minty chocolatey

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know I really like mint & chocolate. Ice cream, cookies, Andes, you name it. So I got a little excited at the market when I saw the “limited edition” Nestle Mint Chocolate Morsels. Ooh, I should have taken a shot of the morsels before I baked the cookies, because they’ve got a cool green swirl.

So anyway, I bought a bag (I’m a sucker for anything new in the baking aisle) and tried to figure out what to do with them. This doesn’t happen every day, but I made the cookie recipe on the back of the package. The verdict? These are good. One of my co-workers said, “They taste like Thin Mints, but without the chocolate coating.” That sounds good to me, but then again, imagine how amazing these would be with a chocolate coating? Good thing I bought another bag of the morsels this week.

34 thoughts on “minty chocolatey

  1. saira: well, it sounds like you're doing a great thingjenn: definitelysean: i'd say that wouldn't work because they're too moist, so they'd get too hard in the freezer, like hocky pucks. Girl Scout thin mints are fairly dry to begin with, so they work better in the freezer. that's my best guess.joanna: okay, surepeachkins: yum

  2. They look yummy. I always loved After Eight mints. However, choc chip mint ice cream I still haven't gotten used to. What was the texture like? I make similar cookies that are choc and fudgy. I use regular choc chips and add a couple drops of LorAnn's Peppermint oil to the batter. Yum!!! A great option if you want choc/mint cookies year round.

  3. murasaki: thanksanupama: thanks to you toodawn: wow, that sounds so good to meroberta: i hope you dohanaa: right, i have a favorite chocolate cookie i make with white chips and peppermint extract. the texture was very cookie like, meaning it wasn't too dense and fudgy, and it wasn't cake-like either, sort of in betweenpreeti: i hope you do toomary: i might have actually bought them at a target storelisa: you saw them and didn't buy them? just kidding… maybe next timeleela: i definitely have some fans at workkoko: i keep thinking about the choc. coating toosarahe: definitelypandalicious: your daughter and i think alikevalerina: oh really? hmm, you might be rightvelva: absolutely

  4. Here's a question: how do they taste frozen? I ask because I love thin mints from the freezer. I actually like certain cookies from the freezer. Yours could be a good candidate…

  5. she crafty: ha… that cracked me uphanaa: i'll have to search around my blog, because there's no way i haven't written about my fave chocolate mint cookie recipe before… hmmmmmorta di fame: mmm, i wish my family served those at thanksgivingjuliana: thanks for visitingcucinista: someone else asked that, but i'm not so sure these would work because they're a little too moist, unlike the relatively dry (but good) girl scout thin mints

  6. Mint chips in a chocolate cookie – delicious! I can just imagine them sandwiched with mint ice cream too. I'm sure I'll be buying up a bag or two of those morsels soon!

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