Ellie’s spicy shrimpy pasta

People who visit my blog every now and then might say I have an unhealthy obsession with shrimp and pasta. I’d like to agree, but in this case the recipe comes from Ellie Krieger’s upcoming next cookbook, So Easy, so it’s more of a healthy obsession. The recipe is for Ellie’s Shrimp Fra Diavlo with Spinach. The book won’t be out for another couple of months, but you can preorder it now on a few web sites.

So what makes it healthy? Three cups of lightly packed spinach leaves sure help. Okay, so Ellie calls for whole wheat spaghetti, and I went with the regular stuff. I’m not a whole wheat pasta convert yet. You can go light on the oil too (just 2 tablespoons) and get really flavorful results.

With crushed red pepper flakes, a thinly sliced onion, and 5 minced cloves of garlic added to the canned tomatoes, this dish lives up to its name. Of course I added some basil. If you’re into wimpy pasta dishes, this isn’t the one for you. If you like your pasta more bold and zesty like me, then you might want to check out the recipe when the book is published in a few months. Did I mention this is super easy to prepare too?

81 thoughts on “Ellie’s spicy shrimpy pasta

  1. Justin, this looks beautiful and I'm sure its delicious. I, too, have not yet bought into whole wheat pasta. Your site gets better and better. Have a great day…Mary

  2. jamie: it's going to be good, I promisemary: thanks so much, mary. you made my day.phyllis: lol, I heart shrimpjenn: oh, it's still pretty healthy. just not super healthy with the whole wheat pasta. and I probably ate way too muchpearl: thankspeachkins: thanks to you too

  3. I'm not a whole wheat convert either yet. I tried it thinking it wouldn't be do bad, but it was so crumbly and gritty! I'm think the little sacrifice in nutrition is worth it though.. white can't be as bad as we all make it sound..right?

  4. there is a pasta out there called Ronzoni Smart Taste, which has fiber and calcium, but is very similar to regular pasta. it's a good alternative to whole wheat!those shrimp look so plump and juicy. i love ellie krieger's recipes! she never deprives herself of anything, but manages to keep her foods nutritionally balanced.

  5. OOO I love Ellie's recipes!! Light and still taste great!! Every ingredient I see in this is something I love!! Wheat pasta is good… if you get the right kind 😀

  6. This looks great. I love shrimp pastas, too, and I have Ellie's other cookbook, which is great. If you feel like trying a new brand of whole wheat pasta, try out Bionaturae. Far and away my favorite. Some brands can be really gummy and a little too…wheaty?

  7. steph: i found it to be soooo fillingroberta: thanks!kalaivani: yes, very bold flavorserica: thanks… i loved that photo toocookies and cups: now I want to make it againmurasaki: ha, i agree with you completelychristina: i'll have to check that out. thanks. and yeah, ellie has very good recipes, as a rule.finsmom: thanks so muchstephchows: maybe I'll keep trying other brandselly: thanks for the tipmermaid sweets: ha… my girlfriend might not like that very much!chef fresco: yeah, i guess there is the trader joe's in manhattan, but it's a mad house and I try to avoid it. good tip though. I just need to stock up on it.

  8. I was going to say before you said it yourself – you REALLY like shrimp and pasta.That's okay though – it's one of my favourites too. Bring on the shrimp recipes – I love reading about them!

  9. juliana: thank you!sylvia: a lot of people who visit my site seem to like spicy pasta dishes. I'm actually pretty flexible, but if you like spicy, you'll love this one. thanks.hilary: I really have to stop writing about shrimp so often, but I keep a couple bags of it in the freezer for impulse cooking, so it comes up a lot.

  10. Mmm bold and zesty is right! I've tried a few Ellie Kreiger recipes before and I've enjoyed them! This dish looks delicious and I justttttt might have to buy her new book when it comes out!!!!!!

  11. This looks incredible, you can never go wrong with shrimp in pasta! I agree, it's hard to beat the taste of real-deal pasta. But, with all that gorgeous spinach, you have yourself one healthy meal!

  12. maybelle's mom: i know… i'm being a little sillykoko: the new book will be out in early Novemberrisa: yeah, it's a good onelisa: you're totally right — it's plenty of spinach, and a totally healthy dish either way

  13. The sauce is looking especially fine and all the garlic can only make it fantastic. I sometimes think an abundance of garlic cancels out the need for fat – you've got great flavour happening in this dish.

  14. My favorite Dish ! I love Shrimp and pasta you can ask my husband.I Simply the best for me ….must be the half Italiana in me. Thanks for the wonderful ingredients The Sauce looks so tasty recipe:)Have Great Day~

  15. giz: yeah, probably, but you do need some fat to carry those yummy flavorssaee: i think i just tossed in some chopped basil while everything was cookingfoodcreate: i'm have italian too — so this kind of food is in my blood

  16. Hmm… my boyfriend is allergic to shellfish so I never make it at home… but this just sounds so good. Do you think I could make it with sausage or something instead?

  17. ungourmet: thanks for stopping bymiranda: omg, pickles that turned to mush. i'll write about it soon, only if I can figure out what I did wrong. i'm determined to get it right.sugarlens: thanksmegan: yeah, I think this would work with sausage, although maybe a nice chicken or turkey sausageeliana: agreed. thanks for visiting.pavithra: thanks

  18. This is the ultimate pasta that my son really love. He also like to make it himself, I will suggest him to add some basil next time. Look delicious Justin!

  19. I love fra diavlo. Had it for the first time when I was on a first date with my now husband. He ordered it for me and I am grateful because I love it now. I really dont mind all the shrimp since I love that as well.

  20. AAHHH shrimp paste, takes me back to my childhood of my mom sauteing garlic and shrimp pate on the hot stove….loved the taste but the smell. We filipinos love to put it on everything like salt. Good tip on putting the paste in foil.

  21. cucinista: ha, yeah, that's my checklist tooelra: I want your son to come cook for me then.lori: that's sweetbunny: thanks!pamela: yeah, i think you'll love this book. it's going to have gorgeous photos.pandalicious: that's what I'm trying forlynda: oh yeah? i'll check it out.angie: really?janice: thanks for visitingcelia: wow, that would be cool. thanks.janice: hmm, double comment? i think you meant for this one to go on a different post of mine, the one with the shrimp paste. but thanks. i can't imagine using shrimp paste like salt though, but that's just me!balance: glad you stopped by. i hope to see you again.jamie: me too

  22. The night I read this post, I literally made pasta with shrimp, too! I am as obsessed as you are definitely. I made it with sake instead of white wine. Nice. Will post in a few days and link to your obsessed post! Thanks!

  23. Agreed. The only wheat pasta that I find pleasant are the whole wheat spaghetti, the rest tends to be very chewy. Oh love the addition of the spicy shrimp. Can't wait to see what Ellie Krieger whipped up in her new book

  24. morta di fame: that's funny, and thank you!jackie: some say there are good versions available… i'll have to try some more. and ellie's next book will be a good onearuna: thanks

  25. what? when has shrimp and pasta EVER been an unhealthy obsession? I think they should be the two main food groups, tee hee.You just won yourself a new shrimp and pasta fan!

  26. Eh, compromising is ok…you've got the nutritive value of the spinach, after all. I'm a ww pasta fan, but I think it is sort of an acquired taste. Lovely photos.

  27. you know, people often pair shrimp pastas with creamy sauces, but I think shrimp go better with a tomato-based sauce… plus that way they're healthier and your obsession is excused!

  28. Hi Justin, thank you for calling by my blog and leaving such kind comments! You have one amazing blog here that I will be following avidly. Pasta is one of my family’s favourites but we will also stick with normal pasta instead of whole wheat. Oh the shrimp (prawns) look fantastic – this is a must try!!

  29. emily: yeah, maybe if I try some more brands. thanks for visitingmarta: i agreerosie: you're welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog toottfn300: yeah, it should be a great book coming out this fall

  30. Darn it! You're a tease! I've yet to make shrimp in a tomato based sauce and here ya go tempting me with photos but no recipe. Yea, yea, I know get the book. Guess I'm going to try winging it with the info you gave me.~ingrid

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