my fave Chinese food and a giveaway

NOTE: This drawing is now closed! Mike Colameco’s brand new Food Lover’s Guide to NYC is out. If you don’t already know and love Mike’s PBS show, let me try to describe the book… you know how Zagat guide reviews are very short, objective compilations of hundreds, possibly thousands of opinions with numerical ratings for food, decor, and service? Colameco’s guide is pretty much the opposite of that in every way. Mike knows food, he’s very opinionated, and he really likes to talk. He doesn’t review every restaurant in Manhattan, and that’s precisely what makes the book so interesting. Any restaurant included in this guide has something really great to offer, and Mike breaks it all down for you in 462 pages. I love the reviews of tried-and-true favorites, like New Green Bo on Bayard Street in Chinatown. It’s not the hottest spot in town, but it does Shanghai-style Chinese food incredibly well. This is where I tell my friends from out of town to go. I’m doing a give-away for 2 copies of Colameco’s book, and to be entered, just post a comment about your favorite Chinese restaurant, the place where you don’t even have to look at the menu because you already know the dishes you like best. Here’s my spot:

Just like Colameco, I love New Green Bo. I’m not sure when or why they changed the sign to “Nice” Green Bo. The same staff has been working there forever, and the menu never changes, so I think it’s still owned and run by the same people.

You’ve never had perfect scallion pancakes until you’ve had them here. I could eat these every single day and never get tired of them.

They have a lot of unusual dishes, and the soft and chewy rice cakes with mushrooms is one of them. The flavors are a bit like dry chow fun, very lightly sauced. Something about this dish is so addictive, and did I mention it’s a total bargain.

And then there are the crab meat soup dumplings. Yes, you can get these in a few spots in NYC, but these are my favorite. They’re amazingly fresh and hot, not too greasy, and very rich in flavor. It takes a lot of will power for me not to eat a whole tray by myself.

41 thoughts on “my fave Chinese food and a giveaway

  1. I LOVE Chinese food! He!!, I love any food, who am I kidding? My favorite Chinese place is about an hour away, so I haven't been there in quite some time. I don't even remember the name of it, but I could tell you exactly where it is-right next to a gas station in Okemos, MI! Everything I ever had there was great.

  2. Wow considering Ariel and I just moved a few blocks away from this restaurant we are definitely going to be trying it out! Ariel looooves chinese food and we always order scallion pancakes whenever we get take out. My favorite chinese in the city comes from a delivery place–it's definitely not the best quality but it's reliable for a good chinese greasy meal when you need it: Chopsticks House. I think we will actually to try this restaurant out on like Wednesday night!-Whitney

  3. Hey Justin! I LOVE this place. I went with my Chinese class last year and enjoyed everything. The pan fried noodles and shao lun bao are especially delicious. I love how everything is so authentic! Great post!-Ariel from Nosh and Tell

  4. I love Dim Sum Go Go—everything is made fresh & is really tasty. And Dumpling House on Eldridge. I'll stop there after work & pick up 50 frozen dumplings before heading into Brooklyn.

  5. When I saw those dumpling at the end, I immediately got a craving for dim sum. My favorite Chinese restaurant has these really great pork chops that they serve with a savory sauce. I always have to get that whenever I go there. Along with their teas smoked duck with steamed buns. I think they know me there.

  6. suzanne: besides golden unicorn which I've written about in my blog? yeah, there is a cheap-o spot I go to all the time on pell street… will find the namemelissa: i figured someone would say that they don't even know the name of their favorite place!whitney and ariel: did you know you were both posting at almost the same time? I love that ariel said "i love this place" and whitney says "we are definitely going to try it"… i hope you do try it, whitney, but apparently ariel beat you to it. for something really unique, try the bean curd puffs with shanghai cabbage — totally bizarre but good.baconista: yeah, i like dim sum go go, but it's not quite what I was thinking of when I wrote this post. that dumpling place (now called vanessa's) on eldridge is great, of course.jenn: sounds like a good onechrissy: thanks for visiting

  7. I love Golden Gate Restaurant in Mesa, AZ. ( It has the best roast duck in the Phoenix metro that I have had so far. It definitely is not one of those fancy places, but is authentic in every way. The food is served family style and at the end of dinner, you get a little banana wonton treat that is drizzled with honey. Yum! A must try if you ever come to AZ to visit. 🙂

  8. My favorite place is definitely Joe's Shanghai. I personally think they have the best soup dumplings in Chinatown. When they are good, the dumplings are completely filled with soup and the skin is thin. Recently they've become inconsistent, but I still go because when it's good, it makes you forget all the bad visits.

  9. I love eating in NYC. I have not tried too many Chinese restaurants, but one of my favorites that I hit up almost every time is Grand Sichuan International. Excellent Sichuan food.

  10. We have ZERO good Chinese food in Colorado. I am quite jealous of you. I want those dumplings like nobody's business.And I'm laughing at the "Nice" sign that they slapped in front of the name!

  11. joanna: sounds goodbionicgrrrl: i just can't handle the tourists at Joe's, and I agree that it's been inconsistent over the yearsangie: good point. i think green bo bills itself as shanghai, but the menu is more of a hybridjglee: the grand sichuan mini-chain of restaurants is great, of coursemegan: thanks for visiting… can't tell if you didn't want to be entered in the contest since you didn't mention your fave chinese spotkitchenwitch: oh man, bummertastetraveller: again, Joe's… well, what can I say? the tourists are a nightmare, but if you don't mind that, then it's a good spot. i'd really recommend you compare the soup dumplings at New Green Bo. Way less greasy. Anyway, yeah, Thai spots are more common than Chinese in a lot of areas of nyc now too.

  12. Love love LOVE Chinese food! My favorite spots are usually holes in the wall: I find their food is generally more authentic. Our favorite spot is a little place called Coming Soon. Really. It took so long to get business going that they decided to just keep the sign and change the restaurant's name. And it's owned by the sweetest family you'll ever meet. Always good food and great company!

  13. It's sort of after-drinking-all-nigt type food but I still love Wo Hop. There's something so old school NY about it too. Also like that little hole in the wall hand pulled noodle place. Can't remember the name though.

  14. fran: great story…baconista: i don't know if i've ever been to wo hop. my favorite hand-pulled noodle spot is a total hole-in-the-wall — lan zhou on east broadway. maybe that's the one you mean.wendy: please dophyllis: it's definitely a good spot

  15. everything looks delicious! there is a place down the street from where I work called chen garden, it's in an old italian place… such a weird vibe LOL but great good!

  16. Sounds like a great place, Justin. My fave for Chinese is a place called Golden Wok. It's got an extraordinary buffet with the most delicious fried shrimp and shrimp w/ lobster sauce, plus a great salad and fruit bar. They even have boiled crawfish and shrimp on this buffet! Only in Cajun Country!

  17. I am going to write down the name of this place because I think my friends and I need to go here. Chinese food is the best but it is so hard to find good quality stuff as opposed to the greasy, mass-produced fast food kind. My favorite Chinese food place was this place in Boston called China Pearl. They served the best dim sum ever.

  18. My faves in Mountain View, CA where I used to live.. were queen house for their scallion pancakes and hot and sour soup. To satiate my cravings for sweet and sour pork, I'd go to Garden Fresh. Its a vegetarian chinese resto where the pork is actually gluten.. so I don't have to worry about chewing into a large chunk of fat.Don't know if you should really include me in this giveaway since I'm in Paris. Good luck to everyone else though!

  19. stephchows: yeah, new green bo is definitely a good spotmarguerite: wow, that sounds awesomekatie: i know how soup dumplings are made, and i'm certain i could not do it myself.pandalicious: what is the SGV?maggie: yeah, grand sichuan never disappoints. i've never heard of red egg.joanne: definitely give it a tryd: okay, but thanks for commenting!katherine: thanks for visiting

  20. I could tell you favorite places in Philadelphia's Chinatown, but I'm always flailing randomly when I try to get dinner on my way home on the NYC side of the Chinatown bus. Thank you for mentioning this book – it's clearly one I need.Right after getting home, I most often stop into Dim Sum Garden. It may be right by the bus stop, but it has delicious hand made noodles, tasty dumplings and buns, and 3 dipping sauces right on the table.If I am having a craving especially for soup buns, I'll go to Magic Kingdom of Dough. Described here by a different food blogger.And while I love Sang Kee's menu, which is more diverse than the other two – and everything is served at the perfect temperature/freshness, I'm more likely to go to the suburban location than the Chinatown one.

  21. Thanks for a great adress, Justin. I should be in NYC before the end of the year and I'll mark it down – tho having this great book would be just perfect! My cousin took me to a great place in Chinatown but it was so many years ago! We actually go to a fantastic Vietnamese place in Nantes – a former engineer, upon retiring, opened this place. Must be the freshest, most authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the city. In Paris, we always (always!) go to Noodle Soup One on rue Sainte Anne near the Opéra for a huge steaming bowl of fabulous soup!

  22. livia: yum. i haven't been to chinatown in philly in a LONG timepigpigscorner: thanks for visitingemily: not random — i imagine there are good spots like that all over the countryjessica: hmm, another vote for dim sum go go. the tourists are a little out of control there, the decor is sort of weirdly modern, and it's way pricey. i like it, but it's kind of the opposite of places like new green bo, no?jamie: interesting, thanks.

  23. I love Colemeco's show; it usually comes on right after "Lidia's Italy," which is another fave. If you're ever in Poughkeepsie, stop by Mill House Panda; it's very good and they are vegetarian friendly.

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