sheng wang, revisited

Just the other day I was telling my friend Sharon that if she likes checking out Chinatown dives, she should try Sheng Wang. Then I stopped by Sheng Wang this weekend, and much to my surprise, they really fixed it up. It’s way brighter and cleaner looking now, so if you were hesitant about sampling their amazing hand-pulled noodles before because the place looked a little sketchy, you might want to give it another try. That’s the outrageously good Fujianese dumpling soup, and now they’re serving it with a fried egg on top! And oh yeah, it’s about $4.50.

I always say this kind of thing, but I love how they use emptied out Sriracha sauce bottles for serving vinegar, soy sauce, etc.

And I know this is a little out of left field, but I almost can’t order Chinese food without getting an orange soda. Weird, right? Some places serve Fanta, and some Sunkist. Either is fine with me. I wonder how I got into that habit, because I really don’t drink soda very often at all.

13 thoughts on “sheng wang, revisited

  1. man that bowl looks delicious! I wish we lived a little closer to Chicago so authentic places like this were a TAD more accessible! hahah too funny about the orange soda. I used to get that a lot as a child b/c I had acid reflux and was not allowed any caffeine. It was usually one of the only choices on the menu w/o at the time.

  2. flb: i hope you do try it. this is the kind of place someone has to tell you about, otherwise you almost wouldn't notice it.joanna: ha, i agreedawn: well, jen and I ordered the same thing because we both love it!christina: would it surprise you to learn that Sunkist soda has MORE caffeine than Pepsi? The funny thing is that Fanta orange soda is caffeine free. I learned that this weekend because I went out for Chinese food twice and had one of each and actually looked at the cans.jenn: you know, i love dr. pepper, but only with something like pizza. i can't have it with noodles.

  3. Fujianese dumpling soup would be perfect right now. Can't wait to check this place out. I've heard their stuffed fish balls are good too. And funny about the orange soda with Chinese food 🙂

  4. mrs. torolita: thanks for visitingphyllis: the stuffed fish balls are great, but you know what? you get one in this particular soup, kind of a surprise!kim: yeah, a great deal… glad i'm not the only person who likes sunkist soda

  5. The soup dish looked so yummy! It reminded of my University time in China. I often had a bowl of this kind of noodle-veggie-meat dish for dinner. Thanks for sharing your experience. Will make to Chinatown in NYC one day.

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