bao does burgers

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about the burgers at Mikey’s, which I tried over the long MLK weekend. Then I visited one of NYC’s latest sad excuses for “Mexican” food on Monday (which I won’t mention by name) and thought, I should do what I can to support the new places that I do like. The thing is, my visit to Mikey’s got off to a weird start. First, the place was almost empty, but every customer there looked like an Urban Outfitters model. Seriously, hot people eat here, and that’s not usually a good sign in New York City. Second, the counter guy looked at me like I had three heads when I ordered the B.L.T. burger. They’ve only got a few choices on the menu — it wasn’t a strange request. And finally, when I ordered the black sesame shake I’d read about, the manager came over and said, “I wouldn’t recommend it…” Umm, but that’s what I wanted.

Something told me to stick around, despite all the weirdness. Phew, I’m glad I did. The B.L.T. burger is described as “Chinese bacon, lettuce, tomato, and kewpie mayo,” with no mention of the yummy smothered-onion action you see in the photo. Luckily the manager told me about the house-made ketchup in unmarked bottles on the counter, next to the Sriracha of course. If you’re expecting the burgers here to be wildly flavored, you’re out of luck. But if you’re looking for a really tasty, messy, and wickedly satisfying burger for $5.50 that just happens to have some Chinese bacon and kewpie mayo on it, then you’ve come to the right place.

About the shake, the manager talked me into the Vietnamese coffee flavor. Oh yeah, that hit the spot. This place is open till 4am on the weekends, which should really come in handy next time I’ve had a little too much to drink in a L.E.S. bar, by the way.

13 thoughts on “bao does burgers

  1. Gosh I hate eating with Urban Outfitters models. Ruins my total dining experience.That's odd about the shake. Why have something on the menu if you can't recommend it?That burger looks pretty good though…

  2. kim: that's about rightamanda: ha, right… and i agree about the sesame shake. i wonder if anyone else has actually tried it, because every review/description i've seen mentions it.性經驗黃色小說分享: umm, not sure what that says, and it's probably spam or an ad for a porn site or something else weird, but i felt like approving it anyway.

  3. Wow, does $5.50 seem insanely cheap or am I just eating too many over-priced NY burgers? Chinese bacon… hmm. Sounds/looks pretty good despite the initial awkwardness. You should never NOT recommend something! Weird!

  4. peachkins: thanks for visitingbaconista: it's easy to overpay for burgers in nyc. i haven't been writing about eating out much lately.ana: thanks for stopping by

  5. Next time I'm in NYC, I'm definitely going here…if not for the burgers, then to see the beautiful people. Too bad about the weirdness. I've hit places where the employee behavior was a bit disconcerting myself. Hopefully they were just having an "off" day. Maybe they're more "normal" at 2 a.m.?

  6. i wonder if the chinese bacon is thinly sliced "char siu"? (bbq pork). i was trying to discern from your photo. anyhow it looks freaking delicious. what a weird initial experience though… cute exterior design of their shop… 🙂

  7. claudia: i'm curious if the people there always look like thatcatherine: i could go for one tookrista: hmm, not sure. and i don't want to promise more beautiful people.lyndsay: hmm, i know what you mean, but i'm not sure what it was because it was mixed in with the onion

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