weekend recap — say yes to Motorino

First, the toasted marshmallow milkshake at Stand has been on my “must-try” list for a while. I’m happy to say it did not disappoint. For something a little more unexpected, you might go for the toasted sesame milkshake. The burgers are pretty awesome too. I’d probably talk more about them if it wasn’t for the service at Stand, which leaves much to be desired. (I don’t mind screw-ups, but I do mind not even getting an apology for them.)

Did you hear about the new mac & cheese place on Prince Street? Macbar isn’t much bigger than a small bedroom, but the decor is very hip, and they’ve got one offering with duck confit — too bad I’d just eaten before I made it over here. I’ll have to stop back soon. The best part is that Macbar is next door to my favorite bookstore, McNally Jackson Books. Seriously, this is the kind of bookstore you think doesn’t exist any more. They’re doing an awesome panel this Thursday with Julie Powell, Judith Jones, and Amanda Hesser. I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to be a mob scene like so many of their other events.

And then there’s the new Motorino on East 12th Street (strangely enough, next door to NYC’s other very yummy mac & cheese restaurant, S’mac). I’d love to tell you that the city is overrun with fancy thin crust pizza places and their fussy high-heat ovens, and that Motorino is just another wannabe. But then I’d have to lie to you because Motorino is serving up slices of heaven. (Just kidding, they don’t sell pizza by the slice!) Order a whole pie for yourself and prepare for something awesome. If it’s in season, the scamorza with shaved winter squash should be on your list. You can’t go wrong with the Brussels sprouts pie either. You probably can’t go wrong, period.

I wish I had some food photos for you, but it’s so cute and moody inside, I didn’t want to use my flash. You’ll understand if you stop by. And I know, the line outside is a little scary, but the turnover is pretty rapid, much like at the equally amazing Keste Pizza in the West Village. In fact, between these two great pizza spots, I almost don’t care what came before them. New York City’s best thin crust pizza is coming from two of the newest spots in town.

33 thoughts on “weekend recap — say yes to Motorino

  1. So you made it to Stand I see! Now you know what I'm talking about. :)The Stand burger is Ray's favorite city burger so far. I think I like 5 Napkin Burger better. mmmm….toasted marshmallow milkshake….so good…Thanks for the pizza suggestions!

  2. Please follow up and let us know about the mac 'n' cheese place. I am always in search for the a place that serves the perfect mac 'n' cheese. Not too sure if I am a duck confit fan yet; the only one I have tried was at Phoenix Cooks (a foodie event) and it wasn't too great. Maybe I need the right place to make it the next time I try it. 🙂

  3. Mmm…I could go for a nice slice of pizza right now. But first, I want that milkshake. Don't care what flavor just as long as it has those marshmallows on top!

  4. Wow, that milkshake sounds so great!It seems like there are fantastic little food places everywhere you are, and they all sound great. Inspires me to take some foodie trips throughout Vancouver (although I would love to visit NYC!!)

  5. lorna: yeah, i'd check it out if you're coming to nycsuzanne: thanks for the tip. the burgers are definitely great.joanna: okay, i'll probably visit soon.jenn: yeah, me too. but it makes me think of the time i made candied yams for thanksgiving and the marshmallows on top caught on fire just as I was ready to serve!mary: good pointeliana: right, me too. i wonder if this new place can comparejoelen: thanks for visitingkim: nyc has always had interesting specialty places like that. this one is nearby soho — i wonder if the tourists will start goingkoko: isn't vancouver great for food? that's what i've always heard.

  6. You know, reading about these milkshakes and pizzas really makes me wonder why I moved out of NYC … but then I remember that when I lived there I couldn't afford to eat out! Ah, the irony. Well, I suppose all that yumminess is just a Chinatown bus ride away, right?

  7. I never tried any of those place around where the "new" Motorino is because the Authentic Una Pizza Napoletana was there, and I don't think I can be disloyal to that place, even though its not there and eat at Motorino. Its just not the same. So now I can try all those other places I'd never been to. There is even some fancy tapas place right there that is nice and dark and has a local menu that I want to try.

  8. tasty trix: if you're within reach of nyc by one of the chinatown buses, then you're never too far awaypigpigscorner: highly recommendedmorta di fame: i understand what you mean, but motorino is too good not to try it outhelene: definitely

  9. This whole post is chock full of some of my favorite things: STAND and that toasted marshmallow milkshake–it's to die for, mac and cheese–especially at S'MAC, and pizza! Looks like Macbar and Motorino are on my must try list.- Whitney

  10. This post is about all my favorite things: pizza, burgers and mac & cheese (plus bacon of course)! I love McNally Jackson too. Very excited to try Motorino and Macbar. What are your favorite slice joints? Totally agreed on Stand's service… it is a pretty good burger but there are so many good burgers that come with good service.

  11. whitney: definitely check them out… or wait for me to write about macbar first.baconista: hmmm, I used to have favorite slice joints, but not really anymore. i really like the square pizza at artichoke, but that actual artichoke pizza they make is a little gross, if you ask me. i practically grew up on ray's pizza @ 6th and 11th, but it's not the same anymore. a lot of slice joints are totally overrated, even the "famous" ones. so these days, I admit i really only like the thin-crust places: grupo, keste, lil' frankies, motorino, etc. my specific experience with the service at stand was very odd — they could have totally made up for it with a free milkshake, but they acted like nothing was even wrong. very odd.

  12. I've never had good service at Stand—although, I have only been there a few times. But friends have also had bad experiences.I think Artichoke is pretty overrated as well. I think Bleeker St. PIzza has a pretty decent slice. And expensive as it's gotten, I still think DiFara's is great. But anything in the city is better than where I work in Westchester—all the pizza up here is awful.

  13. baconista: then i know i'm not crazy… i do like bleecker street pizza for a basic slice, but honestly, my real favorite is the sicilian slice at a pizza place all the way down in red bank, nj, which i've written about on my blog before. my mom lives down near there, so i go every now and then.

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