shrimp soup and the new michelin

I made a really tasty (and spicy) shrimp soup last night — an instant favorite recipe that is very forgiving to variations.

But first, I just got home from an interesting panel discussion headed by Mike Colameco for the launch of the new 2010 Michelin Guide to NYC. When the Michelin Man showed up, everyone got a good chuckle. The event at the Borders in Columbus Circle was standing-room-only.

Panelists included the amazing restaurateur Danny Meyer, one of the world’s greatest chefs Jean-Georges Vongerichten, legendary critic Mimi Sheraton, and Kate Krader from Food & Wine magazine, which brings me back to the yummy soup recipe.

According to Tracey’s Culinary Adventures where I got the recipe, the original comes from Food & Wine. My main substitution was a big one. Instead of chorizo, I used a vegetarian “Mexican chipotle grain meat sausage” from a company called Original Field Roast Grain Meat Co. It was an impulse purchase, and the soup turned out great — smoky and zesty. Nobody is going to miss the meat if you use this.

35 thoughts on “shrimp soup and the new michelin

  1. the michelin man reminds of that marshmallow guy from Ghostbusters. lol.Awesome soup. I actually had a craving for some shrimp bisque earlier today. I think I 'll have to add that to my menu for the upcoming days.

  2. Oooh. Yummy! I made a spicy shrimp soup with coconut milk last month and was very pleased with the result. This looks delicious. I may need to revisit spicy shrimp soup with this version.

  3. That soup looks super delicious. I cook for a few vegetarian clients and haven't seen this product before. Looks good.That panel discussion sounds interesting. Did anyone bring up the demise of Gourmet magazine?

  4. I'm with Jenn on the Ghostbusters reference…dang, does that make me sound old?Soup looks awesome! But I can't visit this site without severe location jealousy…

  5. FwLT: thanks, and yeah, it was funhelene: was it the Oct. issue? that's in my head for some reason.jenn: yeah, totally. it's hard to go wrong with shrimp soupskrista: right, i'm thinking about a coconut milk version nextamanda: yeah, i hadn't seen it before either. it's really interesting. yes, when they opened it up for questions, someone asked them to comment. the answers were predictable along the lines of "a tragedy…"tkw: ha, well then i'm old too. this soup is pretty easy, so i have to recommend it.palidor: i agree about this probably being better than chorizo

  6. Justin – what a wonderful light soup, filled with some interesting flavors. I am positively going to be trying it.Oh, wanted to ask if it is true, that Gourmet magazine is not going to be published any more?

  7. I love cooking with Field Roast meatless products … I can't imagine feeling like you're "missing" the meat, they're so flavorful and well made. Great looking soup!!

  8. lol ghostbusters. I guess congrats are in order, but I your new profile pic, are you eating an ice cream? I don't have my glasses on. lol

  9. Interesting event; must have been fun.Your soup looks delicious- and great that your substitution turned out so well- probably better than the original recipe!

  10. That veggie sausage does sound interesting… and your soup looks awesome!!! I'd like to start experimenting with meat alternatives too, I'll have to look into that one… nothing wrong with an impulse buy once in awhile ; )

  11. kerstin: i can never get enough shrimpbarbara: yeah, you might be rightkristin: i have a feeling this product would work well in a lot of recipesginger: ha, really? i hope you enjoy it if you try it.

  12. joanne: i think you'll like it, and if my local korean deli had it, then it's probably in a lot of storesstephchows: thankskatie: i'll save you some next timemorta di fame: yes, actually. the editor guy in the middle of the panel doesn't really do reviews, so he knows all the chefs. he was joking around that he gets taken care of everywhere he goes, but the real reviewers are anonymous.catherine: me tookoko: yeah, it was so funny when the michelin man came out… he was goofing around behind the panelists

  13. Huh…interesting substitution…it looks out of this world! Although I soooo love chorizo, so I don't think I could do it, LOL. But I'd definitely slurp up a big bowl either way!

  14. oooh. yummy looking soup. i think its really hard for me to find places which serve good soup! well either i am picky or there really is a lack of nice soup places here. send me some of yours pls!!! hehe

  15. girlichef: yeah, chorizo is awesome, but i swear you would have loved this soup as i made itbiz319: then you probably would have liked thischocolatecup: oh yeah, i almost never get soup when i'm out because it's rare to find anything better than homemade soup. of course i'm not talking about chinese hand-pulled noodle soup and ramen, because i go out for those ALL the time

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