sam the cooking guy’s easy tuna burgers

Growing up, my mom made tuna burgers all the time, but her recipe was made using canned tuna (mixed with eggs and breadcrumbs most likely), mashed together like a regular burger. Sam the Cooking Guy’s tuna burger is something totally different. First of all, you start with tuna steaks. My market always has these on sale, usually still frozen so I can keep a few in the freezer for a rainy day. You’re really supposed to grill these up, but I just used my grill pan. (I love my fancy-shmancy All-Clad grill pan!) And as Sam recommends, get some nice bread. I cut up a big ciabatta from the local farmer’s market.

The sauce is the key — a simple mixture of mayo, onion (or scallion or shallots), capers, and lemon juice. You could follow the recipe, or just wing it. I went with extra lemon. And for fun, I topped mine with a little Sriracha. I told Sam about the addition, and he was cool with it. P.S. The recipe comes from Sam’s awesome first book, Sam the Cooking Guy: Just a Bunch of Recipes.

24 thoughts on “sam the cooking guy’s easy tuna burgers

  1. I love how thick those tuna steaks is. Just the way i like them. For my mayo I use a simple ginger, mayo, lemon combination. Brings an awesome flavor to the burger.

  2. joanna: yeah, i order tuna almost too much…pandalicious: very easy to makeeliana: definitelydawn: and versatilegeorge: it's definitely a fun book, but maybe a bit irreverent

  3. peachkins: it's tasty and easykerstin: thanksmurasaki: definitely. it really bothers me when I eat at a friend's house and they killed the fish by overcooking it.

  4. I'm glad you went with the Sriracha 😀 I'm going through a frozen salmon burgers phase (actually the brand I've discovered is really good!) and I always have them drenched in Sriracha.

  5. lele: i've had some good salmon burgersmarguerite: i know… i'd never thought of it until i read this recipe toovelva: thanksfoodie with little thyme: omg, you don't like tuna? hmmmmm…

  6. I have actually never had a tuna burger but this looks absolutely awesome. I love the capers and lemon in it. So savory and salty and tangy – ideal for my tastebuds. The ciabatta also seems completely necessary to make this meal what it is. Visiting your site always makes me add more cookbooks to my amazon wish list!

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