Ellie week — almond, cherry, chocolate clusters

This drawing is now closed. Day one of Ellie Week went really well, so here’s day two — a little something sweet. Remember, Ellie Week on Justcooknyc is to celebrate the publication of Ellie’s newest cookbook, So Easy, and I’m doing a giveaway for each blog post. That means even if you entered the giveaway for the lamb pizzas post, you can enter again by posting a comment here too (U.S. and Canada residents, please).

So it doesn’t get much easier than this. You chop up dried cherries and almonds, and then toss them with melted dark chocolate.

Then you scoop them onto a baking sheet and chill in the fridge.

What a treat. So why are these in a healthy cookbook? Personally, I think staying fit is so much harder if you deprive yourself all the time. Plus, nuts and dried fruit, and even chocolate can all be good for you, in moderation of course. Plus, by tossing them together, you get just a light coating of chocolate, unlike a heavy chocolate bar. For me, it’s just the right amount of chocolate. These are so tempting.

40 thoughts on “Ellie week — almond, cherry, chocolate clusters

  1. OOoooh… I used to make something like these for halloween parties, except, uh, not at all like these. I combined chocolate and peanut butter and used them to coat cornflakes. They look like haystacks. ANYWAY that was a rather round-about way of saying yum, I do want this book!

  2. Everything's about balance and she does that well with this recipe. Sure chocolate isn't good for you in large quantities but in moderate amounts it's perfectly fine.Another easy recipe!

  3. Oh, yeah, chocolate definitely has a solid place in a healthy diet. The trick for me is to use REALLY good chocolate, so that one or two pieces of something delicious like this would be enough to satisfy the craving.

  4. Simply divine! Almost tempted to add caramel to them to make them chewy mmmm…but since I, like you, am into physical fitness maybe its better I don't eat back all the calories I just burned in kickboxing class 😉

  5. These look great! I'm making a list of dishes I want to make from Ellie's book. I think I'm gonna try the honey harvest quinoa tomorrow for breakfast. Everything looks so good.

  6. it looks like ellie has a lot of fans out there. thanks, everybody for stopping by. there are a few too many comments to reply to everyone but: adrienne, those sound great; sasha, what do you mean no dark chocolate???; sook, yeah, no-bake sounds good to me too

  7. These look so good. I totally agree about the depriving yourself thing- one of these would be such a treat! And not too bad for you health-wise!Yum….

  8. These look great! Have you ever had tiffin? Looks pretty similar, but there are chunks of graham crackers in there too and it 'sets' in a tray and is served sliced in squares.Like rocky road, but with a ton of dried fruit instead of marshmallows. Good stuff!

  9. These are right up my alley, YUM! They look delicious! I've had this page bookmarked to comment on for like a week now but I have been eyeing them for that whole time! Thanks for the amazing recipe.

  10. Oh wow, these look delicious! We have a ton of Michigan dried cherries that we use in oatmeal, salads, and more, but I like this idea! My husband just insisted that I make these every week! I think that's a little too much, but I definitely will try it.

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