noodle-y and tuna-y

Note: This drawing is now closed and the winner is… Sabrina from Superfluous. We’re snowed in here in the NYC area. I don’t think I’ve had a snow day (as in, no work/school) since I was a little kid. It’s the kind of day that makes you think about comfort foods like casseroles. I have to admit that tuna noodle casserole was NOT a good thing when I was a kid. In fact, it was a little scary, which makes me all the more curious to try Mark Peel’s version from his cool book, New Classic Family Dinners. Watch the video above, or you can check it out here on Good Bite (a very cool site, by the way). Mark Peel is the chef at the acclaimed Campanile in Los Angeles, in case you didn’t know. I’d love to hear from you if you have a favorite casserole (or if you think all casseroles are just weird). If you post a comment, I’ll enter you in a drawing for a copy of the book (U.S. and Canada residents only, please).

15 thoughts on “noodle-y and tuna-y

  1. The only casserole I've ever had is green been casserole… is that weird? And that's just because a family member would make it for Thanksgiving. If a good one was recommended- I would definitely try it though

  2. I don't make casseroles too often. I do remember making tuna noodle once as a last minute dish. Mark Peel version looks way better than what I made. I'll have to try it next time I have some tuna in the pantry.

  3. I love casseroles, probably because I didn't have it a lot growing up. Are there even any Vietnamese casseroles? That would be interesting. Anyways, I like the classic Chicken Noodle Casserole. All my favorites: chicken, cheese, peas and more!

  4. brandi: green bean casserole scares me most of all, to be totally honest. i don't know why, except that i have an issue with green beansabby: i actually love casseroles now, so that's not weird. they just weren't so good when i was a little kid. jenn: yeah, i always seem to have tuna, but not the oil-packed kind he calls forhelene: right, definitely. no snow?!phyllis: i think it snowed pretty much everywhere… zucchini casserole sounds goodsabrina: i am dying to know more about the tater tot hot dish!joanna: ha, vietnamese casseroles… not sure about thatdawn: i guess i'll have to make the recipe and prove you wrong

  5. I do like casseroles, but I don't know if I have a favorite. Probably any casserole with biscuits on top. You can't go wrong with a biscuit topping.

  6. I don't think I've ever had one… Filipinos don't make casseroles (at least not in my family) and you don't see them much in restaurants. Phyllis' zucchini casserole sounds good though… recipe??

  7. Hello Justin,I am honored to be on your blog roll. When I lived in Whistler my favorite tourist was the New Yorker! Such high energy!I love perogy casseroles like maylasian chicken with apple and zucchini or eggplant perogy casserole with wild mushrooms and apron greens sauced with good homemade tomatoe sauce! The homemade goodness of scratch made perogy is a sturdy yet exotic way to have these yummy peasant foods. Thank you Lee Ann

  8. kim: oh man, biscuits on top is always greatsean: ha, it's okay, i bet it's totally comfortingbaconista: hmm, really? yeah, i'd like to know more about the zucchini casserole toopowderate: holy cow, that's some cool-sounding food

  9. Hi JustinCasseroles and quite traditional here in England and I do love them.Even yesterday my mother in law cooked a wonderful beef, shallots and mushroom casserole and it was delicious.Comfort food and excellent for cold days x

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