a slice of cake, a brownie, and a cone

The suburbs may still be blanketed with the white stuff, but in the city there’s almost no sign of the recent snow storm. So with the relatively mild weather this weekend, I ran around town to try a few new spots. I started off at K! Pizzacone. Strangely enough, the “K” seems to have nothing to do with the location just steps away from K-town (aka, 32nd Street, aka Korea Town). In fact, I’ve read that serving pizza in a cone is all the rage in Brazil, of all places.

So there it is. It’s a little hard to tell from my pic, but that’s pizza in a cone, with mushrooms, olives, and pesto sauce — compact and tasty. Does NYC, land of a thousand pizza parlors, really need pizza in a cone? Hmmm, I’m not so sure. I can think of some places where I’d really like to see pizza cone stores open up soon though — airports, malls, movie theaters, and possibly the beach. There are sometimes when I want some pizza, but I could do without the greasy mess. K! Pizzacone has got that covered. It turns out a cone is the perfect way to get your pizza fix in style. Yeah, I guess you could make the same argument for midtown office workers who don’t want to risk getting a grease stain on their fancy neckties.

I guarantee you’ll hear some complaints about the wait, because they make every pizza cone to order. I can handle that. What I can’t handle is the packaging. Whoa, that’s a lot of waste for something I’ll be eating in a minute or two. Just a suggestion guys — ask people if they are eating their pizza cone on the spot and want to skip the cardboard. (By the way, it looks like that Korean chicken place next door on 32nd and 5th might actually be opening soon. Guys were outside peeling off the window stickers, so something is happening there. Oh yes, just saw this on the Times site about it opening on Wednesday.)

Next stop, Tu-lu’s. I stopped by the relatively new bakery today. It’s a funny location, just steps from the legendary Veniero’s, a place the gluten-intolerant would avoid at all costs. But there’s Tu-lu’s, a completely gluten-free bakery on East 11th Street. I opted for the dark chocolate brownie. If you’re expecting the brownie to taste exactly like the ones your mom used to bake, you might be out of luck. But if you’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease and thought desserts like this were off the list of treats forever, start smiling. One bite, and you won’t ever look back. No sacrifices here, just sensual chocolate decadence.

My last stop was Village Tart on Kenmare and Mulberry. First, this is the kind of place where you’re going to want to dine in because it looks so cute inside, so don’t go alone like I did. But they’ll give you a slice of cake to-go if you ask. Pichet Ong is the consulting chef, and if you know me, then you know I’m a big fan of his. But forget about the Asian-accented stuff he’s done before and elsewhere. There’s more of a European vibe here, as opposed to the menu at Spot Dessert Bar where you see ingredients like yuzu, coconut, and jackfruit. Still, this treat goes on my list of clever combinations — carrot cake with an ever-so-creamy dulce de leche frosting. Ooh yeah. I bet I could make something like this at home.

22 thoughts on “a slice of cake, a brownie, and a cone

  1. That pizzacone is a really interesting idea. Very portable. Is the cone made of dough? Kind of a dumb question, but I couldn't tell. I want to try making something like that. hehehe…

  2. The carrot cake looks awesome and sounds terrific…I would have never thought of that combination. Hmm…wonder if I can find something like that in Arizona to try or maybe I should just make it. The pizza cone is a great idea too. I am not much on the grease either and your cone looks grease-free. Yum!

  3. jenn: yeah, it's made of dough. i read somewhere that they bring in the cones from somewhere in connecticut every day.christina: i bet we'll be reading more and more about these. and right about the packaging…joanna: right, cool combination. i bet you can just make your own. the pizza cone was a totally ungreasy experience.

  4. I love the pizza in a cone idea and would love to recreate that at home. I think kids would go crazy over this! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. mommy gourmet: that is hystericallpr: the crust seemed just fine. but here in nyc, with amazing places like motorino and keste, it's kind of weird to even compare. but for a cone, i'd say it really works.kim: i'd love to see you (or anyone) actually duplicate this at home. let me know if you try it.

  6. Awesome idea! An addition to the pizza family after the pizza on sticks. Totally agree with you on the wasteful package. Go Green!Thank you for sharing your dinning experience with us. They always bring me fresh ideas.

  7. so i imagine a pizza cone is filled all the way through the middle? (unlike an icecream cone). Love the idea but yes, a lot of wasted packaging!

  8. steph: totallychinesekite: pizza on a stick???panda: right, it's filled all the way down, but as you can see from the photo, it's not rounded on top either, like an ice cream cone. it actually sinks down a bit. so it's not a ton of food.

  9. oh good- I'm glad the pizza cone is made of dough and not an ice cream cone… I was a little weired out for a second… but a dough cone… I could do that 🙂

  10. man I love these types of posts. living on cape cod we have horrible places to eat, evenduring the in-season. so when I go to nyc I pig out! I would love to try a pizza-cone. was there a fair amount of stuff in it?

  11. brandi: ha, that would be insane if it was an ice cream cone. HOWEVER, they do offer dessert versions here.dawn: well, i suppose cape cod has some real upsides. i'd say the pizza cone was a little on the light side. it would take 2 to really satisfy me.

  12. LOL! Pizzacones would be perfect for Weird Food Wednesday: Pizza Series 🙂 I guess this eliminates the need to do the 'foldover' (when I first moved to NYC I thought it strange that locals folded their pizza slices in half) And thanks for the heads up about Tully's, will spread the word to my celiac friends.

  13. phyllis: i don't see people folding their pizza quite as much anymore. personally, i was never a fan of that. anyway, thanks for spreading the word about tully's.tia: i bet this trend will start to spread though…

  14. Village Tart sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to try it!I'm going to ignore the pizza in a cone idea. I like my pizza the traditional way! It looks like these are made for the purpose of eating quickly and on the go. I like to enjoy mine!

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