sk cookies

I changed my photo banner for the first time since I started my blog — what do you think? Anyway, I needed to bake a bunch of cookies the other night. I hit the jackpot with this page on Smitten Kitchen. I’ll talk more about the chocolate cookies some other time.

First, about the chocolate chip. I baked these pretty carefully, and I’m not sure how they would spread as think as SK’s, but there was no need to panic. These were beautifully soft, just the way I like them. (No crispy chocolate chip cookies in my house, please.) The funny thing was, I started baking at around 8:30pm and realized I had no vanilla in the house. So I had to run to the market because I didn’t want to take a risk. With two different cookies on the agenda, my baking ran pretty late, needless to say.

The cookies were a huge hit. It was kind of funny shaping them, because there were so many chocolate chips per cookie, almost not enough dough to hold the cookies together. But they baked up right. This recipe is a winner, but I’d probably bake mine a little bit longer next time because my oven tends to run cool.

42 thoughts on “sk cookies

  1. mmmmm chewy-looking..i like mine with a little bit of a crunch on the outside though and of course chewy on the inside..i can die peacefully after that.Justbake nyc with the header..=)

  2. FwLT: thanksvalerina: yeah, they're chunkyconfession nook: right, i understand about the dual textures… and right, i guess i do write a lot about bakingjoanna: yeah, smitten kitchen is great. thanks about the banner

  3. They look so yummy. I have difficulties making cookies like this…they come out either too "brown" or to hard?! hunt for nearest cookie joint! =)

  4. You can't go wrong with chocolate chip and chocolate cookies. ps. I like the banner photo. it's just going to make me want chocolate cupcakes every time I come here!!!

  5. These look super delish – like my favorite store-bought kind – the mini entenmanns chocolate chip. and the banner is a winner – really like it.

  6. char: right, but this recipe works really wellphyllis: ha, right. and thanks.jenn: thankseliana: those are pretty good, actually, although i always prefer home baked

  7. Justin, we're the total opposite. All the thin, crispy (but still slightly chewy on the inside) cookies to my house please! ps: food science (which can be totally boring and which I can't be bothered to type out here) can explain the following: Storing your unbaked dough in the fridge for 24 hours before baking adds a totally enhanced flavor to the baked cookies. It's like soup tasting better the next day. Same kinda thing, except with raw ingredients.

  8. chinesekite: sounds like we're in agreementerika: ha, okay. that's interesting about letting the dough sit, but that would never fly in my house… need cookies nowcynthia: thanks

  9. They did indeed come out delectable. I get the shakes if I have no vanilla in my home. It's almost as bad as finishing your last book.Of course I ahhve a nervous breakdown if there's no Parmigiano….

  10. r: thanks… i guess it's good to switch things upclaudia: ha, it totally understand!sook: definitelybarbara: thanks. i'll check out your updated blog.

  11. Love the new banner! I'm a big fan of cupcakes. :)Those cookies look really good. I usually settle for chewy middles and crunchy edges, but those look soft and chewy all around, and I would love them. And I don't think that chip-to-dough ratio would be a problem at all for me!

  12. megan: sk's site said to bake them until a little crispy on the edges, but my oven runs a bit cool, so that's why i think i'd bake them longer next timehanna: thankslpr: thanks to you, too

  13. I am with you, I like my cookies soft and borderline underbaked, not crisp! I don't think I have tried Smitten Kitchen's recipe just yet…

  14. those cookies are right up my alley! i lovvvve soft and chewy cookies but everyone else at home love the crispy kind! have i given in? not at all, in fact, i just bake them the way i like it and they can buy famous amos for their cookie fix. i may whip up a batch of these soon! thanks for sharingggg:)

  15. the cookies look picture perfect! they look completely different than on Smitten Kitchen though! did you do anything different to NOT make them spread as thinly as her's?and i hate it when i'm in the middle of baking and i have to run out to the store for that ONE ingredient. arg. i really should practice that "mise en place" thing.

  16. a.m.: yeah, totally. I didn't want mine to spread thin like hers, so maybe it was just sheer will. just kidding — not sure except that as i may have mentioned, my oven runs cool, and maybe I shaped them a little more roundly to start.ana: ha, thanksclivia: thanks so muchbrisbanebaker: thanks for visiting

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