about those chocolate cookies

Sorry for taking so long to write about those chocolate cookies you may have noticed alongside the chocolate chip ones in my last post. These too come from the Smitten Kitchen site, in fact from the same post. The strange coincidence is that SK says she adapted this chocolate cookie recipe from a book that I worked on a long time ago. I guess everything comes around.

The cookies are simple and perfect. If you vary the size like I did, just watch them carefully because they bake up pretty quickly. They get quite puffy and then settle down as soon as you remove the pan from the oven. Then they turn out soft and chewy… just right. But if you wait a day before eating them, then they get gradually more firm and crispy, so I guess they’re like two cookies in one. Much like the chocolate chip cookies, mine didn’t spread anything like SK’s, maybe again the result of my oven running a little cool.

This is a little off-topic, but I saw a cool movie over the weekend called Children of Invention. That’s a production still above. (The little girl in the movie is insanely cute, obviously.) We were lucky to catch the theatrical debut in NYC, and the film’s director was there for a Q&A. The movie is already available on DVD, and now I’m regretting that I didn’t buy a copy on the spot because I was watching one of the film clips again, and just hearing the music makes me a little teary-eyed. It’s not a foodie movie, but there are some scenes of the kids eating ramen noodles and shopping for food that will really stick with me, but I don’t want to spoil anything by telling you more. Don’t worry, it’s no where near as tragic as Nobody Knows, a movie you’d likely compare it to. It is however a thoughtful and very personal movie by an up-and-coming Asian film maker — I’ll be curious to see what he does next.

12 thoughts on “about those chocolate cookies

  1. Ooooh…love how fudgy these cookies look! And thanks for the movie rec, a tearjerker is always somewhat therapeutic for me (and I consider any movie with people eating ramen, my favorite guilty pleasure, a foodie movie!)

  2. yummy choco cookies! Perhaps you used higher protein content flours than SK did. Flour in NY has pretty high protein content, which does not offer much spreading. My 2 cents.Where was the movie filmed? I will comment after watching it.

  3. Mmm…cookies…choco cookies!! I think I may have seen a trailer for that film. I'll have to check it out, if it's playing here in LA.

  4. phyllis: i agree about tearjerkers, and that's funny about ramenchinesekite: hmm, that's a little too technical for me, but it's interesting to know! the movie was filmed mostly in NYC, with a few days in Boston, but the movie takes place in Boston. The director said they filmed it mostly here because of cost reasons (the cast and crew was based here). It's pretty clear in the movie when they're really in Boston, actually, if you know the city.jenn: in fact it is playing in L.A. this same week, according to their site, but probably not much longer than thatjuliana: thanks

  5. the cookies looks fabulous…is almost making me want to bake…;)…i shy away from baking other than trying Betty Crocker…i saw the preview of the movie you have recommended on youtube n' looks very interesting…will watch it as soon as we get the DVD here…thanks Justin..

  6. sarah: thanks for visitingmiri: hmm, well, this is a pretty easy recipe, even for people who usually stick with recipes from sources like bc. the movie is already on dvd, but it will probably be hard to find unless you ask for it at your local spotca: thanks for visiting

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