double-dipped mocha cupcakes

Happy Halloween, everybody! I woke up early to do a little baking. I ended up using the Mocha Cupcakes recipe from one of my favorite books, The Bake Sale Cookbook by Sally Sampson. (Yes, I’m friends with Sally, and yes, I got the book for free, so you can assume my on-going endorsements of the book are a bit biased.)

Anyway, the cupcake recipe is pretty straightforward, but you add in some coffee powder (or espresso, like I did) mixed with water and a little cinnamon to the batter for a touch of something extra special.

I dipped the cupcakes in Sally’s dark chocolate ganache, but the topping was still a little thin.

So I dipped them again, and that’s when I got the cool look I was going for. Drool….

Then I put a few of those holiday-colored, dark chocolate M&Ms on top, and voila. I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

47 thoughts on “double-dipped mocha cupcakes

  1. Justin, you can never go wrong with double-dipping chocolate. These cupcakes look delicious with the added dark chocolate candies, plus espresso & cinnamon; I think you are on to something good. Thanks… I'll give them a try.

  2. ann: thankschristina: you can probably get them on sale now that it's after halloweenninette: i like "mocha" anythinggeorge: right… and thanksjenn: thanksdawn: jen and my daughter enjoyed themtasty trix: ha, thanksmurasaki: thanks to you, toovalerie: thanks for visitingtramie: they were a real treatcaked crusader: me toomary: thankscarolyn: now that you mention it… you're right

  3. I like your disclaimer at the beginning. Made me laugh :).These cupcakes look delicious. I think they would definitely induce some chocolate shock. I really like the cinnamon addition to the batter. A nice twist.

  4. i liked that you were innovative enough to double dip. i think i would've given up after seeing that the first layer was too thin. and your end result is delectable, i bet sinking your teeth into the icing before getting to the actual cupcake was heavenly!

  5. juliana: thankskrista: yeah, ganache is great on anythingkatherine: thankssally: ha, really? thanks.angry asian: yeah, i was bummed at first, and then i think my daughter noticed how thick the ganache had gotten in the bowl, and so we tried again

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