some really cool tables

I’ve been very lucky to be attending some exciting parties lately. I keep meaning to blog about them, but I’m going to tell you about this one because you still have time to see it for yourself. It’s the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, and it’s taking place now through March 21 in New York City. Check out the site — it looks like they’re having some interesting events including chef tastings and cooking demos. I was at a party this evening, showcasing some amazing table designs. Here are a few favorites, starting with this one by David Beahm. I’d describe it as dining in a fantasy garden.

And check out the ceiling. (Yes, table design is pretty hardcore when even the ceiling is designed.) How cool is that?

Continuing with organic themes was this design from Vincente Wolf. I guess I’d say it was chic and understated. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the main color theme was gold.

There were way too many designs for me to do the event justice, but this one from The Rockwell Group also stood out. I would love to have a full-wall projection of vintage movies playing during my next dinner party.

11 thoughts on “some really cool tables

  1. I always tell my friends "you design the table, I will take care of the food!"I am so lucky Mary my neighbor is into decorating and not cooking.Love these table settings and the creativity that went along with it. Breakfast at Tiffany's was one of my favorite movies. It is all so beautiful and glamorous and exciting!

  2. Wow JustinWhat an amazing party that looks like. I just got to your website and love it. Can't wait to see what things you cook up in the future!Trish

  3. punctuation mark: yeah, definitelya.m.: it was a cool event, for suresarah: absolutelytob: sounds like a good deal with your friendstrish: thanks

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