so-soft banana cookies

I just got back from a really fun trip to San Francisco, so of course I’m writing about banana-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. (That’s a joke…) But seriously, I read about these on Family Friends and Food a couple of weeks ago. I tried out the recipe and agreed with Patsyk that the baking time of 18 minutes was way too long. Then I was going to post a link to the recipe and tell you how I added lots more chocolate chips and some extra sugar and they turned out great, but the original recipe seems to have been taken down from the Cooking Light site. I wonder if they read some of the user comments about how the recipe didn’t really work as written and figured it had to be re-tested. Or maybe it’s just me? The recipe shows up on a search of the site — see here — but when I click through, I just get the “About Us” page. Hmmm. Anyway, these cookies were super soft and good while warm, but the weird thing is that they got even better the next day. They’re really cake-y though, so if you like chewy or crispy cookies, they might not be your thing.

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody, and here is a photo I took of those houses that they show at the start of the old show Full House. You know, that was when the Olsen twins were still little?

48 thoughts on “so-soft banana cookies

  1. Welcome back! glad you had a great time in SF. Those are delicious cookies. I need some milk or coffee to wash it down after.Haha…I remember that "Full House". I still many pics from various trips there.

  2. haha…I always add loads of chocolate chips to any cookie recipe! Glad you had a great time in SF (and I have to admit that I used to watch Full House, even though it made me want to scratch my eyes out sometimes)

  3. pandalicious: thanks, and that show actually freaked me out a little bit, but it was cool seeing the houses in personjenn: thanks. milk would be nice with these. and yeah, there were so many tourists like us taking photos of the houses. my gf probably has a photo of me standing in front of them, lol.murasaki: thanks. I didn't realize you lived in that area before. I took a photo of a restaurant named "murasaki". I wonder if you know about it already.sensing: thanks for visitingsophie: thanksphyllis: then we think the same, about baking and full house, lol.

  4. Banana choc chip cookies sound really good. I actually like cakelike cookies, so I'd probably like those.I used to watch Full House every day! I have a twin sister, and we used to want to be exactly like the Olsen twins. 🙂

  5. I hope you had great trip. Those cookies loo so good I cant wait to try them. I remember full house and John Stamos with his long hair LOL I used to watch that show a long time ago.

  6. Hope you had a great trip! The cookies sound yummmy! Love those Full House houses! That show was definately a childhood fav of mine.

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous picture of SF!! And yes, these cookies sound great. I bet the banana does keep them very moist…I'm sitting here with my glass of milk wishing I had a couple of these to dunk.

  8. Welcome back!I'm glad you had a fun trip and these cookies look like the perfect way to mark your return ;)Aw, i've always wanted to go to San Fran to see those houses!

  9. hilary: yeah, this was the first time I'd heard of banana cookies tootaste traveler: thanks and thankspeachkins: thanksemily: that is so funny about you and your twin sistererica: thanksrosa: yeah, it's a great citystephchows: well, all cookies are best when still hotmommy's kitchen: it's an interesting recipekoko: thanks for visitingpatsyk: okay, glad to hear it wasn't just me…girlichef: yeah, the bananas definitely kept these very moistmarta: hopefully you'll make it there some daypam: it was a lot of funeliana: definitely

  10. Welcome back, sounds like you had a great time in San Francisco! Those cookies look delicious!! I always have a few ripe bananas lurking about and what a great way to use them up :0)

  11. That picture is too cool. I used to love that show (can't believe I just admitted that!). Hope you had a nice trip.The banana cookies look great. I'm somehow obsessed with wanting to know what it looks like on the inside, so if you have any cookies left, maybe you could post another picture :o)

  12. rosie: yeah, I was looking for a banana muffin recipe and then tried this insteadhanaa: they're long gone. I think that Family Friends and Food site had a split-cookie shot though. reginald: thanks

  13. cute cookies. I saw your pic of SF and I jumped. I live half a block from these beautiful ladies. I just wonder where you ate in SF… thoughts?

  14. smitten sugar: thankskatie: half a block? we ate at so many restaurants during our trip, you'd probably laugh if I told you about it all at once. anyway, too many to list here, but I'll be posting about them for days, maybe even weeks…

  15. helene: I knew about the houses already, but we actually just stumbled upon them that day. it's hard NOT to take a photo of them.aruna: thankschristelle: definitely. boston has some great food too, but I'd say new orleans is the other must-visit in the u.s.jaime: thanks

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