T Poutine — definitely open and approved

Sure, I was turned away from May Chan & Robotaki on Friday night because they were still only open for “invited guests,” but their loss was my gain. I’d heard T Poutine on Ludlow Street was opening August 1, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to stop by and see for myself the night before. Yes, it’s definitely open now. If you’re like me, you’ve been staking it out ever since nearly every publication and web site in town mistakenly reported it as being open over a month ago. Even T Poutine’s own web site doesn’t mention it being open yet, but as of about 6 hours ago they’ve finally updated their Twitter page.

If your prior poutine experiences are anything like mine (purchased from a food truck in front of a university in Toronto — insanely messy), then the look of T Poutine might throw you off at first. This place is slick. Metal stools, smooth surfaces, cool tables, exposed brick, moody lighting, and a glass-walled kitchen area where you can watch the chefs in action. This is the poutine joint of the future.

But what about the food? First, sorry for the pic but I only had my pocket camera, and it’s pretty dark in there. They do have stools by the storefront for those of you who are thinking of stopping by during the day and want some better lighting. I had to go with the “classic,” but honestly, the whole menu is exciting — there are a few things I’m looking forward to trying on my next visit. The fries are thick and fresh cut, like really fresh cut. Don’t expect any limp or wimpy fries here. And check out those curds… they’re freakin’ massive. I’m more used to tiny, very messy curds, but I’m totally into the T Poutine style. The gravy holds it all together very well. I guess it’s hard to go wrong with poutine in general, especially if you’re a little drunk and looking for food to soak up the booze. Still, I’d say this is poutine that’s been fancied up a bit, but in a good way. P.S. I checked out Thirst afterwards at the Landmark Sunshine — holy cow, that movie is not for the light of heart, but then again, none of Park Chan-Wook’s movies are.

28 thoughts on “T Poutine — definitely open and approved

  1. YEAH BABY! Did those mega curds squeak or what? Seriously drooling now. Funny, I just asked hubby AGAIN last night whether they were opened yet! Guess I'll be making a trip into the city soon 🙂

  2. phyllis: i should have known you'd be first to comment after you wrote about your mega poutine crawl in vancouver. the mega curds are definitely a different experience than what i'm used to, but i'm looking forward to going back to tpoutine to try everything else on the menu.

  3. Wow, you have introduced to me to a new and interesting type of cuisine yet again. French fries as a meal? BRILLIANT. I'm adding it to my list!I just watched the trailer for Thirst. Even Koreans are getting into the whole vampire thing! I'm a huge Twilight fan so it's right up my alley.

  4. Oh my….how can you tell I am Canadian…..I saw your title blog and salivated over the picture! Yep…poutine….from somewhat debated beginnings…still it is one of the best, most soul and tummy warming comfort foods I think was ever invented! No matter who did! Grin. Sounds like that is going to be quite a nice little restaurant!

  5. murasaki: hmm, double post? yes, it would be hard to live on food like this for long without going to the gym every day. I think you meant for that other post to go with the lemon cookies. You'd probably need a huge pot because lemons grow on trees. I wonder how small of a tree you could have that would actually produce fruit.trish: yeah, i think this is going to be a popular spot

  6. Do you know if they're going to stores opening in the south? My dad is from Canada and he always brought back cheese to make Poutine! ((Ill never get over the smell!))

  7. kathy: yeah, i'll definitely go back to try some other versionschantal: I really don't know, but it seems unlikely if it's their first place in nycpandalicious: thanks for visiting

  8. Must agree with those who've already commented. Poutine is best at the end of a good night, or as the first meal the afternoon after. If you think about it, it's comfort food at its best – cheese, gravy and potatoes. What sort of other versions were there?

  9. Oh lordy, you poor New Yorkers. I must be the only Canadian who HATES poutine. (Might have something to do with the fact that I don't love cheese, of course…)

  10. katiek: i don't think i need an excuse to eat poutine… i'm just glad we can get it here now.stephchows: ha, that's what i was thinking. i even asked them very nicely and calmly before they booted my ass, "Are you sure?"tara: ooh, good question. first option is to add bacon. the steakhouse sounds good with thinly sliced steak, caramelized onions, and blue cheese; there is a veggie one with cheddar curds, sauteed mushrooms, peppers, onions and veggie gravy; then there is the tex-mex… even a dessert one with sweet potato fries, and even more than i'm mentioninghilary: umm, whuh? just kidding… thanks for visiting

  11. My poutine experience in Montreal was a bit of a disappointment (should've gotten it at a bar instead of an over-priced, overrated restaurant). These look delicious though… must try!

  12. baconista: yeah, i think you're right about that — cheap poutine is probably betterlori: definitely check it out in toronto… very easy to find there

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