super-easy chocolate mint bark

It’s feeling a little bit like Spring here in NYC, so why not finish up writing about my holiday baking? (Ahem, that’s a joke, but seriously…) You should see me at the supermarket when baking chips go on sale. I’m like a kid in the candy store. Today I bought peanut butter and chocolate chips, and a bag of those butterscotch chips I love. Back around the holidays, I spotted the Nestle mint and chocolate chips. Of course I bought a few bags. On the back of the package was this insanely easy recipe. Basically, all you do is spread out the chips in a baking pan, and then pop them in the oven for just long enough for them to get soft. Then take them out of the oven and swirl them around with a knife to get a cool pattern. Finally, add some chopped almonds (other nuts might work too) on top, and let it harden. I popped mine in the fridge, and then it turned out of the pan quite easily.

Finally, you break it up into bark pieces, and that’s it. I packed mine up with some of those caramel bars I wrote about last month. Maybe best of all, this is the kind of treat people think was hard to make. P.S. Speaking of chocolate-mint, the Girl Scouts were selling cookies at my local supermarket this morning… score!

23 thoughts on “super-easy chocolate mint bark

  1. I love chocolate barks. I used to buy the peppermint kind from Williams-Sonoma. I really need to try making my own sometime. Just look at those reminds me of the holidays once again.

  2. I'm the same way when I see baking chips go on sale! The chocolate bark looks really cool with the green swirls and how awesome that you don't even need to use a double boiler for this recipe. Funny how sometimes the simplest recipes are the most well received. I made truffles for Xmas a couple years ago and had some leftover melted white chocolate which I sprinkled with cashews and dried cranberries to make a gorgeous looking white chocolate cranberry-cashew bark 🙂

  3. jenn: it's insanely easy, trust meashley: thanksphyllis: right, i hate double boilers, and you're right about stuff like that… great tricks that really impressmegan: yeah, if i didn't mention it, i love mint & chocolate together

  4. wow. i never thought it would be that easy to make chocolate bark! (obviously i've never made any) But i always imagine double boilers and lots of chocolate, and somewhat of a mess. i should give the pan-oven-swirl method a go! and speaking of girl scout cookies – i bought like 5 boxes. oooh yeah.

  5. belle: you mean you can't get these crazy kinds of chips outside of the u.s.?kim: thankspari: oh really? well, thanks.a.m.: i think if you're starting from scratch and you want really shiny, tempered chocolate, then you're going to be dealing with double boilers and thermometers, but this turned out great without that. and yeah, i bought 5 boxes too and then my girlfriend bought 2 more!

  6. chocolate and mint works well now – it is almost St Patricks Day! These looks amazing. I think I will dream of them! For some reason when I tried to make a peppermint bark last year the chocolate was so melty we had to keep it in the fridge. Did not work well for gifts as I had hoped.

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