lemon ricotta cookies — trying again

When I wrote about those lemon bars, I mentioned my real plan had been to make these lemon-ricotta cookies from Cooking with Christine. Things went slightly awry that night when I realized I had no ricotta. I’m not complaining — those lemon bars were heavenly. But I finally got some ricotta and tried again with the cookies.

Some step-by-step photos would have been nice, but I baked these late at night. Still, the method was super easy. The cookies baked flawlessly, no matter what size I made them. The texture reminds me a bit of a soft black-and-white cookie, so that’s sort of cake-y. Once the cookies have cooled, you ice them with a mixture of powdered sugar, lemon juice, and lemon zest. The cookies themselves also contain lemon juice and lemon zest, so these are really lemony. For my taste, that’s a very good thing. I brought some to work, and after a first taste, people were coming back for more. Highly recommended. P.S. Happy birthday, mom!

50 thoughts on “lemon ricotta cookies — trying again

  1. I put ricotta in so many desserts – but never in a cookie. As we all love it enough to spoon-feed oursevles from the carton (or when I decide to do homemade) must try. They look like a soft, comforting cookie.

  2. My mother-in-law used to make these cookies. I love the taste of the lemon. Yours came out great!Cooking with Christine is one of my favourite cooking shows.

  3. These look so good! I'll have to try making them. Do you think they'd be any good with some lavender thrown into the dough? If you really like lemon, you should try the lemon-glazed madeleines on David Lebovitz's blog. Its also in his new book.

  4. lemon – YUM! ricotta – double YUM! I wish I was the "tea party" type so I could make them and show off to all my tea party friends! (haha). I just might have some ricotta in the fridge thats screaming to be used. BINGO!

  5. Awesome!!! i love lemony treats. I tried making lemon meringue cookies one to only end up as an epic fail! I shall try again until i get it right. But I may have to try these cookies first. hehe…

  6. These look awesome – I love lemon desserts and I bet the ricotta added moisture and richness! Since I'm not much of a baker, I'm doing the next best thing – making a phone call to hubby to bring home a giant black & white cookie from NYC for me 🙂

  7. All things lemony are good enough for me. Now I'm singing C is for Cookie, but hey — I want to get me some of those lemony ricotta bites. They look worth the wait.

  8. Happy birthday to your mom Justin!This lemon ricotta cookies sound really scrumptious. Btw, did you bake anything for your mom's birthday?

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom! They look really good. Never made cookies with ricotta before. I would love them because I enjoy anything with a lemon flavor.

  10. lisaiscooking: oh yeah? it was a new one to me, but a new favorite for sure.claudia: right, ricotta in cookies was new to me tooliliana: nice… and thanksdajana: thanks. on days like this, i'm definitely populartaste traveller: thanks…emily: mint tea would be a good ideasarahe: thanks…d: thanks for the recipe recommendation, and yes, i think lavender could work welldanielle: ha, yeah, these would be nice at a tea partyjenn: sorry to hear about your epic fail, but i think you can't really go wrong with these

  11. phyllis: i am pretty sure you could handle these, but yeah, a nice b/w cookie would be greatzoe: thankspinknest: yes, very good texture with these… almost not like a cookie at allcucinista: definitely worth the wait, although I ate one before the icing hardenedelra: aww, thanks. i brought her some lemon cookies, but we actually bought a really nice cake. i have no problem supporting good bakers.koko: thankschef fresco: thankschristina kim: thanks on both counts. had a nice day with my mom today.helene: thanks, and yeah, I think you'd enjoy thesepeachkins: i usually think of lemon cookies being the hard, crispy kind, so this was very different (and yummy)ann: every time I opened the tin, it was a beautiful blast of lemony aroma

  12. Yes…they reminded me of B&W cookie, too. I made them, but ate them all before I got a chance to post about them. They were really very good. Nice pics!

  13. Your description is excellent! I know exactly what you mean when you say that they taste like a soft black and white cookie. Serioulsy, I can almost taste one just by thinking about it. Beautiful pictures.

  14. valerina: thanks for visitinghanaa: someone else commented about making ricotta too. i didn't even know it was possible. the problem is that i almost never have milk in the house. i buy soy milk for things like having cereal in the morning.

  15. chocolatecup: wow, really? I never thought of ricotta as being a weird ingredient. i use it a lot in italian recipes, i guess. hmmm, plus i know a super-easy dessert that I haven't made in eons… might make that and write about it soon, with ricotta and chocolate

  16. I love these cookies, I always buy them from a little family owned bakery near by. At 23 bucks a pound I think Ill give your recipe a try!! Figtreeapps

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