lemon bars and Amy’s Bread giveaway

I picked up a bag of lemons last night on the way home from the gym to make lemon ricotta cookies from Cooking with Christine. Just one small problem — it was 9:30 at night and I realized I didn’t have any ricotta! So when life gives you lemons, make Zesty Lemon Bars. This recipe comes from one of my all time favorite books, The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread. I love it so much, I’m giving away a copy. To be entered in the drawing, just post a comment telling me if you prefer your lemon bars while still warm and gooey or if you like them cold from the fridge. (If you don’t say, I’ll assume you don’t want to be in the giveaway.)

This recipe is flawless. I had already grated some lemon zest for the cookies, so rather than waste it, I tossed it into the crust for my bars. Besides that, I stuck with the original recipe. The transluscent filing is nothing more than sugar, eggs, a little flour, lemon juice (5/8 cup!), a bit of milk, and salt, poured over the pre-baked crust. Highly recommended. If you don’t bake but live in the NYC area, you can of course just stop by Amy’s Bread and pick one up. P.S. I’ll do the drawing on the night of July 27.

57 thoughts on “lemon bars and Amy’s Bread giveaway

  1. I'm a lemon bars from the fridge kinda gal; but not really really cold; just chilled a little. They look fab, and i'm going to have a go because citrus treats/desserts are my favourite…can't go past lemon curd to save myself! LOL And it goes brilliantly on toasted banana bread….

  2. Funny, I just bought a bag of lemons yesterday so I can make lemon bars :)And I definitely prefer them cold and next day out of the oven.BTW, I bought a lemon bar at Whole Foods yesterday, I do not recommend them. Not tart at all! It's criminal. 🙂

  3. Ooooh, for a second on twitter I thought you meant a pencil drawing….hehe! I would love a copy of that book….I prefer my lemon bars after they cool…I think they seem more sour when they're hot, like the heat brings up the acidity. But after they're cold and firm….mm it's the perfect sweet lemony flavor to sink your teeth into. 🙂

  4. I actually like them cold… but the ones I make have more of a cheesecake-like consistency and a pretzel crust. I don't think I've ever made true lemon bars.

  5. suziwong: okay, you're inalice: you're in… and i have a hunch my home-made bars are better than the ones at whole foodsmangy: you're inroberta boyle: yes, thanks, I take the photos myself. and you're in.zoe: you're in… first vote for warm toojordan: ha, no "drawings" of lemons. you're in.spike: ha, me too. you're in.megan: hmmm, these are a lot lighter than cheesecake, almost delicate. anyway, you're in.

  6. These look sooo refreshing and summery and yummy! I could go for one right now!I like my lemon bars warm and gooey- the citrusy taste is enough to refresh me, even while warm!

  7. Yum! They look delicious. I like them cooled—maybe more room temperature than straight out of the fridge. Zest in the crust… nice touch. I'd love to make these!

  8. From the fridge, for sure, and on the very tart side, please. There is nothing worse than hoping for the flavor of lemon and getting super sweet instead.

  9. *sigh* those look great. I knew I should have picked up that bag of lemons at the store this morning.I'm a warm and gooey. I often burn my tongue because I'm so impatient. 🙂

  10. Oooo…good recovery!! Looks delicious. I'll take three and a glass of milk. I prefer to have my lemon bars warm, gooey, and chewy.

  11. i prefer them cold…but, i'm not too picky. as long as a lemon bar is a super tangy-lemon-explosion! i don't care how cool or warm they are 😉

  12. I lovee lemon bars, and prefer them at room temperature much more! The texture when they are cold is just not pleasing! And it's such a co-incidence that you're giving this book away, I was just thinking about it, and wishing someone would get it for me 😛

  13. Is it cheating if I say I like both? For breakfast I like it cold, after dinner I prefer it warm and gooey =) If I HAVE to choose, I'd say warm.

  14. Thanks for a giveaway Justin!!!Let's see, I like my lemon bars gooey. I like everything gooey, I've never understood why people put things like brownies in the fridge. It kind of breaks my heart 😦

  15. galugo: you're in. and i'd say this recipe is a little less on the tart side, but that's easily remedied with a bit less sugar.inquisitivesensitive: this recipe is so easy, anyone could do it. you're in.renu: you're inann: i'm not gonna enter you, since you didn't actually answer the question, and I don't want to enter anybody who doesn't want to be entered, but thanks for visitingkrystal: okay, you're injenn: okay, you're inpandalicious: you're in too

  16. cindy: your profile photo looks like you just ate a really tart one. you're in.avanika: oh really? yeah, it's a little pricey, but a great one. you're in.sarahe: right, I understand. you're in.tanglednoodle: ha, okay. you're in.michelle: yes, very messy. you're in.jglee: okay, you're inmorta di fame: i know what you mean, but these are perfect even without the powdered sugar, I swear. you're in.saira: ha, cheating is okay here. you're in.kerstin: you're inmarta: trust me, if you win this book, you have to try the Award-Winning Brownies. before you put them in the fridge, you can't even pick one up cuz they're so soft. then you put them into the fridge and they turn AMAZINGLY rich and fudge-y. it's so fantastic. and you're in.

  17. I can't believe this is even a question: warm and gooey all the way. Although, cold from the fridge is also good. Erm – I think some scientific testing is required, so clearly I need your book so I can make up a pan and systematically eat half warm and half cold so that this question can finally be put to rest.

  18. chef fresco: thanks, and you're inelena: HI! you're in…helene: okay, you're inmurasaki: this recipe was super easy, and you're incucinista: ha, that's funny since you're probably outvoted by 3 or 4 to 1… and you're inpeachkins: thanks. not putting you in the drawing since you didn't answer, and i'm assuming you don't want to be enteredCA: definitely, and you're in

  19. warm and gooey or cold from the fridge….boy…thats a tough one. I mean gooey is always good….but flavors the come out after cooled. I dunno. do I have to choose? Can I say both? well shoot. If I must choose, I guess I'll say (eenie meenie minie mo….) warm and gooey.

  20. they look divine! I'm an out of the fridge girl for lemon bars. but I'm embarrassed to say that my lemon bars NEVER turn out! it drives me crazy. they are like my baking vice. perhaps this recipe will finally do the trick!-Whitney

  21. danielle: warm it is… in case I tally up the votes. and you're in.whitney: i can pretty much guarantee this recipe will work. I didn't even use a food processor for the crust like it suggests and it still came out great. you're in.saee: ok cool, your'e insophie: okay, not putting you in since you didn't comment, and I don't want to enter anyone by mistakeparita: great, you're in

  22. Extra zest into the crust sounds fabulous to me! Hmm warm or cold… man that is a hard one. I'm almost always a warm fan… but with lemon bars, I feel like they are so good both ways!! And so different both ways! Guess it would depend on my mood… and how hot it was outside 🙂

  23. the twins: most recipes say to chill the bars, so it's not so strange you haven't tried them that way. a lot of us are impatient though. and you're in.stephchows: thanks, and you're in

  24. blonde duck: did you really mean to not be entered in the drawing, cuz you didn't answer the question?THE DRAWING WILL BE HELD IN A COUPLE OF HOURS!!!

  25. chocolate cup: sorry you missed the giveaway. and yeah, they have to be a little tart to counter the sweet. that's why i'm not a big fan of the powdered sugar on top.

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