a thin and crispy layer of sugar, and the yeasty dough is perfectly soft.

The filling is wickedly good. Thank goodness I got two for the road. For all I know Doughnut Plant has been offering these for months. Either way, as they say in TONY, I’m “officially obsessed” with these now.

78 thoughts on “omg, creme brulee doughnuts

  1. omg, indeed!! That looks so mouth watering right now. I've heard a lot about dunghnut plant and their variety of choices. I really want to check it out.

  2. koko: ha, i thought that toopamela: i know, right?sasha: lol, who ever said C.I. was glamourous?helene: yeah, that sounds rightjenn: definitely…steph: thanks for visiting

  3. Lol, yeah, I guess you're right. Perhaps glamorous wasn't the right word. I guess what I meant to say was that it's a piece of crap altogether : /

  4. cindy: thanks for visitingsasha: ha… well, I did get some cool photos of my day therekerstin: definitely. thanks for visitingangie: now that would be a great breakfastpandalicious: yeah, similar to beard papa, and i'm a bp fan, but these are so much betterchristina: nooooopeachkins: i wouldn't be surprised if some other bakeries copied this ideadajana: thanks for visitingaruna: I agreehappy cook: ha, good idea

  5. OMG is right! I had one of these recently, but must have gotten a bad batch, so tiny with only a little bit of filling. I was left wanting more, so I got a Krispy Kreme to make up for it later!

  6. Good lord. I live in a place where doughnut shops close down because there aren't too many buyers. Sigh. Would you have any ideas on how to make these at home? I do regular yeast doughnuts at home but these seem from another planet!

  7. Justin – seriously – the next time you post something THIS GOOD LOOKING you *have to* find a recipe!!!!!! I was scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and NOTHING… my heart is broken and my stomach is yearning for that doughnut!!!!! 🙂 Such sweet torture!

  8. phyllis: are you kidding? you mean you actually went to doughnut plant, tried this, and wasn't blown away? sure, they're small, but $2 seemed fair when compared to similar treats like at beard papa.saee: if you've got a yeast doughnut recipe already, that would help. Then there is the filling, which is amazing but a pretty standard custard I assume. And then you have to dunk it in a liquid sugar mixture, cooked down, but not yet darkned and caramelized. I suppose that's the tricky party.dawn: ha… sorry!cathy: hmmm, I suppose notleela: i honestly don't know if they're like bombolini. now I'm curious.rose: i don't think doughnut plant would give me a recipe even if I asked.megan: good luck with your search

  9. renuka: thanks for visitingCA: you're cracking me up. i'm taking a trip to the west coast soon, and I hope you're wrong about that.girlichef: thanks for stopping bymichelle: I thought you were too healthy-minded for this kind of stuff?confession nook: yeah, i'm drooling too, just thinking about it

  10. OMG is exactly right. I want one NOW! (There's a greatgreatgreat donut shop here in West LA called Stan's–my fave is the apple fritter and a close second is the peanut butter and chocolate. If you ever have a chance, try Stan's.)

  11. rush: i know… sighzoe: haunconfidential cook: okay, i'm gonna take your word for thatrose: okay, sure. I'd say it tasted exactly like a traditional creme brulee filling, not just like a regular doughnut custard.

  12. I am just about ready to pitch a fit. I am highly sure we do not have planet doughnut here in Richmond (or I am sure I would have had a zen-like oneness with the place). Now I have to go do research to see how far a drive it is for me. I swear those things are calling my name…shhhh can you hear it?

  13. mommy gourmet: ha. doughnut planet is just here in NYC… a bit of a legend. Actually, as I've mentioned in my blog, they now have locations in Asia too. One of the spots in Seoul, South Korea, is massive, which is funny because the one here is a closet.erica: i know!cw: wait, you're just uptown and haven't tried these yet? omg, get on the subway now. actually, the problem is that they change their menu all the time and may not have them on any given day. they're known for selling out of stuff too.saee: good luck

  14. aruna: thanks for commentingrisa: hmm, double post? anyway, thanks for stopping by.coconut head: thanks to you too… this post seems to have generated a lot of interest.

  15. Oh, man but those are, in the words of my 13 yr old sons' buddies, SICK! Thanks for sharing Justin I think! I'll decide after I've tracked down a Doughnut Planet first and gotten my hands one, two, or three!~ingrid

  16. kevin: thanksingrid: well, just to be sure you understand, Doughnut Plant was for many years a one-of-a-kind spot in Manhattan. Then they opened locations in Seoul, Korea, and I believe Tokyo as well. So unless you're in one of those places, you might be out of luck. In NYC, Doughnut Plant is somewhat legendary.

  17. From the second photo, it almost looks as if the creme brulee is sitting atop the yeast doughnut and then the whole thing is dipped in caramelized sugar? I think I gained 5lbs just staring so hard at the photo to figure it out . . .

  18. tangled noodle: ha. maybe I should change the name of my blog to creme brulee doughnuts… I think it would be a lot more popular that way.

  19. Wow! I saw the owner of the Doughnut Plant talking about these on Food Network but never seen a photo before. That looks amazing. I am so jealous.

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