korean tacos hit jersey city

I’m taking a little vacation before we run out of summer, so it might be quiet around here. I thought I’d give you something fun to read about while I’m gone. (By the way, I can’t tell you how this compares to Kogi in L.A. because I’ve never tried it.) A bright green truck was parked in front of the Path train station in Jersey City today, about a block away from the Thursday Farmer’s Market. Closer inspection was required.

Korean bbq? Tacos? Were my eyes deceiving me? Apparently not. The Krave, a Korean taco truck, launched on August 17 (my Korean girlfriend’s birthday… a coincidence?). Maybe you’ve heard about them? Well, I sure hadn’t. I cancelled my plans and ordered some food instead.

They offer tacos in three varieties, all $2.50/each — Galbi Short Rib, Sesame Chicken, and Spicy Pork. The tortillas were fresh and soft. The meat was tender. The flavors were rich and just spicy enough. The galbi is my favorite (not surprising), and I think I’d skip the pork next time just because it’s a little fatty (which probably gets some people excited, so by all means try it!). Honestly though, if you like tacos in crazy flavors, it would be tough to go wrong with any of them. Each taco is a few perfect bites of meaty Korean goodness (with a squeeze of lime juice, of course).

Yes, they offer a rice plate too, but c’mon… it’s a taco truck! I did order the Kimcheedilla with Galbi though. It’s cheesey like a quesadilla should be. And my best guess is that they use some of those awesome canned ancho chiles in adobo to make this, because it’s really juicy and noticeably smokey. So take my advice — check these guys out on Twitter and make a trip soon to J.C. to try out The Krave truck for yourself.

41 thoughts on “korean tacos hit jersey city

  1. I've heard of Kogi before and it's kind of cool that Krave is like an east coast sister business. Too bad I don't live in either areas. Perhaps on a visit I might be able to taste some of their goodies. 🙂

  2. I've Also tried this truck recently! i was taken by suprise by its delicious mixture of combining the best in korean flavors and meats, all wrapped up into a soft shell taco! it was great! ive since been there 4 times and am seeing what all the "krave" is about =). great new flavor. (i suggest the kimchi quesidillas)

  3. Food trucks are like russian roulette, aren't they?! sometimes u win big, but sometimes … well, I'm glad this was of the former … looks totally crave-worthy!!! Send this one my way pls … CT isn't that far!

  4. I'm so looking forward to seeing how these take off on the east coast. It always seemed like such a stereotypically LA thing to me! The Kogi tacos here are gooooood.

  5. Yep, no two ways about it, Korean + Tacos = HAPPINESS. We tried the Kogi truck and it was pretty good. The lines are INSANELY long. The marketing is PURE genius. I made my own tacos awhile ago (on my blog) and find it's a bit easier than waiting 2 hours in a Kogi line. Looks like the Krave truck was easier to get to?!

  6. They look fantastic and I love the color of the truck. It will be a while – like years – before we have Korean tacos but I'm anxiously awaiting them.

  7. I tried this yesterday.I was in LA a few weeks back and tried KOgi's tacos, which were smaller than Krave's. Krave's tacos were fresher than Kogi's, very simple and very delicious. Kogi's was saturated with lettuce and sauce…if I had to choose which one was better, I'd go with Krave.

  8. I still have yet to try Koji's since i'm not waiting 1-2 hours in line. but, there is a Calbi truck here too that's supposed to be better.anyways, sounds like the korean bbq taco truck is spreading like wildfire!

  9. Wow, this got a lot of comments. I usually try to write everybody back, but I've been away for a while. Let me just say thanks to everyone for commenting. Serious Eats even posted the review on their site, so it looks like I got a few new visitors. To "Lee", it's interesting to read the comparison to Kogi. And by the way, I've been back to this truck again, and it was just as good the second time.

  10. It's great to hear such support and positive reviews! One of the guys running the truck is my older brother, and they've pretty much been non-stop busy since they started. Thank you for posting your review, and please continue to support them!

  11. jean: wow, that's cool. I wonder which guy now, since there are usually three there. i've been back a couple of times. it looks like they're doing really well.

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