figs & ginger

My warning to you is the same I gave to my co-workers today — only try these if you really love figs and ginger, because the flavor is strong. The So Easy giveaways on my blog may be over, but there are still a lot of cool recipes I made from the book to talk about, like these Fig and Ginger Truffles.

If you have a food processor, the recipe is insanely easy. Blend up some dried figs, crystallized ginger, a bit of honey, and a little cinnamon. Then you just make little balls out of the mixture and roll them around in melted dark chocolate. (Yes, I’m sure you can use other types of chocolate, but the dark tasted right to me.)

They look really cool on the inside, so I had to take this photo. And like I said, these are intensely flavored, so you’re not gonna sit down and eat the whole tray yourself. I think they’d make a nice surprise treat with tea after a holiday dinner, and they’re “so easy” to prepare, you can even make a double batch for people to take some home.

28 thoughts on “figs & ginger

  1. I have to admit, I'm not really a fan of figs. But I do love fig newtons. So it's a bit contradictory there. But I'm will to give these little guys a try since I love ginger.

  2. I love both figs and ginger so I'm sure thse would be devoured in a flash. I have a friend that loves them as well and these look like they could be a perfect holiday gift. Thx for sharing the recipe, I'm bookmarking it.

  3. I love the idea of adding ginger… I'm sure it tasted great… and since ginger aids in digestion, having one of this everyday after a heavy meal would do wonders I guess 🙂

  4. These look gorgeous and I will have to make them. Sounds like you are having fun with Ellie's book. I made the Beef Taco Salad and the Apple Cheddar quesadillas today. Both were really, really good and they really are SO EASY. I love the book and I'm glad someone else is too.

  5. jenn: i totally get it what you're saying, actuallyCllY: sorry I don't know how to write your name.. anyway, yes, these would actually ship pretty well in cool weather (not in summer)maybelle's mom: oh, sorry you missed itstephchows: i usually love ginger, but this is a little intensekatherine: right, i agree. you know, you can buy figs anywhere these days nearby the raisins in most markets, but i got some particularly good ones at a specialty market in nyc.dawn: a truffle kick sounds awesomelisa: hmm, yes, definitely on these for a holiday giftreeni: great! and thanks for visiting.mary: ha, good

  6. anupama: right, and ginger is also an anti-inflammatory with anti-microbial properties (according) to Ellie, so it's good for a lot of ailmentskim: oh really? i haven't tried those yet.claudia: i totally agreesteph: hmm, then this is risky, but you might be in for a treat. just make a small batch the first time.erika: right about the chocolate, and yes, ellie is definitely cute. i saw her last night at a book signing. she always looks great.saee: simplicity is the key heremurasaki: wow, really? that would be impressive.

  7. I like figs. I do like ginger but not a lot of it. So I THINK I'd like these! They do look gorgeous though, and coating them with chocolate is an evil genius thing to do.

  8. muneeba: I think you can adjust the amount of ginger a littlesuziwong: you might like this though… i'm not a candied ginger fan eitherjoanna: thanksmichelle: ha, i bet that would be gooddessert girl: hope you give it a tryjennie: i agree, it's nice for the holidaysd4d: ha, that's pretty funny (and scary)

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