20 kinda random photos

I’m always a little jealous of bloggers with blogs about nothing in particular. They can write totally random posts and nobody minds. So this is my catch-up post about a bunch of random stuff. I forget the day, but the NYC sky looked like this around sundown one night earlier in the summer. Everybody in Union Square was just staring at the sky and talking about how it felt sorta like the world was gonna end.

I tried the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck weeks ago but never wrote about it. This is an ice cream sandwich, but the wafer layers were slathered with Nutella. Very cool.

That same day I tried NYC Cravings. This is a crazy fish cake thing. I liked it, but it needed a little tweaking with condiments, and I was several blocks away in a park when I realized that. Darn.

Japan Premium Beef on Great Jones Street.

For anyone who wondered where I ate dinner on my birthday in San Francisco, here’s the answer. I’m a long-time fan of Luna Park.

I finally tried In-N-Out Burger in San Francisco. Hey, it’s just fast food, but if I was gonna eat a fast food burger, I’d go here.

Amazing chaat at Sapthagiri in Jersey City’s cool Newark Avenue Indian district.

A cool wedding party walking down the middle of Ludlow Street and posing for photos in front of T Poutine.

I’m probably not supposed to be posting a photo from this photoshoot, because it wasn’t one of my photoshoots, but I snapped this shot of Chef Todd pouring liquid nitrogen for making some instant sorbet or ice cream or something. Freakin’ awesome.

I ordered two tacos at the Korean food truck on 50th Street (I think) and 6th Avenue, but they gave me bulgogi over rice instead. Ummm…

OMG this photo makes me laugh every time I see it. I was taking a photo of the banh mi and there was a Vietnamese poster behind it and… okay never mind.

The Juan MacLean live at Webster Hall… really good show.

I tried this Chrysanthemum Tea Drink in San Francisco… yum.

This was the spread at a video shoot I worked on recently, all Puerto Rican holiday food. We had mountains of leftovers. Seriously, I think we had four hams.

Asobi Seksu at Music Hall of Williamsburg… amazing show.

I got this yummy Indian take-out from the food court in Newport Mall, Jersey City. Best food court food ever.

Another photo of Crumpet because you’re probably really bored with this post by now, and everybody loves Crumpet.

Fish sauce bottles at Baoguette, East Village, NYC.

A few people have asked me if I’ve tried Van Leeuwen ice cream. I have, and it’s very good. I’m not sure if it should be on that 10-top food trucks in America list though…

And that’s Jen — it’s her birthday this weekend, but you didn’t hear it from me. Happy Birthday Jen!

47 thoughts on “20 kinda random photos

  1. Have just discovered your blog not too long ago, it's fun and very entertaining. Love the fact you update yours often. The recipes & pictures are great!! I live near Frisco and have tried Mitchell's Ice Cream, but wil definitely try Bi-Rite Creamery after reading your post. Your 20 kind Random shots is cool!!

  2. In N Out is definitely a West Coast treat. Kinda like how we don't have Dunkin Donuts in CA anymore, and I try to visit one when I'm on the East Coast. Alas.. now across the Atlantic, theres none of that! Talk about cravings…

  3. you know you take the best photos, not only that, but you also give us such great diversity in the the photos. plus there is Crumpet…what can I say. Crumpet is perfect.But those taco's, damn…

  4. saimingirl: thanks so much. if you live nearby, then i'm jealous because you'll love bi-rite.murasaki: thanks… i know!d: yeah, it would be cool if In N Out opened a spot on the east coast, but the lines would be miles longjenn: thanks, and yesangie's: yeah, it was greatdj karma, thanks, and that's for sure…meg: well, it was by accident at first, and then i took an extra shot to make sure I got it right (shhhh)dawn: thanks so much. and now i have an excuse to try that korean cart again, so it's not all badgirlichef: thankspeachkins: thanks to you too

  5. Really enjoyed your 20 random photos. Ray and I had dinner at Blue Hill last night (5 year anniversary!), stopped at Sweet Revenge for a Pure cupcake (DIVINE!), and the toasted marshmallow milkshake at STAND (it's like crack!). The city was full of people as usual – it was nice to walk around. Curious to see which places you hit this weekend in the city. Oh, happy 5-year anniversary to you too – I think you and I started the same day! *hello wave* to Jen – I like the tattoo!

  6. kerstin: then you must be an east coaster… i was curious about in-n-out for so longlt: oh really? I didn't notice where it was from, but it went well with banh mi.suzanne: thanks. and oh right! i got that certificate from work too for my 5-year anniversary. i haven't figured out where to go yet. this is turning out to be a great foodie weekend… will write about it soon. and i haven't tried that milkshake at stand, but it sounds great.

  7. carole: thanks!marguerite: yeah, crumpet is always a favorite. i thought the wedding party was cool too.mary: thanks so muchhh: yeah, that ice cream truck basically takes classics like you get at carvel or from a mister softee truck and then jazzes them up… always fun

  8. Mmmm I love this post, the ice-cream sandwich looks so soft and delicious. So does a lot of other food on this site I might add! So Crumpet is a crowd pleaser, I adore dogs and he's a sweetie.The liquid nitrogen scared the hell outa me, my gosh that's dangerous.Thank you for coming by, hope you do again,xxxps happy birthday to the gorgeous Jen!

  9. oh, I meant that it's Ray and my 5 year wedding anniversay. AND also 5 years with the company – we got married a month after I started. You MUST try the Stand milkshake. I was tempted to tell Ray to bring me home another one (he's in the city at Central Park at the Dinosaur Jr. show)- but that shake probably has a whole day's worth of calories! But it's oh-so worth it. 🙂

  10. LOL funny thing that your totally random photo blog post is almost all food, which is perfectly all right by me! That ice cream sandwich looks fab and Crumpet is so adorable! Happy birthday Jen!

  11. Awesome pics! Is that the mall at the Pavonia/Newport stop? That used to be my old stomping ground when I lived in Hoboken, wish I had tried that Indian takeout place (I never got anything but Popeye's). That golden boy fish sauce at Baogette is my favorite brand (I first tried it because of the funny baby on the packaging). And happy b-day to your lovely GF!

  12. dustjacket attic: thanks for visiting and the commentssuzanne: oh, right, I was mixed up… happy anniversary to you two. and i'll try the milkshake, I swear.christina: thanks for visiting. those photos were over a couple of months, i think.ellie: oh really?jamie: oh right… good pointlisa is cooking: thanksphyllis: you lived in hoboken? that's funny because my office is there. anyway, yes, that's at the mall at the pavonia/newport stop, and this indian spot is very new, only open for a couple of monthspigpigscorner: yeah, that's why everyone was saying the world was gonna end. i took so many photos that night.ash: thanks so much

  13. Thanks! 🙂 I always hate to hype things up for people – just in case they don't think something is as awesome as I think it is. But, I haven't met anyone who didn't like the shake. oh I forgot to mention: I LOVE CRUMPET! He always makes me smile. 🙂

  14. suzanne: yeah, crumpet is greatkitchenwitch: there are tons of indian people in jersey city, so i guess it makes sense that this place opened in a mallchristine: yeah, i prefer not to think about the calories of what i ate in san francisco… it would be disturbing

  15. redkathy: ha, thanks…lina: right, i knew that actually. believe it or not, they once opened a luna park here in nyc on orchard street — it didn't last more than a year though. i was so disappointed.lori: thanks so much

  16. Such a great blog! I just worked my way backwards from your most recent post. Loved reading about your trip to SF. I used to live about three blocks from Luna Park. So much great food in that area. Longing for SF now!!

  17. unja: thanks. and yes, crumpet is quite cute.lisa: wow, thanks. i can't wait for my next sf visit, but i still have 10 or more places to write about from my last visit!

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