make mine with tortellini

Months ago I spotted the Cherry Tomato-and-Ravioli Soup recipe in Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine. I stopped by the market to pick up the ingredients, but I guess I’m old-fashioned, so I bought tortellini instead of ravioli. Besides that one change, I followed the recipe pretty much as described.

I may have overcooked the tomatoes a bit and added a dash of balsamic vinegar, but check out how yummy-looking they got.

You know it was a long time ago when I made this, because this basil came fresh from my plant. Now my plant is just a bunch of woody, frozen stems!

Just don’t forget to shave some cheese on top. I can’t say for sure if I used the parm like it says, or maybe some ricotta, but it’s tough to go wrong either way. The recipe is insanely easy, and even if you don’t normally cook from Rachael Ray’s magazine, you might want to check this one out. It’s so good…

18 thoughts on “make mine with tortellini

  1. Mmm! With flurries flurrying outside as I type this, I could go for a bowl of that soup!I fall in the category of ppl who have no problem w/ Rachael Ray, but upon reading this I realized that I usually only re-create her desserts! hehe Oops, guess I need to start on some savory recipes too!

  2. That looks terrific. I've tried a few recipes of hers and they have not steered me wrong yet. Best part, cooking in 30 minutes. A definite life saver for cooking after work during the week.

  3. joanna: right, this is perfect for after workgg: thanks!flb: it's a nice winter treat, like most soups, except of course that you can't get good basil in winter!

  4. I do an impromptu soup like that when I have cherry tomatoes sitting around begging to be used. I love throwing tomatoes and basil, spinach into broths with tortellini or ravioli. It's warming my chilly Minnesota bones just thinking about it.

  5. maybelle's mom: oh really, that's funnyfwlt: yeah, herbs are long gone around hereclaudia: ha, minnesotta… that must be really colderica: i could go for some tooju: definitelyjuno: you're right about thatsara: i think i like tortellini better this way, actually

  6. You have a delicious blog.. I am your newest follower who will return daily to see what is cooking!! I will try this recipe tomorrow and will return to let you know how it turned out. Duchess

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