15 random pics

Here it goes again with a bunch of totally random pics that I just felt like posting but didn’t make sense in a post on their own… How cool is that tiny pink egg in this dish I tried at May Chan Ramen & Robotayaki? I think these were the condiments and sides for a soup dish.

If you haven’t made it over to NYC’s Highline, you should check it out before it gets too cold. I snapped this shot from there.

This was the spread at the book party for Dede Wilson’s new Unforgettable Desserts. Yum! I ate about 5 of those tiny brownies. (Hey, they were tiny!)

This is the daughter of justcooknyc down in Cape May, NJ. How cute is this photo! It’s hard to see, but yes, she uses a much more serious camera than I do.

Speaking of Cape May, they’ve got seriously good fudge at Morrow’s Nut House.

And also speaking of Cape May… so many diners in Wildwood, but not enough time to try them all. I gave it my best shot though.

And speaking of Wildwood… mini golf time. This cracks me up.

And speaking of South Jersey, I finally made it to a Sonic. Pretty good, although I think I like the drinks better than the actual burgers. The fries, poppers, etc., are good too.

Back to NYC, I re-visited the Picnick truck at Wall Street to try the pulled pork sandwich. Highly recommended.

Speaking of carts & trucks, I’ve told you about the amazing Korean tacos at The Krave in Jersey City, right? What do you mean you haven’t tried it yet?

Guilty pleasure — I love these.

This was called a South Wind Steamed Rice Noodle — it’s a rice noodle roll thing with little dried shrimp inside from Lan Zhou in Chinatown. Very enjoyable.

Speaking of Chinatown… the fried wontons at Wonton Garden on Mott Street are so awesome. Wonton Garden is one of the best full-menu places in Chinatown for vegetarians, by the way — a lot of other soup spots have nothing to offer.

Jen and I have been trying all of the Korean casserole-type dishes at Song 7.2 lately. They’re all made to share, and they cook some of them right at the table for you. They’re also blazingly spicy. Seriously, this will tear you apart, but it’s awesome. The restaurant is packed to capacity all Friday and Saturday night long with partying Koreans, but it’s a lot of fun.

Back to Cape May, this was a pretty sunset in Wildwood West. I want summer back.

22 thoughts on “15 random pics

  1. everything edible looks delightful!justcook daughter is too cute…love those glasses. i agree with you on sonic, i almost alway get a cherry limeade (i want one now!), sometimes cheese-tots too 😉

  2. I want summer back too. we got seriously jipped this summer only having like 2 really good weeks with no rain.love when people post random pics, I think they are the best, especially when it's food.

  3. I enjoyed all the pictures. I'm especially intrigued with the idea of the Korean place and the cooking right at the table. Sounds like an awesome place!

  4. KennyT: thankssarahe: yes. sonic only recently came to North Jersey, and obviously there are none in NYC. I tried going to the one in Jersey twice, but the lines were insane and cops were turning people away. So I tried it down in Cape May — no lines.jenn: rightcindy: thanks… yeah, she has cool glasses. the cherry limemade was awesomedawn: the weather wasn't terrible, but summer did seem to feel bycathy: yeah, me toohow to eat a cupcake: okay, thanks for the tiphelene: yeah, i definitely indulgedninette: umm, yes, that's my actual daughter. and thanks re: the pic.kim: i love that kind of korean cooking. it's actually kind of common.pinkstripes: cape may is interesting, from very touristy to very quaint… i like that it's not too far from nyc

  5. claudia: if you've never been to one, then yes. definitely try the cherry limemade.murasaki: hey, thanks… i like that photo toodaphne: thanks — it was goodhilary: ha, and thankscatherine: thanks for visiting

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