oops, no taco photos

It’s rare when I want to take it easy and just enjoy my meal, but that’s how I felt today at La Lucha in the East Village on Avenue A. Looking at the menu now, I’m not a hundred percent sure which tacos I ordered, but I do know that I tried the Super Porky (I mean, c’mon, how can you not order that just to say the name outloud?) and El Espectro (salt cured steak). Both were a treat, especially with a squeeze of lime and a bit of the spicy chipotle salsa on top. But let’s cut to the chase — how does it compare the zillion other taco places in and around the city these days? I’d rank it near the top of a pretty short list. I did snap a few photos, but just of the cool decor…

That’s me in the mirror photo. I thought this shot turned out kind of cool.

And maybe best of all, this is how they bring you the check, inside a miniature wrestling ring, with some complimentary Mexican chewing gum too. So cool. Just keep in mind this place is both popular and tiny, and there will often be a wait for a table on weekend evenings.

25 thoughts on “oops, no taco photos

  1. Well those tacos did sound tasty. The porkier the better I say.That's pretty neat on how they bring the check. Have your own little mini wrestling match with your utensils.

  2. Cool place!That's funny. What time were you there?After brunch at Cookshop, we were on Avenue B at Coyi Cafe (to try Robicelli's cupcakes). We also walked down to DessertTruck Works (to try their chocolate bread pudding, caramelized apple pastry, and donut holes with nutella). We also hit up Spot Dessert Bar on St. Marks (interesting cupcakes and a decent chocolate chip cookie). Nothing really knocked my socks off though.I have to say the best place we went to was Village Tart (new place on Kenmare St). The cupcakes were just ok. The star food was their pizzetas. The bacon and onion jam one was SO good. The pumpkin feta one was a close second. Their french onion soup tart was yummy as well. I think you'd enjoy them!Sorry for the detailed food intake, but I'd figure you'd appreciate it being a fellow lover of food and nyc eats. 🙂

  3. dawn: right, totallylpr: yeah it's cool, and thanksjenn: definitely tastykim: it's a fun spotsook: i normally shoot with a Sigma DP2, but since I wasn't really out for shooting food today, I just used my pocket camera, which is a Sony T77suzanne: i was there around mid-afternoon. i love dessert truck, especially the new retail shop, but i don't think i would have tried those particular treats. i more go for the gooey stuff like the molten chocolate cake in my blog. i've been to spot, but never written about it. honestly, i was very impressed, but we got a 5-plate tasting so we got to try a lot.

  4. I was there around 2pm. Maybe we passed each other without knowing it.yes, upon your recommendation, next time I'm going to try the molten chocolate cake at DessertTruck. At Spot, I just had the girl pack up the cupcakes and choc. chip cookie to go. My fave cupcake was the vanilla coconut almond. I'll have to actually sit and try their desert tasting next time.:)

  5. kenny T: me toocreature gorgeous: ha, right — and thankssuzanne: oh, i see. i don't want to sound preachy, but you should go back to spot and order the prepared desserts. they're artfully done and really special. Get the $28 five-plate if you can. i imagine they change the menu a lot, but i don't think you'll be disappointed. i went there with Jen and Sam the Cooking Guy, and we were quite impressed. i didn't write anything about it because it was late and too dark for photos.

  6. I definitely liked Spot, but didn't LOVE it based on what I had. But I will definitely try the $28 5-plate tasting. Don't worry about being preachy – I trust your taste. That's why I read your blog! ;)Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. suzanne: or a 3-course tasting… but just something where you get to see some of the really beautiful plated desserts there. that's what spot is all about, even if they have some stuff to-go.

  8. murasaki: definitelyanonymous: glad you liked the "review". I'll be back.baconista: they were offering the brunch menu when we were there, but i had to go for the tacosashley: thanks for visitingbrandi: totally

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