and the winner is… chorizo!

Just kidding! First things, first, the winner of the giveaway for the Food Network game for the Nintendo Wii is Melissa of Cheese Wine and Chocolate. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for entering. About that chorizo though… I made this recipe for Chicken Paella with Sausage and Olives back when I was writing a lot about So Easy by Ellie Krieger. For some weird reason I forgot to write about this dish, one of my favorites from Ellie’s new book. Truth be told, I’d never cooked with chorizo before. Heck, I can hardly believe a “healthy” book like So Easy even has a recipe with chorizo. One thing I’ve learned from Ellie, from watching so many of her interviews and cooking demos, is that depriving yourself is a mistake that a lot of dieters make. Moderation is a better approach. So let’s face it, chorizo isn’t something you eat every day. And if you do eat chorizo, it shouldn’t be all that much. It’s packed with flavor, so the 3 ounces in this dish for four servings goes a long way. Eating right should be about being sensible, not making a huge list of things you can never eat again. Anyway, if you have a chance, you should definitely check out this (easy and tasty) recipe.

21 thoughts on “and the winner is… chorizo!

  1. THe paella was one of the recipes i booked marked in the book. Actually I think I bookmarked maybe half the recipes in there. hahaha… But for sure I know I made sure to mark that one when I saw it.

  2. 3 hungry tummies: ha, yeah, it's kind of addictivejulie: i'm sure i'll do more drawings in the year to comesook: thanks for visitingjenn: oh yeah? i hope you make it.joanna: it's a good onepastrychefathome: every day? wow, that's really something…

  3. I am in total agreement with you – moderation is key. Anyone who thinks they are going to give up decadent foods for the rest of their life is crazy. And wrong because you can't just avoid such things forever! This dish looks amazing. I'm shocked that it's an ellie recipe as well!

  4. I so agree with you about not making a list of stuff you can never have. One of the many lessons in my life long diet journey. One of these days…A little chorizo does go a long way. It packs such a huge flavor punch. This dish looks real good. Ellie's recipes are so nicely balanced. Its real just sensible eating.

  5. mary: you're right about thateliana: definitelyann: thanks for visitingjoanne: i guess it's sort of common sense, but people always try to deprive themselvessuzanne: oh really? near the office, just go to garden of eden. but where i live, they have it everywhere, literally, like every deli and every supermarketpigpigscorner: right, me toolori: sensible, but tasty!

  6. Hi justin chorizo is very popular here in France as we are close to Spain : i have discovered a new product called Morcon de patanegra which is a mix of chorizo and famous patanegera ham ; I have posted my last recipe with that product on my blog : it is really scrumptious !! cheers from Paris ¨Pierre

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