400 posts and fun in brooklyn

This is my 401st post — how did that happen? And forget about Fall, because today was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day New York City. The great weather brought out big crowds for the Atlantic Antic festival. If you’re a food lover and have never been to this once-a-year event, you might want to mark your calendars now for 2010. There were countless dozens of food vendors to sample, many set up right in front of their Atlantic Avenue restaurants. Of course it would have been impossible to taste everything, but here are a few highlights.

First we tried some cod fritters. They were just a bit spicy, which I liked very much. I should have gone back for another bag.

West Indian vendors were everywhere. We stopped by the booth for Stir It Up. The jerk chicken was seriously tasty. I might visit the restaurant some time to sample a bit more, like maybe the ribs.

I’m not sure what was up with this, but I had to take a photo.

Then we got to the Middle Eastern area. This was some pistachio baklava from the famous Damascus Bread and Pastry Shop. Perfection.

I forget what they called this treat from Najjar Pastry, but it was sort of nutty and coconut-y and fruity. Another treat.

And then, whoa… we stopped by the booth for Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies and tried what they call the “Swingle.” It’s a mini graham cracker crust key lime pie that’s been dipped in chocolate and frozen. Yeow! If you get the chance, be sure to try this for yourself.

36 thoughts on “400 posts and fun in brooklyn

  1. Wow 400!! That's awesome!! Sounds like a fun event. I wish I could go next year. Who knows…maybe I will. I want some of that key lime pit on a stick.

  2. jenn: thanks. it's a lot of fun for foodies, families, everybodypandalicious: hope you have fun heremursaki: i figured maybe you could get something like the cod fritters where you livesylvie: definitelytaste traveller: thankspalidor: yeah, that pie thing was really good

  3. I had to miss this one because I had another committment but I will make sure to leave my calendar open for it next year. Especially since it's in my neck of the woods.

  4. Justin… Street Fairs are what makes New York City a great & entertaining town; they give one a chance to really experience the "local flavors" that make up its ethnic culture.Your photographs also bring the fun and the aromas to life for your readers. Many thanks…

  5. Ooo…I've been dying to try Steve's key lime pie! Is there anywhere to get them besides Red Hook (although it does sound worth the trip)?Have you tried any of the Middle Eastern restaurants or sweet shops lining Coney Island Ave in the Ditmas Park /Kensington area? There's some good food & really interesting desserts.

  6. maria: yeah, i had a good dayjuliana: thanks for visitinglori: definitelymaybelle's mom: thanksbaconista: hmm, i've been to those israeli falafel places along coney island ave… yum! i honestly don't know the ditmas park/kensington area. i'll have to look it up. i do like that waterfalls place on atlantic ave though. that might be my fave for sitdown middle eastern foods like hummus, baba ganoush, etc.

  7. foodie with little thyme: ha, that's funnymary: thanks… now i'm thinking how is that even possible?koko: there were a lot of good desserts at this eventjoanne: thanks and sorry to hear you missed it

  8. unja: thanks!bridgett: you're right… i really can't believe how long it's been and how many posts toophyllis: thanks. you would have had fun at this festival.

  9. Congratulations!!! I love NYC and this festival looks incredible. May have to schedule my next visit around it. I can't get over those key lime pies on a stick.

  10. lisa: well, nyc has a lot of good food festivals, that's for suremorta di fame: i'm surprised you missed this one… it seemed like the entire planet was on atlantic avenue that day!

  11. cath: and that's just about the best i ever tried except for someone who once made it for me from scratchamanda: i finally saw it was a promotion for a movie — it was in the times — some kind of documentary where they goof on corporations about stuff. i forget the name. it was a hot day to be wearing that outfit. think it was a portable biodome concept, or something strange like that

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