sf soup and the amazing ferry market terminal

That spicy soup I made reminded me of my trip to San Francisco a few months ago. Believe it or not, I still have more food stories to tell. New Yorkers are lucky to have some amazing farmers markets, but there is something so wonderful about the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and the Ferry Building it surrounds. I just wish I was a local and could shop here for my produce. So many booths offer tastes for you to try, and it’s great for snapping photos.

I could write so much about the market, but every time I go, I try to sample different things. One big difference between NYC farmers markets and this one is how much prepared food there is to try here. This trip, I had an agenda.

First was Miette. I love the style of this place, and the macaroons are outrageously good. In fact, the tough part about Miette is resisting the temptation to try everything.

It was the chocolate sables I was after. They come in these sweet, little cellphone-wrapped packages. They’re light and crumbly, a remarkable texture, with a bit of salt to them — exquisitely simple. Once I opened the package, I started devouring them.

But this post was supposed to be about soup! Well, here it is. Stop by Mijita, even if it’s breakfast time like it was when I arrived, and order a bowl of the Sopa de Albondigas. Much like the shrimp soup I made, this is a tomato-based soup, but with little beef and pork meatballs. Those tortilla strips (I think that’s what they are) stay nicely crispy in the soup. And it has just the right amount of spice. Now I can’t imagine taking a trip to SF without stopping by the Ferry Building to order a bowl of this soup.

28 thoughts on “sf soup and the amazing ferry market terminal

  1. I was just at the Ferry Market the other day with my kids and couldn't decide to eat at Mijita or Il Cane Rosso a couple doors down. I chose Il Cane Rosso because I was dying for an olive oil fried egg panini (I know not very healthy, but SO good)Next time I'm there I'm stopping by Mijita – that soup looks great…

  2. The Ferry Building farmer's market makes me want to never leave. I love cruising through the stalls, picking up a picnic lunch (some Red Hawk Cheese at Cowgirl Creamery, a baguette from anywhere, and my choice of fruit for dessert), and sitting out back watching the bay while I munch. Ohh… heaven.

  3. jenn: me toopeachkins: thanksamanda: you're so lucky you can stop back any time.. do try mijitajoanna: hmm, if you live in the area, then i'm jealoushelene: it's hard to rush your way through sf… so much great stuff to eatanh: yeah, you could write a book about all the great stuffkim: definitelymurasaki: ha, considering all the times you've visited my blog, that comment kind of makes me laughcucinista: i had to control myself to not stop by my usual favorites like cowgirl creamery, or that stand that makes tamales outside, so i could try some new things for a change

  4. I appreciate the photo journey of the Ferry Market. I love that place! I have had the opportunity to visit a couple of times and you could hardly pull me out of there!

  5. Oh how I enjoy these little food journeys you take. I bet that little miette shop is adorable, I mean the sign alone and packaging are precious.And of course the soup sounds good too.

  6. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging like that of Miette. Very sweet. The chocolate sables sound so tempting. The soup looks absolutely wonderful too. Here in Cleveland I'm all about the Westside Market and enjoy my monthly trips to it's vendors. Like you, I appreciate the atmosphere and the ability to taste at the booths. Keep those food stories coming. In my current role as stay-at-home suburban mom, I'm living vicariously through your foodie adventures.

  7. That soup DOES look delicious. I am leaving for SF in a few days for the marathon…do you have any recommendations on places to eat while I'm there? There seem like so many that I'm having a hard time narrowing the options.

  8. velva: i totally understandtara: well, if you do, i hope they're as good as these weredawn: the store was adorable… and apparently they have another 2 locations in SF, probably even cuter since this one seemed more like a remote outpost for the farmers market building onlycynthia: you're welcomekrista: happy to helpjoanne: well, you've visited my blog before, so if you just scan entries i've written since mid-July, you'll see a lot of good stuff. i have to recommend bi-rite creamery and tartine bakery at the VERY top of the list. then burma superstar, which is out of the way, but insanely good. i've blogged about it enthusiastically back in july or august. and i haven't blogged about an amazing vietnamese place where you order the 7-course beef tasting — it's called Pagolac at 655 Larkin at Ellis. Trust me, it's not to be missed. Go early for dinner because they're always busy. Luna Park on Valencia in the Mission District is a great spot, but insanely popular so call for a reservation — just overall great food. yes, slanted door is great, but also insanely popular. and Mi Linda Yucatan on Valencia is great for the mole negro with chicken or turkey i think — it's like heaven, but it's probably the only thing i'd get there.

  9. What a wonderful tour of the market, Justin. I loved the peaches and the salted pig part (which you must admit you don't see every day). Have a great weekend.

  10. I love Mijita- that soup is amazing. I used to work across the street from the Ferry Building and would make my stop at Miette for a couple of macaron's weekly. The ginger cupcakes were also my favorite.

  11. I loved the Ferry Farmer's Market. I squeezed in a visit just hours before hopping on our plane back. A visit to Miette Patisserie had to be part of my trip as I had heard so much about it. I ordered a slice of a 4-layer choc/cocoa nib cake with whipped cream, covered in ganache. Although I liked it, I learned something new from it: I don't like cocoa nibs. Not to gross you out, but I had to spit them out. I know, I know, it's a very gourmet ingredient, but the hard texture of the nibs combined with the soft and tender cake and melt-in-your-mouth whipped cream and ganache, just didn't work for me. I think hubby said it best when I offered him a bite: "you must not like it all that much, otherwise you wouldn't have offered me any". Ha ha. He's exaggerating of course… kinda ;o) Miette folks, please don't be mad at me. If I'm in SF again, I'll definitely stop by again. I'll just make sure to try something else.Btw, while you were there, did you stop at Recchiuti's?

  12. I frequently have a brothy soup for breakfast which astounds my family – but so what? The market does look so tasty. The chocolate sables… mmmm. But it's the soup – maybe because it is (cough) snowing out! But for me – it's always the soup.

  13. mary: right, that sign was hystericalfoodie with little thyme: thankslisa: wow, i'm jealoushanaa: i don't think that's odd at all. cocao nibs are kind of strange. i didn't stop at that other place you mentioned.claudia: it's getting chilly here, so soup is on my mindeliana: of course

  14. Beautiful photos! The soup looks fabulous.Ooooh, the Ferry Plaza shops and farmer's market – I'm feeling so nostalgic for SF right now. Miette's macarons are unbeatable!

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