making great brownies even better

A few people have asked me where the recipe for the brownies on my Twitter page comes from. I wrote about it a while back — it’s from an out-of-print Alice Medrich book, but Alice says the recipe will be in a new book she has coming out in Fall 2010. I’m not loyal to any one brownie recipe though. I guess I’m a brownie slut. And when I saw “Double Chocolate Brownies” in Martha Stewart’s Cookies, I knew I had to try it. The headnote says fans call this recipe “the brownie of their dreams.” Umm, yes please.

But like most of the bloggers I know, I can’t leave well enough alone. I only had bittersweet chocolate, so I used that instead of the semisweet. And I had some chopped walnuts in the freezer, so I tossed those in. Butterscotch chips? Yeah, I grabbed a handful of those too. Then I accidentally doubled the baking powder. That could have blown it — I just had to wait and see.

They may have baked up a bit high, but I’d say they were just right. With all the additions, I think mine turned out just a bit more crumbly than fudge-y, but it seemed to work. I’m pretty sure I ate half the pan all by myself. Another winner from Martha.

47 thoughts on “making great brownies even better

  1. Yum, looks great.I too seem to be heading down that "brownie slut" road. But one recipe that I keep going back to comes from a Williams-Sonoma cookbook.My favorite additions are a bit of espresso powder and a pinch of cinnamon…

  2. I love Martha's recipe. I would love a piece of your brownies. In which Alice Medrich cookbooks did you take the recipes for your brownies on Twitter? I'll order the book at the local library.

  3. jenn: rightmelissa: ha… thanksamanda: ha, and thanks for the tip. might have to search for that w-s recipe. espresso powder is a good idea.helene: it's an old book called Cookies and Browniesmary: thanks for stopping bychristelle: thanks

  4. i think i gasped out loud when i got to the part where you put too much baking powder. but i'm glad it turned out well! i can just picture digging into this with a tall glass of really cold milk.

  5. angry asian: well, it's not like i doubled the flour. the sign of a good baking recipe is one that can handle errors like that. let's face it — a lot of people are using old baking powder and soda that have lost their umph, so doubling it shouldn't have done too much.eliana: thanksparita: thanks to you too

  6. I'm a definitely brownie slut. I don't think I've ever made the same recipe twice, although I'm partial to (my adaptation) of an intense Ina Garten recipe. But yeah, I can't ever leave well enough alone.

  7. "brownie slut" hahah.These look awesome- I almost never bake brownies yet I've had a HUUUUGE craving for them lately…perhaps a bit too much 'tastespotting' for me.Anyways, your add-ins sound delicious and these look fabulous!!!

  8. Oh, and my fav brownie for 2 years has been Nick Malgieri's "supernatural brownies". My next brownie will be the one from "Baked". I might have to try Martha's recipe after that.

  9. alejandra: yeah i understandmurasaki: the search never endsdajana: thanks on both countspigpigscorner: i'm addicted to butterscotch chipsana: thanksd: cool ideassook: if you have the book, definitely try itlyndsay: i totally agree — these were sort of a hybrid though, and very goodkoko: i definitely go through brownie phases… especially when it's not 90 degrees every dayhanaa: since i used bittersweet chocolate, the butterscotch chips were just right… good question

  10. You are so right…we can never leave well enough alone. But I'd say it often turns out to be an advantage…this being no exception. I'd have to say I'm right there with ya on the brownie slut thing…I'm definitely one, too 😀

  11. Well, it looks like you did fine there! I love brownies too…not that I personally am a chocolate fan but they are so easy to make, easy to please people with and seem to satisfy sweet tooths (is that a word? – grin) everywhere.

  12. girlichef: i'm glad you understandtrish: not a chocolate fan? you're a rare breed, i'd say.maris: ha, good one. you're like the opposite of trish.ungourmet: yeah, me too. i'll try any brownie, although i've been known to regret it when it comes to store-bought stuff.tkw: me too, and thanks

  13. dessert girl: i agreepamela: thanksferni: it's always so tempting to eat brownies while they're still warm, but sometimes they need extra time to settle down, which was kind of the case with these.chef fresco: thank you!

  14. Brownies have only made it into our cooking reportoire (sp?) in the last year or two…the reason being is that we're an Aussie family & brownies are definately an American cooking icon only more recently finding their way into Aussie kitchen.I'm going to try adding fresh raspberries & nut pieces to my next attempt…i like a sweet brownie mix with a tart bite…raspberries seem like a natural tart solution.Yours look great…[mouth watering has begun LOL]

  15. suziwong66: that's interesting about brownies coming only fairly recently to australia. raspberries seem nice, but i think you might have some issues with having to mash the berries in order to stir them in. Most brownie batters are fairly firm. i'd be happy to be proven wrong. i wonder if in this case, frozen berries would be an advantage.

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