salty caramel

The holidays are starting to seem like a distant memory, but I did some fun baking that’s worth writing about. Maybe you spotted the Chocolate-Caramel Cookie Bars recipe in Martha Stewart back in the Fall. If not, you can check out the recipe here. As long as you have a little patience, it’s a lot easier to prepare than you might think. And if you’re one of those people who likes a little sea salt with chocolate and caramel, you’re in luck.

The crust is pretty straightforward, but you definitely have to line the pan. Don’t even think about skipping that step.

Look, I even weighed the chocolate — not something you often see at my house.

Then you roughly chop the chocolate and mix it into a caramel mixture you make from scratch. I always get nervous about sugar crystals forming when I make caramel myself, which is probably why I didn’t stop to take any photos of that process.

You’re almost done at this point — pour the chocolate caramel over the crust, and refrigerate for four hours. Remember, I said you need a little patience. If you did things right, it pops out of the pan in one piece like this.

Finally you cut them up into bars. Keep them cold until you’re ready to serve, because they get soft fast at room temperature. And as for the salt, I’d say it’s optional. I liked them with sea salt on top, but I made care packages for family & friends, and I decided they would prefer them without. My mom liked these bars so much, she said, “Just make me a tray of this for my birthday instead of a cake this year.” That’s quite an endorsement

43 thoughts on “salty caramel

  1. sanjana: right, it helps to cut them small to avoid temptation to eat too manydoggybloggy: thanks for visitingchristina: i definitely get nervous about itjenn: ha, i hope you try itclaudia: right, some of her stuff makes me nervous too, but the results are always just rightsteph: like i said above, cut them small so it's not too bad when you eat 3 in a rowsook: i hope you do check it outkim: right, definitely. i think she was totally serious

  2. lpr: pinball machine… good onepsychedelicsister: ha, not yet. thanks for visiting. i don't think i've seen you here before.joanna: oh yeah? i guess i missed that. it's a nice flavor combo.

  3. These look great. I'm sure they'd be great even sans crust. I recently made my first chocolate caramels (see: I was dying to put some Fleur de Sel on them but couldn't find it. I misplaced them after my kitchen remodel. Of course I found them after the caramels were all gone…Btw, I had to read over something twice. "..nervous about salt crystals forming…". I was like "that can happen TOO???" I'm assuming you meant to say "sugar crystals" :o)

  4. Darn!Well maybe I can talk my neighbor into making them, I'm a wee too lazy to unless it's super simple. Although these look too good.Oh I have, I responded to your ice cream in San Francisco posting. I love your blog!

  5. Sea salt with chocolate and caramel is one of my favorite flavor combinations. Hey – were you at the Ellie Krieger book signing last week? I saw someone that resembled the photo on your blog but didn't approach you because I didn't want to seem like a stalker.

  6. psychedelic sister: oh right, i looked at your blog and now i remembereliana: hmm, actually, yes I was there. i try to go to ellie's local events since i'm her editor. next time say hi if you see me.pamela: ha, that's funny

  7. Gorgeous! I discovered how much I enjoyed that little bit o' sea salt with my chocolate and caramel at Starbuck's last year with their new salted caramel mocha. These are definitely going on my list of treats next year.

  8. Justin — I rarely get to make things other than cupcakes these days, but I am inspired to try this. I love salted sweets, and chocolate caramel's my favorite. Thanks!

  9. oh shoot. those look so freaking good that i have to try to make them. i also appreciate the "bar" shape, reminds me of twix or kit-kat… a strangely appealing shape!!! 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness, nothing sets my heart aflutter more than salty caramel. And macarons. Laduree salty caramel macs are my favorite, and short of going through all the trouble of whipping up the troublesome meringue delights, I think I could get by with just this. Thanks for sharing!

  11. omgggg. please delete my comment. i commented on the wrong post! silly me. as for your salty caramel bars, they look abolutely gorgeous. however, i suspect i would not be a fan of them because i dont fancy sweet and salty things. a shame i know, so everyone says.

  12. Ok, your caramel bars definitely have mine beat. They look fantastic – and I have to say that homemade caramel beats prebought any day (even with the risk of sugar crystals!).

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