chocolate chunkochino, sort of

I keep meaning to write about holiday cookie baking, but I made these Chocolate Chunkochino Cookies from Dede Wilson’s Unforgettable Desserts even before the holidays and never got around to writing about them. But the thing is, I made a lot of tweaks to the recipe. I emailed Dede to tell her about the changes: I chopped the chocolate too finely and it got kind of blended into the dough, I used light brown sugar instead of dark brown, I left out the cacao nibs, I used instant espresso instead of regular coffee, and I topped the cookies with milk chocolate instead of using more of the bittersweet kind. Dede said to me (in a loving way, of course), “You’re a recipe tester’s worst nightmare!”

But hey, these didn’t just turn out good, they turned out AMAZING! I can’t wait to make my mistake cookies again. P.S. Dede has a cool blog here. P.P.S. thanks, everyone, for helping me hit 250 followers!

23 thoughts on “chocolate chunkochino, sort of

  1. they turned out fantastic!!!!!!! even though it was a big mistake lol. those look very very yummY! i can imagine me having one cookie with a cup of milo right now for arvo tea. mm mm

  2. maybelle's mom: me toopeachkins: i totally agreeann: milo?sook: thankskim: thanks, and yeah, the chocolate flecks are coollpr: thanks so muchjenn: right, it's such a simple addition, but so exciting3 hungry tummies: thanks for visiting

  3. awww. i wished i had more of your "oh just wing it" spirit cos i get so mad at myself if i dont have that something for the recipe and i would actually get it right there and then if they sold it at the 24hr supermarket near my house. i hate it when i have to substitute! haha. congratulations on your 250 followers. it could have been 251 plus me but i am a silent follower who checks your blog regularly:P

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