chocolate & ricotta

I’d almost forgotten about this old favorite recipe. The original comes from a hard-to-find book, Desserts and Sweet Snacks by Viana LaPlace. The recipe couldn’t be any simpler, and it lends itself to improvisation. You start with a 1-pound container of ricotta cheese. You press the cheese through a strainer to soften it a bit. Then you mix it with 3 tablespoons of cocoa — the better the quality, the better your results. Add 1/4 cup of sugar, and then 3 tablespoons of brandy. All I had was cherry brandy, which worked really well actually.

Then it’s ready — no baking. You can chill it for a while of course. Top with toasted nuts — I used walnuts here, but the original calls for almonds. Sprinkle some more cocoa on top, or maybe powdered sugar (I just went with cocoa), and that’s it. It’s a particularly nice dessert for when it’s hot out, because you don’t have to warm up the kitchen.

43 thoughts on “chocolate & ricotta

  1. I have a 1-pound container of ricotta in my fridge right now. I've never eaten a ricotta dessert (only in savory dishes)… this looks like the perfect one to try! So simple, yet it looks so good.

  2. george: thanks for visitingdawn: mmm, coconut. i'll try that next time.maybelle's mom: thanksmary: definitelypalidor: that's what i thought too… "hey, i have a container of ricotta. i should make that dessert i'd forgotten about!"

  3. Ok, I just love love love ricotta cheese. I really don't prepare desserts anymore. Seems I mess up every cake, cookie, or pastry recipe some kind of way. Not sure if it has become a mental block or what. No Baking… this one is definitely for me! Thanks 🙂

  4. i used to eat this out of the bucket, college style. We called it ricotta dream. Just sugar and cinnamon for us. and almonds…If you toss in a beaten egg and cook it, it is pretty divine.

  5. redkathy: i hope you try itjenn: i thought you'd like this onetaste traveller: that's what I thought the first time I tried thiskoko: thanks for visitinggirlichef: thankskatie: wow, really? as much as i like this, i can't imagine i'd like it without the chocolate… but who knows?anh: yeah, it's definitely a rustic dessert

  6. lara: mine toofoodie with little thyme: right, i always have these ingredients on hand toopeachkins: i agreehelene: right, mine toopinkstripes: i like both of those ideaspandalicious: especially when it's still warm out

  7. daphne: thankskim: yeah, this recipe is REALLY simplekatherine: i hope you dostephchows: oh really? hmm, it's a bit chilly here tonight. i'll be baking again soon.juliana: i hope you dokennyT: i hope you do, too

  8. I love ricotta! I hadn't thought to mix chocolate into it, though that's not surprising as I'm not keen on chocolate. Thanks for sharing! This would be a great way to use up the last of the ricotta. I just had a thought…cake filling! YES!~ingrid

  9. This dessert looks ideal for one of those weeknights when a bowl of yogurt is just not going to cut it. Plus it will give me the same amount of calcium (does that make it count as a health food??)

  10. janice: maybe someone should try low-fat ricotta and see if it's just as goodmuneeba: yeah, it's definitely a cool variation on more traditional treatscatherine: thanks for visitingchef fresco: definitelyjoanne: ha, I don't think this qualifies as healthy

  11. Hi Justin my first visit here. Love the simplicity of the recipe. It will be a perfect winner for my kids.Do try to visit my blog, would love to hear from you.

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