not gluten-free pasta

I get to work with some cool people sometimes. One of those cool people right now is Shauna James Ahern, aka Gluten-Free Girl. If you’ve never checked out her blog, you owe it to yourself to stop by, like now. I’ve been editing GFG’s first cookbook. The writing is so amazing, it actually brought a tear to my eye, twice. There I am at the office, crying a little. That’s really saying something. I’ve been thinking a lot about the zucchini-lemon pasta I wrote about the other day, and then I stumbled upon a recipe in GFG’s manuscript for Pasta with Anchovies, Lemon, and Olives. OMG, those are some of my favorite things. I rushed home to make it tonight. Of course, this is going to be a gluten-free cookbook, so Shauna will include a recipe for making homemade gluten-free pasta. But I can eat gluten, and I love regular pasta, so I went with a little De Cecco fettucine. Don’t tell Shauna. Just kidding, I’ll tell her.

The recipe calls for shallots, garlic, olives, capers, and black pepper cooked in olive oil. Then you deglaze with some white wine (I used dry sherry), add lemon juice, and richen the whole thing up with a little butter. Perfect. You finish it with some lemon zest (more perfect), sorrel, and toasted pine nuts. But wait, I couldn’t find sorrel in my local produce markets, so I tossed in some basil from my potted plant on the deck. There it is above, growing like crazy. Seriously, I’ve got to start making pesto with it, because the plant is so happily out of control.

41 thoughts on “not gluten-free pasta

  1. This pasta dish looks amazing! These are the type of ingredients that I usually use in my cooking (including DeCecco pasta). There is never too much basilico for me!Can't wait for Shauna's book to be published!Thanks for stopping by. I love Lidia's cooking – she makes it look so easy and it reminds me of my Mom's cooking.

  2. Any pasta without cheese is my fav. Your way sounds pretty quick … not to mention tasty too. Much thanks for coming by and leaving nice words in my blog. 🙂

  3. Pasta looks delish! And I just checked out Gluten Free Girl – great blog, thanks for the link. Gluten free pastas actually taste pretty good (I've done some GF cooking before for a celiac), and the GF desserts at Babycakes in NYC are really good. And your basil plant is so hearty looking it might actually survive one of my pestos!

  4. liliana: thanks for visitingkalaivani: ha, yeah, free basil for all people who visit my blogstephchows: no secret really, except that I get a lot of sun back there, and it's been raining pretty much every day here for weekssharmila: yeah, this is a good weeknight dish. thanks for visitingmary: ha, not quite…phyllis: glad you checked out GFG — her blog is amazing. and yeah, I could make a lot of pesto with that basil plant.lorna: thanks!

  5. It's great how many alternatives for the gluten-free eater these days. Shauna has made so many people's lives better by informing them about celiac disease and how eating gluten-free can be wonderful.That said, I'd definitely love to share that gluten-loaded pasta. Looks wonderful! And kudos on the huge basil plant!

  6. I see that wry smile of yours in the comment section of so many blogs in my realm. I thought I should see what you have to smirk about! Quite a lot it seems! Fresh basil on the window sill of a New York apartment. I mean if that is not a metaphor for a life well lived, then I don't know what the hell my college education was all about! GREG

  7. Wow, as I was reading the ingredients…my mouth was watering…sounds and looks delicious…yummie…by the way, thank you for visiting my site.

  8. That looks like a fabulous dish! The lemon-zucchini pasta looks delicious too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! There's a reason why I'm not linking to pre-sale yet for my book (can't go into it here…), but hopefully in the next week or so. Sounds like you have a ton of great book experience — I would love any pearls of wisdom you'd like to share! In the meantime, love your blog!

  9. parita: i guess I missed your comment. thanks for visiting. basil is pretty easy to grow, even indoors in a pot if you have good sun.finsmom: sorry to hear that about your basil, and thanksjuliana: thanks to you, toocookiepie: hmm, i hope you get it posted soon. now i'm curious what the problem could be. and thanks re: my blog

  10. This looks delicious!And thanks for directing us to the Gluten-Free Girl, I had never been to her site and it's quite great!Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  11. i am green with envy with that basil herb garden was trimmed bare by a couple of ruthless men from gardenscapes thinking that it was weeds! btw..that pasta is tempting..

  12. I love her blog. It's great she's going to have a book published soon. I recently had some friends who became gluten intolerant and they were really happy when I directed them to her blog and saw all the wonderful things they could eat. 🙂

  13. Fabulous! Summer tasty Pasta! I'm thinking of makeing this recipe on thrusday. Wine~PastaThanks for sharing your recipe.Welcome~~~http://foodcreate.comLet me know that you stop by.Thanks!Have a wonderful Day:)

  14. marta: i'm glad you liked the gfg siteconfession nook: i had a similar experience with some nice lillies I'd planted — some workers ripped them all out this year. i'm so confused why they bothered with the garden at all, let alone ripped out good plants.murasaki: gfg already has a memoir out, and the cookbook is going to be greatdragon: thanksfood create: thanks for visiting

  15. gaby: ha, i think you meant to put that comment on the ellie krieger post above this one, about gluten-free girl. thanks for visiting though.

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