slow-cooked meat — behind the scenes

Ribs… how’s that for a photo to grab your attention! I’m on set this week shooting the next book by acclaimed food writer Jean Anderson. The title will have to remain a secret for now, but the book is all about slow-cooking meats until they’re literally falling-off-the-bone tender.

There is photographer Jason Wyche — what a crazy set-up to get this overhead shot. (By the way, these are just snapshots I took, including the food photos. The book won’t be out until next Fall, so you’ll have to wait until then to see Jason’s amazing photos.)

There is Jason again, reviewing the photos on screen with Eric Wolfe.

And there is talented food stylist Simon Andrews, working his magic.

The propping is thanks to Lynda White. This is only my second time working with Lynda, but she’s got really great style, so with any luck I’ll be working with her more often.

And yum, there’s some more of the food. One of the best things about this shoot is the leftovers… Jen and my daughter have been very happy because I never have time to make food like this during the week. So thanks, Simon, for the doggy bags. P.S. Happy Halloween!

22 thoughts on “slow-cooked meat — behind the scenes

  1. angie: i figured it mightjenn: doesn't sound crazy to memurasaki: thankspeachkins: yes, definitelygeorge: hmm, well these are all my photos, but thankskenny: yes, very lucky tonight (again!)mary: glad you liked itbaconista: yeah, it was a great team

  2. wow, didn't realize how much goes behind the scenes on publishing a cookbook. I can't wait for the book to come out. This will definitely be a book I want to buy.

  3. ninette: trust me, i shared!foodie with little time: an in-house stylist would be cool3 hungry tummies: thanks for visitingbrie: yeah, in a way, you're rightjanice: it should be a good oneotehlia: strangely enough, the leftovers aren't always good at shoots, but this was a stand-out job

  4. i am drooling over the selection of dishes and plates you guys get to play with. not to mention the dish itself, it's a perfect dish to tuck into on this cold november day.

  5. taste traveller: the funny thing is that we decided to leave out the parsley on a bunch of the photos, because it was a little too bright for the dishesmuneeba: photoshoots are definitely funangry asian: yeah, it's pretty cool. thanks for visiting.

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