amazing bacon-porcini risotto

Before I have to change the name of my blog to “Justeatout SanFran”, I thought I’d better write about the amazing porcini risotto in Bill Granger’s Feed Me Now. I love recipes like this that allow a lot of adaptation.

Just don’t skimp on the dried porcinis. That’s where all the great flavor and color come from. You soak them in hot water for 10 minutes, chop them up, and mix the soaking water into the broth — a real key to success with this recipe. Yes, I use Japanese Global brand knives. I like the style, lightness, and flexibility. The chef’s knife never leaves my kitchen counter.

Here is where the recipe gets flexible. I used bacon instead of pancetta. The porcini really broke the bank for me, so I had to cheap out. Honestly though, the bacon is perfect, and I bet you’d get great results even without it for a veg version.

So you cook up the bacon and onions and then add the arborio rice and porcinis. Deglaze with white wine, or use dry sherry like I did.

Then it’s time to cook and stir. You know the drill. Add a cup of stock, stir till almost gone, add more stock, 18 to 20 minutes later…

And voila. Oh wait, I forgot to say you have to add a couple handfuls of chopped arugula (rocket, sorry non-Americans) except I couldn’t find any and added baby spinach instead. Perfect. Besides the regular stirring, this recipe is super easy. With some grated parm added at the end, it’s so luscious. Seriously, if you want to have someone swooning, make them a bacon & porcini risotto. Just look at the texture and deep color. And if you happen to live in the U.K. or Australia, check this book out.

49 thoughts on “amazing bacon-porcini risotto

  1. I make porcini risotto often yet I have never added bacon. I NEED to try this next time! Who can resist bacon? It is one of the best artery-clogging foods out there that I eat willingly!

  2. umm risotto is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, everything goes well with it but yours looks especially amazing! and in response to your comment–Happy Birthday! Nosh and Tell has missed you while you've been out of town but we hope you had a wonderful trip! Lovely pictures (esp. the one of the Full House house)!-Whitney

  3. I haven't had porcini in a long time. This looks really tempting right now. I need to plan a risotto night soon! Plus, bacon makes everything better. 😉

  4. yknow, the bacon was enough to make me decide this recipe was a keeper, but porcini as well!! sigh… risotto heaven, i have to the photos!-the hungry cook.

  5. whitney: thanks about my b-day and for visitingchef fresco: thanksdoggybloggy: that's funny…sarahe: yeah, it's a great recipejenn: I actually rarely cook risotto when it's warm like it is now… so I might not have another risotto night for a whileraj: ha, totally

  6. I hear a lot of talk about risotto but haven't been drawn to it. Now you add bacon and mushrooms to it? You have my attention! I think its time to shed my risotto resistance and go for it

  7. I so love risotto, any and many.So far, the tastiest was Porcini, salsiccia e asparagi (porcini, sausage and asparagus). You did a great job here.

  8. lorraine: in the book it's called porcini & pancetta risottodanielle: i bet you'll be hooked soondajana: that sounds really goodmurasaki: i wish i could afford to eat lobster and truffles every day, but i'm not that luckyselba: thankspeachkins: ha, thanksolga: yeah, anybody who has this made for them is very lucky

  9. zoe: yeah, i'd cook with them more if they were less $$rose: i make wild mushroom risotto too, usually with shiitakelanvanya: thanks so muchmelanie: ha, yeah, it was very goodjordan: of course any mushroom is good in risotto, but the whole trick to this recipe is how deep and rich the dried mushrooms are, and how they turn the risotto that beautiful brown color, especially when you add the soaking liquid to the brothamanda: ha, that's what melanie said, and yes it ischinesekite: thanks, and you're welcome

  10. My hubby loves using dried wild mushrooms when he cooks because of their deep flavor, so I bet he would love this! And with bacon – sold 🙂

  11. oh gosh, I love porcini risotto and, like you say, the secret to a memorable one is to load up on the shrooms!! This looks like a fantastic meal!

  12. Another fantastic recipe. I am so into risotto right now. I have never tried mushroom and bacon, but clearly a match made in heaven. Pigs must root around for them for a reason… And I just placed an order for my Bill. An essential in the kitchen.

  13. spike: yeah, next time I should try it with the arugula instead of spinachkerstin: i think you're rightmarta: but with dried porcinis, a little goes a long waycucinista: i think you'll love that book

  14. Love it! My family including all three children are mushroom fiends. I'm going to see just how adaptable it really is and use orzo pasta which I really like cooking. ~ingrid

  15. ungourmet: thanks for visitingingrid: hmmm, i do love orzo, but part of what makes this recipe great is that the flavor of the porcini is soaked into the rice grains. i'm not sure how that would work with orzo.

  16. Porcini mushroom is one of my all time favorite ingredients to cook with. So delicious and versatile. Wish they weren't so expensive, though.

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