peanut-y and chocolatey

Peanutty Gooey Bars
Happy Spring, everyone. I know I’m a bit late, but today really felt like Spring, and that seems like more of a reason to celebrate than the official date. As you may know from reading my blog, I’m a sucker for every new variety of baking chip that comes out.
Nestle peanut and chocolate chips
The Nestle peanut butter & milk chocolate morsels caught my eye recently. There is a great recipe on the back of the package that I just had to try. Check it out here on their site. It doesn’t get much easier than that, right?
graham cracker crust
Just one problem — I didn’t have the chocolate graham crackers. I just mashed up some regular grahams and mixed them with a little cocoa. That worked out pretty well in fact.
Peanutty Gooey Bars
Peanutty Gooey Bars
Peanutty Gooey Bars
Peanutty Gooey Bars
You spread out the graham crust, and then use a cup of the morsels to make the gooey layer with condensed milk and vanilla. I had fun taking the pouring photos.
Peanutty Gooey Bars
Then you spread the rest of the chips on top, along with some coarsely chopped peanuts. (I bet walnuts would be good too.)
Peanutty Gooey Bars
Baking is a snap. I might line the pan with parchment or foil if I made this again, but other than that, these bars are super easy and a real treat if you like peanut butter as much as I do.

27 thoughts on “peanut-y and chocolatey

  1. miri: yeah, i find a lot of good recipes on packets. and thanks.jenn: ha, right, i agreecherine: thanksana: that's too bad… but i'm sure things will get better where you livemurasaki: i'm suprised nestle doesn't sell similar products overseas. anyway, i'm not a big easter person, but thanks, and happy easter to you.

  2. steph: ha, exactlypatty: i'm a sucker for anything baking relatedsasha: thanksann: thanksclaudia: right, this is definitely a throw-it-together recipe

  3. Did you do those pouring shots on your own? You must have a very steady hand! And I need to start checking the back of packages if they have recipes like this. Peanut butter + chocolate = heaven 🙂

  4. now this should satisfy my pb & chocolate cravings. now i have chocolate graham crackers on my mind — have i seen those before, i know you couldn't find them, but oh what fun those could be.

  5. phyllis: yes, i shot those all by myself. they came out so well, even i was impressedkristy: definitelydawn: actually, i've seen those before, but i just didn't have any in the house, and i did have regular grahams, so it all worked outkim: thanks for visitinga.m.: yeah, i have had a lot of luck with those

  6. Oh WoW! I just gained weight looking at this thing. Its gorgeous and looks really simple to make on my own… but i would have to take this out to my office immediately since if i made it I might consume the entire thing myself!

  7. mo diva: actually, a coworker asked me specifically why i didn't bring some of this to the officeanudivya: thanks. i didn't know about this combo until just recently either. maybe it's new.msmeanie: thanksmarisa: it's funny how people can't get things like this in other countries (not sure where you're from)aruna: thanks

  8. I just saw this recipe on the package and have it earmarked to make tomorrow.Two of my favorite ingredients – peanut butter and chocolate chips.Love all your photos!

  9. Okay, these are going to be made in my house very soon. Something tells me that they won't last long. My kids are suckers for anything peanut butter or chocolate. Mixing them, well, that's just a little slice o' heaven.

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