cupcakey kisses

A friend of mine at work read my post about the salty caramel bars and was wondering why I didn’t bring any to the office to share. Like that one, this is a holiday baking catch-up post, so I won’t be bringing any of these to work. (Sorry.) Have you noticed that Hershey is making kisses in a lot of new flavors lately? I saw the chocolate meltaways and just had to try the recipe on the back of the package. If you can find a bag with the recipe on it, I highly recommend you give this a try.

It mixed up sort of like thick brownie batter. You roll it into balls and place them in baby muffin liners.

They bake into mini cupcakes, but with a denser texture. I could have eaten them just like this.

But wait, it’s powdered sugar time.

This steps makes them so festive.

Now comes the fun part — you press a “meltaway” into each one. If you’re working fast enough, the cupcakes are still super soft. Just be careful not to touch them again for a while, because the kisses get heated through and would smush very easily, but you want them to keep their signature shape. After about 20 minutes, I transferred the pans to the fridge to cool all the way down.

What’s not to love? I packed them up for family and friends, and they were a real hit. I might make these again next year.

41 thoughts on “cupcakey kisses

  1. I've started to save wrappers from all sorts of food products. there are some great recipes printed right there! So easy to be overlooked. Thanks for sharing this one! I'll be sure to grab a bag of Kisses soon!

  2. appropriated muffin: yeah, i should do that too, but i always forget and toss them awayfor the love of food: thanks for visitingchocolate shavings: definitelyk: since i made this for the holidays, the wrapper is long gone now. sorry. i found the meltaways in target though, so maybe try there if you can. and now i wonder if hershey posted the recipe on their web site?

  3. Cremes and salted caramels….french kissed macroons….what a lovely blog….i love the fun decorating and dressing part too but u know what spotting a hersheys kiss aint an evrday stori here….but the hersheys huggies and dessert topping might(not)help….cheers….Jen and u sure had a carnival of cuppys at the party….nic bakeryLOVE IS IN D AIR,SO IS ROMANCE…WISH YA LOADS OF IT @ 365

  4. avanika: i'm surprised people can't find the meltaways, unless they were just for the holiday season?unja: right… but my name is Justin!sook: definitelycinnamon-girl: thanks for visitingmegan: i'm always craving chocolate

  5. what a great idea! i've made something similar with cookie dough and a mini peanut butter cups, but never with brownie mix and hershey kisses. this would be a nice change of pace rather than the same old same old. thanks for sharing!

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